Does Chumlee On Pawn Stars Have False Teeth?

Chumlee poses with his long hair
Chumlee poses with his long hair( Source : instagram )

Does Chumlee have false teeth? No, Chumlee showed off his new teeth grills and he opens up about his mouth jewelry.

Chumlee is one of the most recognizable faces from the reality series 'Pawn Stars.' Although people mainly know him by his stage name, his real name is Austin Lee Russell.

Pawn Stars features a 'Gold & Silver Pawn Shop' shop in Las Vegas. Today, it is one of the major landmarks of that area.

He is also a businessman. He owns a website where he sells a variety of stuff, from candies and pet essentials to Grandeza Hot Sauce.

Besides, he sells clothing collections online, including hoodies, T-shirts, caps, and accessories. 

Does Chumlee Have False Teeth?

No, Chumlee acquires new dental jewelry known as teeth grills made up of diamond.

Chumlee showed his creative side and designed the jewelry himself. Over the years, the physical appearances of every cast member have changed drastically. Chumlee is no exception.

People learned about his new teeth grills through the series 'Pawn Stars' in 2014. Real diamonds grill both his upper and lower teeth.

Chumlee shows off his teeth grill made of diamond
Chumlee shows off his teeth grill made of diamond ( Source : instagram )

The upper teeth grill is worth $3,000. Since it's an original diamond, it bling when he opens his mouth. It was revealed that he lost the upper teeth grill in 2015. 

In January 2020, he mentioned that he got his grill designed by @benballer. Ben is a professional jeweler.

In a YouTube video named 'Chum Lee - Testimonial' uploaded on May 29, 2019, Chumlee testified why he visited Lasting Smiles.

He was getting headaches constantly. So, he decided to redo his teeth in 2020. Now, he is confident and happy about the way he smiles.

Chumlee strikes a pose at the camera flaunting his tattooed arm
Chumlee strikes a pose at the camera flaunting his tattooed arm ( Source : instagram )

It looks natural and also helped him lose weight. He did it in Lasting Smiles Dental Care. He is not far from health issues. He went through a gastric bypass surgery in 2021.

He has been on a weight loss journey for a long time. Currently, he looks a lot healthier and fit.

Chumlee Before And After Photos

There have been major changes in the before and after teeth of Austin "Chumlee" Russell.

Comparing the teeth of Chumlees with Before picture on the Left and After picture on the Right
Comparing the teeth of Chumlees with Before picture on the Left and After picture on the Right ( Source : instagram )

Is Chumlee Still On Pawn Stars?

Yes, Chumlee can still be spotted as one of the key members of the television show 'Pawn Stars.'

Despite the controversies, he remains active on the show. Before 'Pawn Stars' became a reality show, he worked at the Gold and Silver pawn shop for 5 years. 

He has been on the 'Pawn Stars' since it got off the ground in 2009. On the show, he is playing his character for 13 years as of January 2023.

He continues to do a phenomenal job entertaining generations since the show premiered for the first time.

He is seen as someone who is proficient at customer service. Nonetheless, he is often portrayed as childish and obstinately asks Corey to buy items that may not be fruitful for the business.

Chumlee and Rick Harrison, one of the founders of 'Pawn Stars'
Chumlee and Rick Harrison, one of the founders of 'Pawn Stars' ( Source : instagram )

As it is visible on the show, Chumlee keeps the audience hooked with his comedic timing and provides them with a good laugh.

Corey is the third generation of the Harrison family who owns the 'Pawn Stars. Anyways, Chumlee is loved by the Harrisons as well as fans equally.

Just like the cartoon character 'Chumley' he is named after, Austin is hilarious and may appear as dimwitted sometimes. He has been a regular cast member of the show. But his screen time increased after the demise of Richard in 2018.

Some of the most celebrated episodes are 'Pawn Off The Grid', 'Rebel Without a Pawn', and 'Here's Looking at You, Pawn!'.

There's no doubt that Chumlee is one of the series' fan favorites. Thanks to the constant love and support of the viewers, he has his own company where he sells his merch.

He self-designs his merchandise. And there are a massive amount of sales. The last episode was aired in 2022. It was season 20. And there were 13 episodes. The whole show contains 632 episodes as per history.

The 13th episode is titled 'Darting and Dodging'. It is 41 minutes long. There, it is shown that Chumlee is eager to obtain an Oreodont fossil.

Chumlee poses with his cute dogs in 2019
Chumlee poses with his cute dogs in 2019 ( Source : instagram )

'Pawn Star' is a hit show loved by fans worldwide. It was honored with ASCAP Award in 2013 for Top Television Series. 

The successful show was awarded the same award in 2012 and 2011 for the same category. 'Pawn Star' was nominated for the Critics' Choice TV Award in 2016, 2013, and 2012.

IMDB gave the show an 8.6-star rating for the 30th episode of the 15th season. In that episode, Richard 'The Old Man' Harrison took his last breath.

As of now, he is busy in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is at the Hawaii Pop Con participating with the competitive Pokemón team as an honorary member.

Is Chumlee Related To Rick Harrison?

No, Chumlee has no blood relation to Rick Harrison. Rick treats Chumlee with love and warmth like a son.

Harrison and Chumlee may not be related biologically, but the bond they share is profound.

No matter how many times Chumlee tested Rick's patience, Rick never took it to heart and intended to fire Chumlee from the show.

That's why Chumlee may not be his real son, but he is still starring in the successful show.

He is the childhood best friend of American entrepreneur Corey Harrison. And Corey is the son of Rick.

Corey and Austin 'Chumlee' were friends since elementary school. Because of this, it was easier for him to begin working at the Pawnshop.

Chumlee captions 'Happy G day @rick_harrison aka The new old man'
Chumlee captions 'Happy G day @rick_harrison aka The new old man' ( Source : instagram )

The Pawnshop was established by Rick and his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison, in 1989. It was their idea to film the everyday happening in the shop and broadcast it on TV.

The series was aired on the History channel. Soon after, it became one of the top-rated shows on TV.

Rick is a widely appreciated television star. His other project includes 'Pawnography.' It is a game show with 2 seasons featuring 30 episodes.

Rick, Chumlee, and Corey were the panelists in the show. The winner would get an opportunity to win a cash prize and collect items from the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

Chumlee looks great in this photograph captured by @aceofla
Chumlee looks great in this photograph captured by @aceofla ( Source : instagram )

Rick is the author of the book 'License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver.' The book is a memoir that gives a deeper insight into the items and customers of the Pawnshop.

That book is also a best seller with 3.86-star ratings on Goodreads. It is reported that, at present, Rick is dealing with deafness.