Is Patty Mayo Real COP?

Patty gained recognition for his bounty hunting show
Patty gained recognition for his bounty hunting show "Southland Bounty Hunters"( Source : instagram )

Is Patty Mayo Real COP? No, Patty Mayo is not a real cop and real bounty hunter.

Patty is a YouTube content creator that publishes different videos.

He is an American entrepreneur known for his bounty hunting series, "Southland Bounty Hunters," which he began in 2017.

He presented himself to the audience as a bounty hunter who would be involved in the capture of 'fugitives from justice' or the repossession of assets used as collateral to get bail.

His YouTube account has a whopping 10.4 million subscribers, and his Instagram profile has more than 340k followers. It's safe to presume he has a sizable internet fan base.

The popularity of "Southland Bounty Hunters" and the videos' realistic appearance led many to wonder if Mayo is a real bounty hunter. 

Is Patty Mayo Real COP?

Patty Mayo is not a member of the police force and is not connected in any way to an Oregon sheriff's office. Patty, who can be seen in his films sporting a sheriff's badge and outfit, is a costume.

He rose to prominence as a result of his Bounty Hunter series. Even though his videos do not have film credits or a notice stating that the show is fictitious, the entire series is scripted.

He first appeared in California as a bounty hunter, then later as a sheriff's deputy. In the video, he is wearing a full uniform, driving a car with emergency lights and sirens, and holding what looks to be a revolver and Taser.

First day at work with his dog Kobus
First day at work with his dog Kobus ( Source : instagram )

Mayo and his crew shoot their movies in Oregon's Deschutes Country, posing as cops from DBSO, a fictitious sheriff's office. 

However, there is no notice stating that the films were scripted, and many individuals who comment on them analyze the events as if they were real.

However, the YouTuber always works with law enforcement in whatever way he can because he never intended to pose as a legitimate bounty hunter.

According to Oregon sheriffs, Mayo is an actor, and the outfits he wears are costumes. Every individual he uses in his films is either a hired actor or a production team member.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office met with Mayo and informed him that recording his films in public places is only possible with adequate security, permits, and road closures. 

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office has expressed their worry and firmly advised him and other performers not to wear their costumes in public.

While actual police officers are unable to make money through their online activities, he did so by running YouTube advertisements.

 Additionally, he promotes purchasing goods, including clothing, patches, caps, wallets, and backpacks. 

Patty Mayo Is Not a Real Bounty Hunter

A bounty hunter is an individual who works to track down and capture fugitives who have skipped bail or were unable to appear for court proceedings.

The majority of bounty hunters have extensive law enforcement backgrounds. Many are former police officers or private detectives who rely on their professional networks and job histories.

Mayo launched
Mayo launched "Southland Bounty Hunters" in 2017 ( Source : instagram )

In his YouTube series, Patty captures bail jumpers or repossesses assets used as security to post bond, much like a bounty hunter. However, he is not a real bounty hunter.

Bno News reports that the online celebrity is not breaking any laws, and there is no proof that he has publicly identified himself as a police officer.

Additionally, team members are identified by the word "FILM CREW" on their bright yellow vests.

His YouTube channel has been steadily expanding, and his videos have received 300 million views on the platform alone. 

Similar to this, his Facebook page, updated less regularly and where he describes himself as a "comedian," has 40 million views of his videos.

How Much Does Patty Mayo Make? 

Patty has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

With over 10.4 million subscribers, his videos have over 1 billion views. As reported by Sociablblade, this has produced an estimated monthly income of $78,700. His videos generate approximately $944.7k in annual revenue.

Aside from that, he has been sponsored by Leo Green since the beginning, a business whose backing he allegedly considers essential to supporting the transition from joke films to more serious recordings.

Mayo's YouTube monthly and yearly income
Mayo's YouTube monthly and yearly income ( Source : socialblade )

Additionally, he has gotten modest sponsorships from businesses like EvoGimbals, which periodically provide him with gear. 

Additionally, the energy drink business Bang has frequently sponsored the YouTuber. He initially gained popularity on the YouTube site not as a bounty hunter but as a poster of prank videos.

He began his YouTube channel adventure in 2013 by making several humorous videos where he displayed his participation in the responsibilities of a Fugitive Recovery Agent.

Later in 2017, his popularity increased as a result of his appearances in films about arresting fugitives, bond violators, and reclaiming property.

 He collaborated with another YouTube personality, Bounty Hunter D. Together, they started creating really risky bounty-hunting scenarios that produced genuinely exciting videos.