Alfie Deyes is an English YouTuber who has a net worth of around $2 million dollars. Alfie Deyes has experienced everything from humble beginnings to a million-dollar YouTube empire.

Deyes is a renowned YouTube celebrity and social media influencer who has gathered millions of fans worldwide from his content.

Over the years, his six-figure income has surged and doesn't appear to be slowing down soon.

His most well-known blog is "PointlessBlog," a famous book worldwide. He is earning more and more money thanks to his ability as a prominent and severe blogger.

When Alfie started his blog in 2009, he had no idea that his personality would grow to be so successful. He is allegedly one of those YouTubers from the "Old School."

One can explore Deyes on his YouTube channel under his username Alfie Deyes. In his verified YouTube channel, Alfie has accumulated over 4.68 million subscribers. He is also available on the Instagram platform with his username @alfiedeyes. Alfie has gathered over 4 million followers and uploaded 1214 posts to his Instagram account.

What Is Alfie Deyes Net Worth In 2022?

Alfie Deyes is an English YouTuber who has a net worth of around $2 million dollars. 

Deyes has accumulated such a massive fortune as he is the director of PointlessBlog Ltd and Pointless Holdings Ltd.

He is also the founder and owner of the future self-coffee company. The company appears to be starting soon and is about brewing coffee.

His net worth mainly consists of income from his profession as a YouTuber and social media influencer.

In 2009, Deyes launched the PointlessBlog YouTube channel. The channel has more than 4.68 million followers and more than 510 million YouTube views as of November 2022.

In contrast to his gaming channel, PointlessBlog Games has more than 1.56 million subscribers and more than 216 million views. He has 3.64 million followers and over 1.06 billion views for all his uploaded content on the channel.

In YouTube years, Alfie Deyes is an elder statesman. At the grand old age of 25, he has marked his vlogging decade.
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According to an online source, Deyes earns more than 24000 dollars from his vlog YouTube channel and almost 95000 dollars from his main channel.

He also earns around 4000 dollars from his gaming channels. His unique material and entertaining, engaging vlogs helped him win countless admirers, which indirectly increased his net worth.

He got listed by Yahoo! News in December 2013 as one of the "12 Web-savvy entrepreneurs to watch". Also, Alfie appeared on the cover of Company magazine's January 2014 issue for the "Generation YouTube" article.

He stated without hesitation that he is not a careless spender when asked about his favorite ways to spend his wealth in an interview.

He claimed he is extremely conservative with his money and chooses to invest because he wants to prepare for the future.

Alfie Deyes Earnings and Source Of Income

Alfie Deyes appears to earn a fortune as he has accumulated over two million dollars as his net worth.

He presently appears in The Crew, a Style Haul series characterized by the adolescent website alongside several other YouTubers.

Deyes also acts as the director of his company PointlessBlog Ltd and Pointless Holdings LTD. He has worked with several famous YouTubers, including Tanya Burr, Louise Pentland, Grace Helbig, Troye Sivan, Miranda Sings, Joe Sugg, Zoe Sugg, and Jim Chapman.

He collaborated on a few YouTube videos with Ariana Grande for the You Generation channel, giving him more recognition from the audience.

Along with YouTubers Marcus Butler and "Laurbubble," Deyes was a member of the "Guinness World Records OMG!" channel in 2013.

Alfie Deyes is hugely popular on YouTube, building up a following of 5.4 million subscribers over the last decade with his engaging videos
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He got listed in the New Media section of the 2015 Debrett's 500, ranking the most significant individuals in Britain. He is also the author of his book, "The Pointless Book, " which increased his career earnings.

The book received a lot of criticism for its meaningless content, but it nonetheless attracted a lot of attention and paved the way for the subsequent book, "The Pointless Book 2".

In the UK, Alfie's book became the second-best non-fiction book, selling the most copies in the first week of release.

In the past, Alfie also participated in several projects to raise awareness of bullying and health concerns and to assist others in overcoming various challenges.