Armon Warren is an American YouTuber who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Armon earns a good amount of money from his YouTube career.

Armon always aspired to become a famous person since his childhood. Today, he has accomplished his dream.

He has made a name for himself as a YouTuber, music creator, and online influencer. He is proficient in songwriting as well.

He broke records with his two hit single songs he released in 2022. Some of his latest songs are titled 'Wish you well' and 'I Caught You'. He began his career in entertainment in 2014.

Armon and his brother Trey ran a joint channel on YouTube. Prank videos and cover songs were their main content.

Armon Warren Net Worth

Armon Warren net worth currently stands at $1.5 million. Armon has multiple sources of income as a notable figure.

Armon is currently focusing on his career as a musician. In November 2022, his first solo song debuted in the 11th position on Billboard.

He was elated by this achievement. He recorded his reaction and shared it on his YouTube channel.

The Billboard chart showing the rank of two songs realeased by Armon
Source : twitter

He could not believe that his name was on the Billboard charts. He shared his happiness with his friends, family, and girlfriend. 

It was his first time on Billboard with 3 million views a day. Digital sales of his first single, 'Hol' It Down' rose to a massive number.

His partner threw a celebratory party for him at their apartment. He even attended the 2023 Grammy.

He graced the red carpet with his wife Reginae Carter. The couple donned designer outfits during the event.

In January, his second single, '1 hour past midnight,' again climbed the Billboard charts. Coincidentally, it also achieved rank 11 on the 'R&B Billboard digital sales.'

It was in 14th position for 'Hip Hop digital sales'. He achieved these successes as an independent artist.

Warren fluanting his Louis  Vuitton travel bag at the music studio in December
Source : instagram

The music video for his hit song '1 hour past midnight' was released on January 31, 2023. The official video of his debut song premiered on December 3, 2022. Both the songs are available on his self-titled YouTube channel.

As a growing music artist, he has concerts and tours lined up. That is another way for him to make money.

He has a strong social media presence. On his Instagram, he has amassed 2.3 million followers. 

He is present on TikTok as well. He boasts 1.4 million followers with 14.4 million likes on his TikTok profile.

He posts fun and engaging content where he sings, dances, and plays with his daughter. He has added an email address where businesses can contact him for promotional videos and bookings.

Warren captions 'I never threw away that paper with my Grammy speech''
Source : instagram

How Much Money Does Armon Warren Have?

Armon Warren owns a tremendous amount of money equal to $1500000. He makes money as a musician and YouTuber.

There has been news that various music labels offered him 7-digit deals. However, he has not signed any deal at present.

The only way a song can make it up to Billboard 100 is when the audience continuously keeps purchasing & streaming the song.

Armon donning green Louis Vuitton jacket worth thousand dollars
Source : instagram

It is known that two songs of Warren have made it to the top 20. So, his earnings must be quite large.

His second song, '1 hour past midnight,' was 81 on Apple Music in Saint Lucia whereas it was 109 on Anguilla. He earns a significant sum of money by selling his merchandise at armoneymerch. The most expensive product is a jacket which costs $100.

Hold It Down T-shirts, trucker hats, and hoodies are priced at $30, $ 25, and $44, respectively.

His marches and clothing items are powered by the e-commerce platform Shopify. He earns $664 to $10600 from YouTube revenue in a month. Similarly, the yearly earnings range between $8000 to $127400.

YouTube earnings of Armon channel estimated by Social Blade
Source : socialblade

As per the influencer marketing hub, he is a mega-influencer with more than 2 million followers. And he gains $10,000 for advertising in a single post.

He has landed several partnerships and sponsorships from huge brands, including the Italian brand Versace.

Glassdoor estimates the average salary of a musician as $45,498 per year. $42,499 is the base pay, and $2,999 is the additional pay.

He enjoys an affluent lifestyle and travels to many exotic locations. He went to the Bahamas on 1 January 2023. 

He took his wife and kid to a private Malibu dinner on January 27. From his pictures online, it can be observed that he loves to clad in luxury brands. 

He gets his clothing items from Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Dior, and Versace. Not only that, even his suitcases and travel bags are from LV. 

Louis Vuitton suitcases cost around $3500, and travel bags can be bought for $3000. He often wears a Gucci cap that costs about $600.

He was seen on a boat in the ocean wearing a Balenciaga logo T-shirt priced at $690.

Warren at the centre of luxury suitcases and travel bags before hopping on a flight in 2022
Source : instagram

Among his shoe collections, Dior shoes are included. It can be found at $784 approximately. He owns a Mercedes Benz car which costs about $68,400. All his belongings prove that he is a millionaire. 

Armon Warren Is An American YouTuber

Armon Warren is a notable video content creator in the YouTube community. He joined the platform on December 5, 2018.

Warren has accumulated total subscribers of 335000 with 163 uploads on his channel. Most of his content was related to vlogging, surprise videos, and different challenges.

His wife, Reginae, is frequently featured in his videos. An insight into his personal life can be obtained by watching his playlist.

Armon even uploaded a video of him asking Reginae out on August 2022.

Warren pranking grandmother of Reginae ( Source : youtube )

Meanwhile, his little daughter can be seen frequently on the channel. He makes videos like 'My Daughter Is Growing FAST' with her.

He co-owns another channel named 'Armon And Trey.' He and his brother Trey opened this channel on December 29, 2014.

'Armon And Trey' has a total subscriber count of 3.49 million. The brother duo used to upload songs together. Their most popular video has more than 23 million views. The latest upload on the channel is an audio song by Trey Taylor.