12 Most Popular Female YouTube Cooking Channels Everyone Should Subscribe

Emmymade, Laura In The Kitchen and How To Cook That are among top Female YouTube cooking channels
Emmymade, Laura In The Kitchen and How To Cook That are among top Female YouTube cooking channels( Source : instagram )

The most famous female YouTube cooking channels include Nisha Madhulika, Emmymade and ten more. Seonkyoung Longest also makes it to the list.

Youtube can be the best source of information for people who want to learn about culinary arts. People can find some of the top YouTube cooking channels on the platform.

Before technology, one learned cooking recipes by watching someone cook live or getting books of recipes. Later, some cooking shows on television were introduced, which used to air at specific times.

Only a few people were satisfied with the shows they got to watch. Time and the privileges people get have changed due to modern technologies.

Not just the male chef in the present scenario, but also female professional chefs and even some female housewives are active on YouTube with their cooking channels. They promote cooking recipes from their locality and all over the world.

While there are tons of YouTube cooking shows, here we will discuss some of the top YouTube cooking channels created by females.

1. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika tops the list of female YouTube cooking channels. Nisha joined the platform on August 2, 2009.

Nisha Madhulika is a chef YouTuber form Uttar Pradesh, India. Madhulika is 63 years old. She has food columns on websites like Indian Express and Amar Ujala.

Madhulika is the first Indian woman to run one of the top cooking channels on YouTube. She has amassed 13.5 million subscribers with 2.1K videos to date.

NishaMadhulika Crispy Bread Roll Recipe ( Source : youtube )

Madhulika uploads her vegetarian Indian cuisine at least twice a week normally. Her recipes look as tasty as they are easy to make. She narrates the recipe as politely as possible in Hindi.

So what is the most popular video on the top YouTube cooking channels? 

Madhulika's YouTube video from May 2018 of making Indian sweets Petha crossed 46 million views. In total, her channel has amassed over 2 billion views.

2. Kabita's Kitchen

Kabita's Kitchen is also one of the female YouTube cooking channels with over 13 million subscribers.

Kabita Singh (age 45) is an Indian YouTuber who joined YouTube on October 7, 2014. She joined the platform after shifting to London with her husband. Before that, she worked as a Microsec Capital Limited dealer.

Kabita's Kitchen Gudi Padwa Special Veg Thali Recipe ( Source : youtube )

People love her recipes, prepared with readily available ingredients. Her channel was nominated for "Best Food Channel on Social Media" in the All India Category.

Singh has uploaded 1.3K videos that have amassed over 2 billion views. People get to enjoy her new content every two days. Her YouTube video titled "Street Style Veg Chowmein Recipe" crossed 49 million views, the highest on her channel.

3. Maangchi

The list of female YouTube cooking channels is incomplete without mentioning Maangchi.

Emily Kim, from South Korea, is a YouTube personality prominent for her Korean cuisine. It won't be wrong to say Kim is the one who helped Korean food become famous among the general American population and even around the world. She was also titled "YouTube's Korean Julia Child" by The New York Times.

Maangchi Mustard Greens Kimchi ( Source : youtube )

Kim is in her mid-sixties. She introduced herself in the YouTube online cooking scene in April 2007. For her, cooking wholesome and delicious food for her loved ones is crucial. She shares delectable traditional and modified Korean recipes. 

Her YouTube channel, "Maangchi," has 6.2 million subscribers and still counting. The channel has published 500 videos to date and has amassed over 600 million views.

Maangchi releases new videos once every two weeks. Her recipes to make traditional kimchi hit 26 million views on Youtube. The video was uploaded on June 23, 2014.

4. Ruby Ka Kitchen

Ruby Ka Kitchen is a female YouTube cooking channel with 5.23 million subscribers.

Chef Ruby hails from Pakistan. She has been residing in Texas, America, with her children and grandchildren. She joined the platform on July 24, 2017.

Ruby Ka Kitchen Aloo Cone Samosas ( Source : youtube )

Ruby's son Rufy handles the behind-the-camera duties. Her 5.23 million subscribers are fans of her engaging and charismatic personality. She shares distinct yet easy recipes covering Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Burma, and some other countries.

Ruby Ka Kitchen has uploaded 1.1 videos to date, which have amassed over 900 million views. She uploads interesting cooking recipes almost every day.

Her most-viewed video is the Homemade Jalebi Recipe from July 2019. The video got over 11 million views. Similarly, YouTube video titled "Gola Kabab Easy Recipe" also touched the previous benchmark.

5. How To Cook That

The female YouTube cooking channel How To Cook That was founded in April 2011.

Australian citizen Ann Reardon created the channel. The 47-year-old prominent Australian YouTube baker also is a certified food scientist and dietician. 

Reardon launched her personal YouTube channel to share dessert recipes, most likely baking and decorating themed cakes with chocolate creations. In addition, she uploads videos related to kitchen gadgets and tests whether viral TikTok recipes are worth trying or not.

How To Cook That 10 Cakes and Desserts ( Source : youtube )

The channel has 4.92 million subscribers with more than 900 million views in total. People need to wait around two weeks for How To Cook That new content.

How To Cook That video titled" Ipad Cake Best Apps" crossed 38 million views, which is the highest among her 502 videos. Similarly, her "Minecraft Cake Village" content earned 29 million views.

6. Kitchen With Amna

Kitchen With Amna is one of the top female YouTube cooking channels. Amna is one of the most-subscribed female food bloggers from Pakistan.

