Tiffany Reese is an activist and a media personality from the "Something Was Wrong" podcast.

Tiffany is not just an activist but also a digital content creator, body-positivity activist, abuse survivor, supporter, and author. She is currently from North California. 

She joined the media world professionally in 2012, and that's when she got into the limelight. With her presence on social media, she has been able to accumulate millions of followers and supporters.

Tiffany gained popularity through Buzzfeed, where she posted three videos regarding Body Positivity which went viral. In the current time when people prioritize mental health and body positivity, she had a great start.  

She is a growing media personality, and many people look up to her. She discusses many important topics which are helpful for the creation of awareness. 


Tiffany Reese is currently 28 years old and is living in Roseville, California. While growing up, she moved around a lot of states, but most of the time, she spent in North California.

Currently, Tiffany is married, and she is a mother of three kids now. 

Tiffany Reese has collaborated with other content creators to have a conversation on many topics
Source : youtube

Family Life and Husband 

Tiffany Reese married in the past, but later on, she opened up about being abused and assaulted. She discussed it in her podcast, "Something Was Wrong".

Tiffany is a mother of three kids, Jude and Ruby, and the youngest one was born a few years back.

She could not get back to full-time work because after her son Jude turned two, he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism. 

Since she had to give full time to her son and her newborn, Ruby, she started blogging from home. She mentioned taking training in fashion design, so she utilized that passion of hers and blended it with blogging.

She loves spending time with her kids and planning different types of decorations for her kids on their birthdays. She believes that being a mother comes with a huge responsibility, and that's the favorite part of her job. 


Tiffany Reese emerged in her career once she started blogging.

She also got into the styling field after giving birth to her first child. She mentioned in one of her blogs that she took a course in fashion design while she was at school, and during her journey of being a mother, she became obsessed with designing tiny clothes for her infants.

While being a stay-at-home mom, she got a chance to completely blend two of her hobbies: styling and blogging. In 2016, her videos regarding body positivity from Buzzfeed got a good reach and helped her get enough fame. 

In 2018, she posted a podcast called "Something Was Wrong," where she discussed important topics like different forms of abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, and validating the abuse victims.

She invited many guest speakers as well. Many people loved her podcast, which helped her win the Top Performing Podcast award. 

Tiffany Reese is also a published author. Her first book, Everything Sucks.