Felicity Montagu Daughter Olivia Nixon Husband And Family

Felicity Montagu had two children, Olivia and Luke Nixon, with her husband, Alan Nixon.
Felicity Montagu had two children, Olivia and Luke Nixon, with her husband, Alan Nixon.( Source : instagram )

Felicity Montagu daughter Olivia Nixon works as an actress in the showbiz industry. Felicity Montagu former husband Alan Nixon is a producer and director.

Felicity is from Leeds, England. She was born on 12th September 1960 to John Drogo Montagu and Dorothy Boreham Chuter.

Montagu's family consists of army men. Her father was Lieutenant Colonel, and her great-great-grandfather was an Admiral. Likewise, they also had a member who was the 1st Earl of Manchester, reports The Sun.

The acting career of the British actress was commended in 1985. She was cast as Anthea in Victoria Wood: As Seen on TV. Since then, Montagu has performed episodically in numerous projects, including Ffizz, Wish Me Luck, Health and Efficiency, I'm Alan Patridge, Doc Martin, Hank Zipzer, This Time with alan Patridge, and Beyond Paradise.

Felicity has worked in several TV films and big projects. She is mainly known for her role in Bridget Jones's Diary, Confetti, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, Alan Patridge, Dad's Army, and I Want Candy.

The actress has been working in show business for almost 38 years. She has been active in short films, television series, theatre productions, radio shows, and films all these years.

Felicity Montagu Has An Artist Daughter Olivia Nixon

Felicity Montagu daughter Olivia Nixon is an actress who also writes screenplays. Olivia is 33 years old.

She is a producer who runs a podcast called 'The Mother/Daughter Manual.'

Olivia studied at The Royal High School Bath. Nixon enrolled in the Regents School of Drama, Film, and Media in London, England, in 2010.

Olivia and Felicity paired together in 'Guilt Trip' and 'The Mother/Daughter Manual.'
Olivia and Felicity paired together in 'Guilt Trip' and 'The Mother/Daughter Manual.'( Source : gettyimages )

He completed her acting course in 2013 with 1st Class BA Honours. In 2012, she also joined Pace University, per her LinkedIn bio.

Olivia's Career

Olivia started her acting journey through the role of Vanessa in Pinned. The short film was an art house thriller that was released in 2013.

In 2015, she played her real-life character in Horrids. Nixon is profoundly known for her comic timing.

Olivia Nixon studied acting at the Regents School of Drama, Film, and Media.
Olivia Nixon studied acting at the Regents School of Drama, Film, and Media.( Source : gettyimages )

She has played in different radio sitcoms. Her most-known works are the Reluctant Persuaders series, Guilt Trip, Foiled, and Wisebowm: Urban Poet.

Olivia also worked as a creator in Guit Trip in 2016. Additionally, she was the associate producer of 2019's Wisebowm: Urban Poet.

Felicity and Olivia paired together in Guilt Trip and 'The Mother/Daughter Manual'

Felicity Montagu daughter paired with her mom in 2016's Guilt Trip. The radio comedy-drama was created by Felicity.

The sitcom comprised 4 episodes and was aired on BBC Radio 4.

Olivia is a professional actor who has done varieties of radio sitcoms.
Olivia is a professional actor who has done varieties of radio sitcoms.( Source : twitter )

In the sitcom, Felicity and Olivia portray Ros and Laura, respectively. They embody fictional mother-daughter characters.

The series digs into the relationship between Ros and Laura. They go on a 184 miles walk together, exchanging experiences and discussing life's adversities.

Felicity told the Express that she was excited to work with her real daughter, Olivia, and explore the fictional mother-daughter relationship. She added that everyone is not fortunate enough to present such a craft with their daughter.

Likewise, the two also paired up for the podcast 'The Mother/Daughter Manual.' The podcast started airing on 16th June 2020.

It is produced by Snipper Nixon. Over the eight-episode series, the podcast has shed light on diverse life perspectives and hosted different guests.

