Daymond John Married His Girlfriend Heather Taras In A Private Ceremony

Daymond John is a businessman who attended the world premiere of the movie Wakanda Forever.
Daymond John is a businessman who attended the world premiere of the movie Wakanda Forever.( Source : instagram )

American businessman Daymond John is married to his wife, Heather Taras.

Daymond is also known as the CEO and founder of FUBU. Similarly, he is also the founder of The Shark Group, a brand management and consulting firm.

He became a television personality when he was seen as an investor on the television series Shark Tank on ABC.

He also made an appearance in the show, The Masked Singer's eight seasons as Fortune Teller. In the show, he rode a fortune teller machine-type vehicle.

Who Is Daymond John Wife Heather Taras? 

Daymond John And His Wife Heather Taras got married in a private ceremony in 2018.

Before tying the knot to each other, they were dating each other.

Heather is a trained nurse but doesn't practice it. She is active as a business consultant and entrepreneur.

Taras has not shared much about herself on her social media accounts. She is not their first wife of Daymond since he was married in the past.

Daymond John married his girlfriend Heather in 2018 in a private marriage ceremony.
Daymond John married his girlfriend Heather in 2018 in a private marriage ceremony. ( Source : instagram )

Daymond and Heather were dating each other before getting engaged in September 2016.

Even after being in a relationship for years, John felt nervous about proposing to his girlfriend, Daymond, with a long speech in front of the people.

He went down to his knees and proposed to Heather in front of the live audience of Shark Tank.

Daymond's nervousness disappeared when Taras said yes, and they got engaged that instant.

After being ended for about two years, the couple married each other in 2018.

The marriage ceremony was private and was accompanied by their family, friends, and a few of their acquaintances. 

He shared that he was able to marry the girl of his dreams and enjoyed the private marriage ceremony.

At the beginning of his career as a businessman, Daymond was married to his first wife. The name of his first wife doesn't seem to be revelead to the public yet.

The marriage between John and his wife didn't last as he became so busy that his wife told him that she saw more of him on Tv than in person as he was in commercials on TV most of the time.

His marriage took a huge blow when his business prospered to a whopping six billion. John's wife left him by revealing that he was not the same person she fell in love with.

He was devastated and shared that his wife took away his love and two little girls. He was sad about it and shared that he wouldn't be able to see his daughter's open gifts on Christmas.

Daymond John And Heather Taras Have One Children Minka

Daymond John And Heather Taras are parents of one child, Minka.

They love their daughter Minka a lot. They both are seen sharing pictures of her on their Instagram feed.

She was six months old when Daymond proposed to Heather, and later they got engaged. Minka's full name is Minka Jagger John. She has her own Instagram account, which her parents operate.

According to her short bio on Instagram, she loves candy and has a fire truck she lets her daddy drive.

She also shared on her bio that she likes nice people. Mink seems to be 6-7 years old as she has recently graduated from her kindergarten and shared about it on her Instagram feed on July 7.

Minka was dressed as Princess Jasmine in the Halloween.
Minka was dressed as Princess Jasmine in the Halloween. ( Source : instagram )

Minka loves Halloween and shared some pictures from it on her Instagram. She was dressed as Princess Jasmine on Halloween, and in the pictures, she looked adorable.

She was also dressed as Moana, and she looked good in the outfit. 

Daymond and Heather love her a lot and are never stopping to shower her with their love.

He also has children from his previous marriage. Yasmeen and Destiny are his daughters from his previous marriage.

He seems to be in contact with his daughters, but they live with his first wife.

When Daymond got separated from his first wife, he didn't want to be completely cut off from the life of his daughters.

So, they agreed that he would be involved in their life if he started helping people. So, he began helping under-served entrepreneurs and monitoring young people. Similarly also began helping through programs such as My Brother's Keeper.

Daymond suffered from thyroid cancer in 2017 and went through various tests and procedures to be cancer free.

He shared how health is more important than wealth. John shared that he wants to be healthy so he could be in the life of his three daughters.

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