What Is The 'T27 Christmas Tree' On TikTok? Video Goes Viral On Social Media

T27 Christmas Tree is on trend on TikTok
T27 Christmas Tree is on trend on TikTok( Source : hitc )

Christmas Day is around the corner, and fans are obsessed with the viral T27 Christmas tree.

No doubt, Christmas is just a month away. Followers o Jesus Christ can't wait to purchase a T27 Christmas Tree trending on TikTok lately.

We all are fully aware of the power of social media, and now and then, shocking video emerges online every day.

T27 Christmas Tree caught the eye of millions of netizens on TikTok. People want to purchase a glimmery T27 Tree to upload the mesmerizing Christmas tree on social media. 

What Is The 'T27 Christmas Tree' On TikTok?

Since Christmas Day is not far away, T27 Christmas is a brand new item that has grabbed the netizen's eyes after a user named @mermaid1723 uploaded a video on TikTok with the hashtags T27 Christmas Tree. 

T27 Christmas tree shared On TikTok by Tamar Adams
T27 Christmas tree shared On TikTok by Tamar Adams ( Source : tiktok )

The user posted a video three days ago and amassed over four thousand likes and comments. More than two hundred and twenty thousand users have played the video.

The artificial T27 Christmas tree undoubtedly looks stunning with lights, and on top, the price is reasonable and can be used again if taken care of properly.

Technology has developed a lot since the 1990s. As per HITC, the Home Deports' Christmas Tree is artificial, not a natural fir tree. No one could say the Christmas Tree is artificial just by looking since it looks way more beautiful and natural on screen. In reality, the viral t27 Christmas tree is unnatural. 

It consists of pre-installed LED lights and doesn't require any decor after installing it at your house. Also, it has 2,250 color-changing LEDs with functions that emit a warm and cheerful glow, per the Home Deport Website.

In the past, people use fir trees for Christmas, including noble fir, Fraser fir, and balsam fir. The new product that has shaken the internet comes at a reasonable price with multiple features.

Where To Get Viral TikTok's T27 Christmas Tree?

The user mermaid1723 revealed that she purchased the latest artificial T27 Christmas Tree from Home Depot. Her video quickly gained massive views and love reactions within three days from viewers.

@kat_dooley #t27 #homedepot #tiktokchristmastree #christmastree #2022 #fyp ♬ It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas - Michael Bublé

The new Christmas tree sold out in no time since the demand is getting higher than before, yet it isn't organic. The features of the balsam tree are exceptional. It has 2250 micro dot LED lights and a free remote control app to control the lights.

The creator has replied to each comment describing the product feature. One user asked Where can we get the T27 Christmas tree? It’s from Home Depot. It is a 7.5 ft grand duchess balsam fir. She looked at it online to buy another, but they all sold out. You may be able to grab one.

Another user, Kat Dooley shared a video of the gorgeous t27 fir tree. It's easy to install, and the price is reasonable, as anyone could afford it.

One of them wrote, “She has never seen such a pretty tree before, it didn’t need ornaments on it. Wow”

Another said, “She doesn’t need another tree, but now she might need one. what’s a 6th tree gonna hurt," another added. A third user wrote: “She badly wants this. If only she could afford it.”

How Much Does T27 Christmas Tree Cost?

If you're looking for its price, the T27 Christmas tree costs around $349, as per Dexerto. The same model comes in a big size of 9ft. That costs $499.

Home Depot remains closed on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 2022. That means you have to wait until Friday. If in case, you're planning to buy a T27 Christmas tree from Home depot.

Fans are mesmerized by its beauty since the artificial tree has 3,271 branch tips. You can add more decor to it with more ornaments. It apparently provides thick foliage to hold your extra heirloom ornaments.

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