Felicity Montagu Husband And Son

Felicity Montagu husband Alan Nixon is a producer who also directs television series and TV films. Alan and Felicity married in 1984.

The couple became parents in 1990 when Olivia was born. Six years later, they welcomed their second child, Luke Nixon.

Unfortunately, the couple divorced after 22 years of marriage in 2006.

Felicity Was Once Married To Alan Nixon

Felicity Montagu Husband Alan Nixon is a graduate of The University of Manchester. He majored in English language and literature.

During college, he was the chairman of the English Society and Poetry Society. Nixon was also the director at Masquers Drama group, per his LinkedIn profile.

Alan Nixon Career

Before becoming a producer in television, Alan worked on BBC Radio 4 as a Senior Producer. He worked from June 1979 to April 1984.

Luke (right) currently works as a producer at Jimmy's Jobs.
Luke (right) currently works as a producer at Jimmy's Jobs.( Source : twitter )

Alan started his career as an associate producer in TV Annual in 1986. He was part of the production crew for only one episode.

In the same year, Nixon got his first big project in the form of Five Alive. He worked in TV series from 1986 to 1988.

Some other ventures he produced include Absolutely, Mr don & Mr George, Hale and Pace, The All New Alexei Sayle Show, and Planet Sketch.

Likewise, the British producer also directed some series and movies for television. He started directing in 1990 with Absolutely, and his last venture as a director was Jeff Global's Global Probe. It was a TV series from 2004.

Alan (left) is the co-director at Snipper Nixon Ltd.
Alan (left) is the co-director at Snipper Nixon Ltd.( Source : twitter )

He has been affiliated with diverse companies throughout his career, including Channel 5, Sky TV, London Weekend Television, BBC, and Aardman Animations. He also directed some commercials from 1995 to 1997.

In April 2002, Alan started his own company called Snipper Films Ltd. He is the managing director and owner of the company which develops and invests in scripts.

Similarly, he is the co-director of Snipper Nixon Ltd. He works with his children to make family podcasts shedding the light of experience with a blend of youth.

Felicity Montagu Son Luke Nixon

Luke Nixon is the youngest child of Felicity and Alan. Luke was born on 10th August 1996.

He was born in London, England, and currently resides there. By profession, he is a producer like his dad. He also does stand-up comedy and sketches as a hobby.

Luke Nixon is a stand-up artist and a producer.
Luke Nixon is a stand-up artist and a producer.( Source : twitter )

Since he grew up in England, he went to the University of South Wales in Caerleon, Wales. He graduated with a degree in theatre studies and drama in 2017. He also achieved 1st Class Honours from the college.

Luke Nixon Career

Luke took his first job at BBC in April 2015. He worked as a production assistant for a month.

In April 2015, Nixon became a theatre director at Little Bird Theatre Company. He directed Otherwise Engaged by Simon Gray. The play ran from 27th to 29th May 2015.

After that, he interned for a month at Somethin' Else in March 2016. He handled day-to-day chores and assisted in the Economic Podcast.

From June 2016 to July 2016, he interned at Global. He scripted demos and got to learn about the audio production department.

Alan Nixon is a producer and director who has been working since 1979.
Alan Nixon is a producer and director who has been working since 1979.( Source : twitter )

He directed The Patient in December 2016. Likewise, he co-wrote Jesus+Lucifer: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told! with Joshua Phillips in January 2017.

His other jobs include the position of Office Runner, Brand Representative, station Manager, Assistant Producer, and Bartender.

Nixon worked as a co-producer, co-director, and co-creator in Snipper Nixon for over six years. He left the company in January 2023, per his LinkedIn account.

In November 2020, he joined FX Digital. He started as an In-House Podcast Producer and became a Quality Assurance Analyst.

Since January 2023, Luke has worked as a producer at Jimmy's Jobs. The company is based in London, England. His work is to look after line management, audio production, partnership deals, and increase guest outreach.

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