American attorney Harriet M Hageman is also a politician and a member of the Republican party.

As a member of the Republican party, Hageman is currently the Republican nominee in the 2022 House of Representatives election in Wyoming. Before this nomination, she was also a candidate for the 2018 Wyoming gubernatorial election, where she placed third in the Republican primary.

Before her foray into politics, Hageman had been a trial attorney for almost 30 years. She started her career as a law clerk for Judge James E. Barrett.

Her big break happened when the State of Wyoming hired her in 1997 to handle the Nebraska v. Wyoming dispute over the waters and management of the North Platte River. She advocated against the United States Forest Service's roadless rule during this case.

Following the success of this case, Hageman opened her law firm in August 2000 and has since, in her own words, dedicated her career to fighting for the people of Wyoming.

Her calling cards are challenging federal overreach, protecting water rights and users, exposing federal land and wildlife mismanagement, protecting private property rights, challenging unconstitutional acts by both state and federal agencies, and working with local governments to ensure they meet long-term water demands.

Here Are Some Facts And Trivia About Harriet Hageman

Net Worth:$5 Million
Political Party:Reublican
Alma Mater:University of Wyoming
Years Active: 1997 - Present

What Ethnicity Is Harriet Hageman? Learn More About The American Attorney's Family History

Harriet Hageman's ethnicity is caucasian, though there are some rumors that she might have some Native American in her.


She was born on October 18, 1962, to James Clay Hageman and Marion Malvin and raised on a ranch outside Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Her father, James Hageman, was an American politician, rancher, and businessman who served as a member of the House of Representatives in Wyoming from 1982 until he died in 2006.

She was born in Douglas, Wyoming, on March 2, 1930, and graduated from Douglas High School in 1948. Like his daughter eventually would, James Hageman attended the University of Wyoming but only did so for two years.

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She served in the United States Army and was stationed in Germany. After returning from Germany, he founded a ranch in Fort Laramie, Wyoming. During Hageman senior's tenure as a Wyoming House of Representatives member, Hageman served as a chair for 12 years of the House Education Committee.

James Hageman married Marion Malvin on May 19, 1956, and she bore six children for him.

What Is Harriet Hageman's Age? A Closer Look At All The American Attorney Has Achieved

Harriet Hageman is 59 years old and has achieved a long and fruitful career in the almost sixty years she has been alive.

Having been raised on a ranch outside Fort Laramie, she attended and subsequently graduated from Fort Laramie High School. Like her father, Hageman attended the University of Wyoming, but unlike him, she graduated, earning a Bachelor of Science in business administration and a Juris Doctor from the University of Wyoming College of Law.


During her thirty-year career as a trial attorney, Harriet was licensed to practice law in Colorado, Michigan, Wyoming, and Nebraska and has been admitted before the United States Supreme Court. In 2011, Hageman was inducted into the Wyoming Agriculture Hall of Fame.

Numerous esteemed organizations have recognized Hageman for her legal and policy work. Hageman is a nationally-recognized expert on federal overreach and regulation. Because of her knowledge, Hageman has been invited to speak on these topics throughout the country.

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She has been a vocal proponent of keeping D.C. in check and has long been vocal about how bad decisions and regulations coming out of D.C. have dire consequences for people who live and work thousands of miles away.

Is Harriet Hageman Married? 

American attorney Harriet Hageman is currently married, and her husband's name is John, but his last name is unknown.

Not much is known about Hageman's husband, as he has largely stayed out of the public eye compared to his wife, Harriet. Hageman does not talk about her married life as much, and even on her Wikipedia page, where they put the subject's spouse's name, there is simply one word: John.

It makes sense why Hageman has kept her personal life on the down low. As a Republican, she has had some controversial opinions, ranging from questionable to downright absurd.

Most of the controversies surrounding Hageman started around the beginning of Trump's run for the presidency. She initially did not support Trump and even criticized him in favor of Ted Cruz.

As it became apparent that Republican nominee Donald Trump would win, Hageman changed her tune and stated that she had been unceremoniously fooled into opposing Trump.

People, especially other Republicans, have not let her live this tune changing down, but given that she recently defeated Liz Cheney in the Republican Primary, people might be coming around to her.