Is Caroline Kennedy Still Married To Edwin Schlossberg Or Divorced? Meet The US Ambassador To Australia

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the 35th US president John F. Kennedy, is rumored to get divorced from her husband; however, there is no confirmation from her, and it looks like the news of divorce is nothing but a rumor. 

Caroline Kennedy is a diplomat, and she has served as the United States ambassador to Japan and is currently serving as the United States ambassador to Australia. During her period in Japan, she eased the tension between the US and Japan established a more cordial relationship between the nations.

Caroline was only six years old when her father, late President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. After the horrific incident, she and her mother and her siblings moved to Manhattan, where she completed her further study.

Is Caroline Kennedy Still Married To Schlossberg Or Divorced?

The rumors of Caroline Kennedy getting a divorce from her husband, Edwin Arthur Schlossberg, seems to be false; she is still married. Being the daughter of JFK and the US ambassador, her life is always under a microscope because people want to know what is happening with her. The rumors might be a result of that.

However, the couple has indeed gone through some rough bumps in the past. In 2015, Caroline revealed that she and her husband are not living together. Her husband was living in a Manhattan apartment, but she was living in a mansion on Park Avenue. This added more fuel to the flame of divorce rumors.

The couple has a long history of divorce news; nonetheless, it seems they are trying to keep their marriage together. Thus, it is certain that they are still married but separated.

Caroline Kennedy Husband: Who Is She Married To? 

Caroline Kennedy's husband is an American designer, artist, and author, Edwin Arthur Schlossberg. Edwin was born to an Orthodox Jewish family with a heritage of Ukraine. The couple has a huge age difference of 12 years, Caroline was born in 1957, and Edwin was born in 1945.

The couple met each other at Manhattan's Metropolitan Museum of Art. After five years of dating, they married each other in 1986. The couple has always been in the limelight because of their profile.

There has always been tension between them, so in 2015, they were separated.

Caroline Kennedy Kids

Caroline Kennedy is blessed with three kids. She and her husband, Edwin Schlossberg, is blessed with one son and three children. All of their children are making names for themselves.

The oldest one is Rose Schlossberg Kennedy, born in 1988. She is a graduate of Harvard University and an American Actress.

The second one is Tatiana Schlossberg, born in 1990. She studied at Yale University and Oxford University. She is a Journalist and author.

The youngest one is Jack Schlossberg, born in 1993. He is only one grandson of JFK. He is a law student and graduated from Yale University and entered Harvard University.

Caroline Kennedy Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Caroline Kennedy's net worth is estimated to be more than $100 million, as per The New York Daily News. During her 2013 nomination as an ambassador, she disclosed her finance. Although the accurate amount is unknown, it was reported to be between $67 million to $278 million.

Caroline's total assets are cumulative family trusts, government and public authority bonds, commercial property in New York, Chicago, and Washington, and holdings in the Cayman Islands. She also inherited her family properties.

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