Dhar Mann Net Worth 2023

Entrepreneur Dhar Mann went to Paris with Laura
Entrepreneur Dhar Mann went to Paris with Laura( Source : instagram )

Dhar Mann net worth as an American entrepreneur is $250 Million. In addition, Dhar also works as a film producer.

Dhar is best known for his video production company, Dhar Mann Studios, which makes short films for social media sites like YouTube.

The movies are aimed at young audiences and often have a turn of circumstances that teaches the protagonist a moral lesson.

He was born on May 29, 1984, to parents Surinder Mann and Baljit Singh Mann, who immigrated to the US from India.

The Mann family owns Oakland, California-based taxi company Friendly Cab and has operated several regional real estate firms since 1980.

Mann established a real estate business when he was just 19 years old. Within the following ten years, he founded several more frequently unsuccessful businesses, including ones that provided luxury car rentals and refinanced mortgages.

Together with former stockbroker Derek Peterson, Mann established the hydroponics shop weGrow in January 2010.

To market hydroponics equipment, Mann and Peterson leased a supply store in Oakland, California, with plans to establish franchisees in eight other states. Mann established Dhar Mann Studios, a video production firm, in 2018.

The company creates movies for social media sites like YouTube.

Dhar Mann Net Worth 2023

Dhar Mann has a net worth of $250 million. He has accumulated wealth from his career as a television personality and entrepreneur. 

Dhar has already established a business empire. He is a brilliant television personality with a huge fan base. Most of his videos receive millions and billions of views on YouTube. 

He also has a brand named LiveGlam he founded in 2016. The business enterprise has expanded extensively, and during the end of the year 2018, the company was successful in making an eight-figure revenue. 

He founded Dhar Mann Studios the same year, which was his major break in the business. He began making motivational movies to aid those in need after being affected by his failure and success experience.

Dhar celebrates 30 Million Views
Dhar celebrates 30 Million Views ( Source : instagram )

Because of his short films, he has developed a sizable fan base on social media sites, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. He started uploading short movies to his identically named YouTube channel in May 2018.

Now, he has a new channel where he posts hilarious behind-the-scenes films as entertaining as those on his regular channel. Over 650K are current subscribers to the Mann Studios Behind-The-Scenes YouTube channel.

Inside Dhar Mann's House and Cars

Dhar Mann has an immense amount of wealth. Therefore, he spends a lot in his house and luxurious cars. At the same time, Dhar Mann also has wonderful taste in interiors. 

As of now, Dhar currently owns three cars that he frequently uses. His cars include Tesla Model X 2017, Lamborghini Urus 2019 model, and Rolls Royce Dawn 2019 model. 

Dhar celebrates Christmas in his home with family
Dhar celebrates Christmas in his home with family ( Source : instagram )

His Tesla Model X has an MSRP cost of 79,990 dollars. At the same time, his Rolls Royce Dawn costs 553,000 dollars. In addition, the total cost of Dhar Mann's car is 823,783 dollars. 

Talking about houses, he has two houses. Both houses are no less than mansions. His house in Calabasas costs more than $15 Million. At the same time, his other House in Los Angeles costs between $500,000 and $800,000.

How Much does Dhar Mann make ?

Dhar Mann also works as an actor and a film producer. The average annual income Dhar Mann receives as an actor in the United States is $55,189 yearly. 

Dhar has been interested in movies for a long tie. Therefore, he decided to open his own video production company, Dhar Mann Studios. It produces short films for various social media platforms like YouTube. 

Most of his videos are motivational. At the same time, he also shifted to morality plays after a while. In the year 2021, Mann made a contract with the Creative Artists Agency.

At the same time, he also launched a mobile app where people can watch videos of their choices produced by the Dhar Mann studio.

Dhar shares the success story of his app through Instagram
Dhar shares the success story of his app through Instagram ( Source : instagram )

As of now, the official channel of Dhar has 17.8 Million subscribers. According to his description on his YouTube channel, he is a mission-driven entrepreneur and filmmaker focused on ideas that have a massive positive impact on the world.

The YouTube channel has 10,203,558,100 views. 

Dhar Mann Is An American Entrepreneur Since 19

Dhar Mann launched his first-ever business when he was just 19. It was a real estate mortgage brokerage. 

Dhar was attending the University of California, Davis, at the time. He had three offices, more than 25 people, and was financing millions of dollars worth of real estate loans before it was legal for him to drink. Dhar was earning more than his college lecturers at the age of 21.

He left college as the company expanded to concentrate completely on the business. Still, under pressure from his family, he eventually returned and completed his degree in Economics and Political Science.

Later, he expanded his real estate activities to include buying and selling property and management. He continues to work in the industry now.

Dhar Mann with his wife and two daughters
Dhar Mann with his wife and two daughters ( Source : instagram )

LiveGlam, an award-winning beauty subscription business, was founded in 2015 by Dhar Mann. LiveGlam started out as an online makeup school.

Still, after teaming up with his future wife, the well-known beauty influencer Laura G, the business expanded to begin creating its own cosmetics. LiveGlam only produces vegan and animal-free goods.

He acquired a mansion in Calabasas, California, formerly Khloé Kardashian's, a media figure, in late 2020. Mann and his brother Harmit own property around the city and his family's real estate endeavors in Oakland.

Cast Of Dhar Mann Television Show 

Dhar Mann makes guest appearances in his videos. However, there are some popular actors we can see in the videos. 

Katherine Norland usually plays the role of mother in most of the videos. She is an actress by profession. In addition, she is also a poet and filmmaker. At the same time, she has also received a Grammy nomination for her appearance in the movie The Pendant. 

Carlos R. Chave is the one who is seen as a boyfriend, employee as well as a friend. He is also one of the popular actors and also a recipient of World Regional Awards under the best actor category. Moreover, he has also been nominated for Romeo and Juliet in Hell. 

Vin Sander is an Indian-born actor who frequently appears in Dhar Mann videos. He is also seen playing the role of a boyfriend or a husband. In addition, Ayden Mekus, Colin A. Borden, Mair Mulroney, and Sofia Chicorelli Serna are also the regular faces in Dhar Mann's show. 

Shaunte Massard also tops the list of Dhar Mann actors. She has been in his videos for a long time, and at the same time, she is also active on podcasts and other Tv shows. 

Moreover, Brianna Walker is a 15-year-old actress and famed anti-bully advocate. She is the receiver of 2 times Jr. Oscar awards and has also received international acclaim.

Devon Weekly is also a popular face on the shows. He is a seventeen-year-old actor who usually plays the role of a teenager in the Dhar Mann production. 

Dhar Mann Studios Location

Dhar Mann Studio office is located in California by State. In terms of cities, the studio has offices in Burbank and Los Angeles.

The Burbank studio consists of two 60,000-square-foot soundstages. It is also the headquarter for the Dhar Mann Studios.

The Dhar Mann Studio was founded in the year 2018. As of now, the studio has done numerous projects, including motivational videos and morality plays.

The videos produced by Dhar Mann have gained 10 billion views and more than 17 million subscribers. The studio also produces videos related to moral and life lessons.