People are curious whether the VTuber Snuffy The Racoon has done the face reveal.

These days, a lot of media personalities, especially game streamers and Vtubers, are hiding their true identity. Instead of being physically present in front of a camera, most of them use animated characters to represent themselves. 

Some even use a mask to hide their real face. Yet, those people have a huge fan base. It seems that people care less about how they look and are more into the platform that they are in. 

One of the streamer Veibae showed interest in proposing Snuffy
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Has Snuffy The Racoon Done A Face Reveal?

Snuffy The Racoon, also known by the name Snuffy has not revealed her face yet.

Snuffy has a cat named Kimchi who has appeared on her streams
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Snuffy has a huge fan base but has done it without revealing her true identity. Although rumors about her identity being revealed have spread, Snuffy has remained a "faceless" character. Which means that she has never revealed who she is. 

She debuted on 20 April 2020 as a VTuber. She speaks in English and debuted independently. She became famous for her Pokemon Cards unboxing live streams, TikTok streams, and live different streaming types of games solo and in collaboration with other Vtubers and Twitch streamers. 

While debuting, she used the name pink catgirl and was also known as SnuffyOwO. But after some time, she just chooses the name Snuffy and also chooses the name Snuffy The Racoon. 

Even though she debuted independently, she is associated with the Twitch group Creampies. On Twitch, she has about 421K followers. 

She is also active on Twitter, where she has 249.6K followers. There she posts about different characters, shares different memes, and talks about her upcoming live streams. 

On YouTube, she is known as @Snuffyowo, and she mainly posts her live-streamed videos there. She has 252K subscribers there in total. 

Like other Vtubers, she has a separate website selling her merch. The website is called Mosobox. 

What Does Snuffy The Raccoon Look Like?

Snuffy The Racoon has done numerous appearance changes since she debuted as a streamer. 

Snuffy in her complete raccoon outfit
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When she debuted in 2020, she was a catgirl with long pink hair and pastel goth aesthetics. Later in October 2020, she wore a witch costume designed by BlueBirdHay. She also changed her hairstyle and chose to have shoulder-length hair. 

In December 2020, she introduced her winter outfit, and it was designed by BlueBirdHay again. She had a thick fluffy tail, and her outfit color was changed as well. Since then, her tail has played a huge role in indicating who she was. 

She is a raccoon girl who has shoulder-length brown hair, amber eyes, sharp teeth, and always wears a raccoon mask. Talking about her outfit, she wears a grey t-shirt that has a raccoon skull imprinted in it. With it, she wears a leather choker and an orange hoodie from the outside. By wearing knee-high socks and converse, her outfit is completed. 

People also love her personality. She has a beautiful high-pitched voice, mischievous nature, and a great sense of humor. Her attractive humor and kind personality are what make people attracted to her. Even while doing collaborated streams with different users, she is bubbly and kind toward them. 

She has four different personalities: Decay, Seal, Raccoon, and Cat. 

She goes by multiple nicknames. For instance, Queen of Trash, Trash Goddess, Trash Panda, Stuffy, Buffy, and many more. 

Snuffy has not given any details about her dating life, but she is friends with different Vtubers like Shine, Bunny GIF, Silverdale, BlueBirdHay, Nyanners, and Projekt Melody.