Amna Riaz is a 33-year-old chef and the first Pakistani woman to receive a gold play button. She often shares Indian, Pakistani, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian cuisine on the platform.

Kitchen With Amna Crispy Extra Long Potato Fries ( Source : youtube )

The channel was created on June 4, 2016. It has 4.36 million subscribers and 1,200 videos with over 600 million views.

Concerning her most popular video, see "Homemade Samosa Patti Recipe," released on May 9, 2018, on YouTube. The video got 13 million views.

Similarly, her Chicken Tikka Pizza Without Oven recipe crossed ten million views.The channel uploads videos almost on a regular basis.

7. De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina

De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina stands seventh on the female YouTube cooking channels list.

The channel is owned by a Mexican chef, Dona Angela. She launched the channel on August 18, 2019, and it currently has 4.26 million subscribers.

De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina Mexican Cuisine ( Source : youtube )

A Mexican chef shares kitchen recipes for Mexican dishes with culinary techniques following Mexican traditions twice a week. Her 392 videos have earned more than 400 million views.

While talking about views, her YouTube video titled "From My Ranch to Your Kitchen: Enchiladas the way we make them here in Michoacan," published on November 8, 2019, crossed 11 million views.

The same year, she released her next video, which reached the benchmark set by her most popular video. 

8. Laura In The Kitchen

Laura In The Kitchen is one of the top female YouTube cooking channels. Laura Vitale, a 36-year-old Italian native and Atlantic County resident, started her YouTube channel in January 2010.

Laura, on her channel, shares simple yet delicious recipes that anyone who wants to try cooking would be comfortable with. Most of her recipes are for Italian and Irish cuisine.

Laura Vitale Irish Coddle ( Source : youtube )

Laura uploads new content twice a week. She has 3.88 million subscribers and 600 million views for her more than a thousand videos.

Regarding her most popular videos, her Youtube content about making homemade pizza from scratch got a 6.8 million audience. She released the video on January 5, 2011. 

9. Seonkyoung Longest

Seonkyoung Longest one of the top female YouTube cooking channels has posted 744 videos till now.

Seonkyoung is a Korean celebrity chef who is 39 years old. She started her YouTube channel on November 2, 2011. The channel has earned 2.13 million subscribers and over 200 million views.

Seonkyoung Longest recipe of easy chicken chowmein ( Source : youtube )

Restaurant Express's winner started her journey on YouTube after creating Asian meals in her style. She shares simple yet amazing and healthy recipes with a friendly vibe. Her most-viewed video is "5 Minutes Easy Egg Fried Rice" on Youtube.

She released the video three years ago, on February 12, 2020, and 9.6 million people watched it. Similarly, her recipe to cook traditional Shoyu ramen earned 7.4 million views.

10. Emmymade

Emmymade the female YouTube cooking channel belongs to Japanese netizen Emmy.

Emmy joined YouTube on November 11, 2010. The channel has got 2.9 million subscribers with more than 1700 videos. People have enjoyed her instinctive videos where she tries viral TikTok recipes from all around the world.

Emmymade Irish Potato Candy Recipe ( Source : youtube )

The channel owner is 45 years as she was born on July 17, 1977. She started her channel after filming herself making and tasting food products. She won a $3000 cash prize after being one of the 30 winners of the YouTube NextUp Competition in 2013.

Regarding her most popular recipe video, it is Raindrop Cake Recipe which she released on April 22, 2016. The Youtube video got 6.5 million views.

Emmy regularly releases her content at least once a week. She recently uploaded a video comparing the cheapest and most expensive bread toasters.

11. Cooking With Dog

Cooking With Dog is one of the top female YouTube cooking channels. The channel features a canine named Francis.

Cooking with Dog started uploading videos on September 5, 2007. In the channel, a Japanese chef cooks varieties of authentic Japanese food while Francis narrates the step in English.

To date, the channel has amassed 1.6 million subscribers with 383 videos uploaded. In the beginning, the chef used to release new videos every Friday. However, it stopped uploading regular content after the host, Francis, passed away on November 6, 2016, at the age of 14 years and nine months.

Cooking with Dog Recipe for Perfect Spicy Fried Chicken ( Source : youtube )

Now the channel releases new episodes occasionally, displaying an animated and stuffed version of the canine. The show has amassed over 200 million views, of which the most popular is from 13 years ago.

On YouTube, the Japanese chef uploaded a recipe video titled "How to Make Bento (Perfectly Balanced Bento Recipe for Lunch Box Meal)" on May 17, 2007. More than 6.8 million people watched the video.Similarly, the content with a recipe to make custard pudding got 5.8 million views. 

12. Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson is the final name for the female YouTube cooking channel list.

Lawson created one of the top YouTube cooking channels on June 3, 2013, and has 333K subscribers to the channel. It has earned over 19 million views for her 98 videos to date.

Nigella Lawson's recipe of making spaghetti and meatballs at home ( Source : youtube )

Lawson is a 63-year-old English food writer and television cook. She was the best seller in 1998 with her debut cookery book, "How to Eat," whose 300,000 copies were sold out.

Nigella Bites host released food recipes inspired by Italian, desserts, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian cuisine. Her Youtube video from three years ago titled "Best of Nigella Lawson's Italian Inspired Dishes" is the most-viewed video with 1.1 million views.

Similarly, her video, where she shares recipes to make homemade spaghetti and meatballs, crossed a million views. Lawson hasn't uploaded any recipes on the channel recently.

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