Vinne Hacker has a brother Reggie Hacker who is following in his footsteps. Vinnie and Reggie have an age difference of 2 years.

Vinnie was born on 14 July 2002 and is a popular social media influencer known for his lip-sync videos in TikTok.

He completed his early schooling at O’Dea High School and graduated from the University of Diversity in New Jersey. His adventure to fame light started as a content creator who edited music videos and short films and compiled sports highlights for YouTube and Instagram pages.

In 2020, his video showing his full body went viral and helped him gain the rhythm of success.

Later, he won millions of fans' hearts through his lip-sync videos and modeling on TikTok to become a notable member of 100 Thieves in 2022.

In addition to his social media career, he is also a baseball player who attended the no 1 sports school in Washington, one of the top 170 athletic schools in the nation.

He is also an amateur boxer and a model affiliated with SMG entertainment. Besides modeling, he is associated with gaming streams and business ventures, including Ami Models and a Photo booth.

Vinnie Hacker Brother Reggie Hacker

Reggie the iconic comedy TikTok star on his 18th birthday
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Vinnie Hacker brother Reggie Hacker was born on 28 September 2004. Reggie is two years older than Vinnie.

Reggie is a famous TikTok star known for his comedic content and lip-syncing videos.

He grew up with his elder siblings in Seattle and calls him a small brother. In 2020, he began his TikTok career and has gathered a large following on the platform with a unique sense of humor and energetic personality.


His videos include 10k face reveal pizza, support small creators, and my lips are chapped are famous among the viewers.

He has 162k followers and 1.4 million likes, averaging 200k views per video. His content is often lighthearted and relatable, which has helped him to build a strong connection with his audience.

He frequently collaborates with other TikTok creators, including Vinnie and luke li, which adds to his growing popularity and net worth of $300000.

Besides social media, Reggie is a brilliant console gamer who loves clearing challenges and difficulties on the map with great enthusiasm.

Reggie is the biggest fan of Vinnie as he always loves spending time with him and went to watch his boxing game in 2021.

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, it is sure that his influence and following will continue to grow.

Vinnie Hacker Parents Live In Seattle

Nate and Maria on quick trip to SoCal on 17 November 2021
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Vinnie Hacker grew up under his parents' supervision in Seattle. He was born to Maria and Nate.

Maria and Nate reside in Seattle where both are pretty much occupied with their profession.

The couple met in 1994 and, after 5 years of dating married each other on 13 September 1999. They are an adventurous duo who loves traveling to exotic places, including the oyster dome trail, Ashland, and the ocean seashore.

The father and mother of Vinnie are fond of nature and often engage in hiking and trekking activities near the high mountains and forests.

Both lovers are spending their married life peacefully along with the children, who have already grown up without any signs of conflict.

Mom Maria Hacker

Maria with her partner Nate on occasion of 21st wedding anniversary
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Maria Hacker was born on 14 June 1975 and is an Instagram influencer.

Maria has 112k followers on her account and mainly posts about her family life with two sons and a husband.

She is known for her hiking posts on her accounts. On 7 April 2019, she went to enjoy the scenic beauty of Hugo peak and enjoyed drinks with Annaduc on the oyster dime trail.

On November 1, 2020, she competed in Run Washington and won first place.

On 23 August 2021, She took participated in a half Marathon and won 1st prize in a horse show and horse ride too.

Being a fitness and adventurist, she has positively impacted her followers regarding physical health and wildlife education.

She is a 911 dispatcher who works in Seattle and supports civilians with proper verbal communication in case of emergency. Overall, she is an athletic mother who supports the children and helps the followers to live their life fully with happiness and smile.

Dad Nate Hacker

Nate with his two sons during high school basketball game on 11 July, 2019
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Nate Hacker is the father of Vinnie Hacker an athletic influencer. He was born on 11 January 1975.

Nate is also an Instagram influencer known for his adventurous journey posts and family life. He has accumulated 89k followers in his account.

Daddy of Vinnie is a fitness freak who loves hiking and trekking during his free time from the electrician profession.

On January 2021, he went to celebrate his birthday in Orcas mountains with his family and has already visited other places, including Mount Rain and Richmond Beach.

He celebrated special family events and festivals, including merry Christmas with his family and his biological sister Anzie Hacker. He is an electrician from Seattle who works at Polarity electric. He earns $60,000 annually.

Vinnie Hacker Family Background

Vinnie with his dad, mom and siblings on Christmas of 2021
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Vinnie Hacker comes from a highly influential family background. He grew up in Washington.

His guardians being influencers and athletic personnel helped him gain insight into physical well-being and various aspects of society.

Vinnie has a unique blend of blue-collar and digital world influences. His father and mother supported him in his high school baseball journey and his TikTok journey.

Through a proper balance diet, physical exercise, and mental support, he was raised to become a fine young man who has grown his follower community to millions.

He has a strong work ethic and appreciation for emergency services while also having a savvy understanding of the online world.

Where Does Vinnie Hacker Live?

Vinnie during his photoshoot for the Prada on 17 January 2023
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Vinnie Hacker lives in Hype House, situated in California. He stays in the huge mansion tagged by other TikTok influencers.

Hype House is a collaborative social media creator house based in Los Angeles. It was founded in 2019 and is known for its trendsetting content and collaborations.

On May 26, 2022, he appeared in the edition fifth of TINGS Magazines and occasionally moved to various cities, including London and New York, due to his work as IMG and Ami models. 

Despite his busy schedule, he makes time for his family, visits them on Christmas evening, and goes on the Hiking and Rainforest adventure in his free time.