Rukiya Bernard net worth is $5 million. Rukiya earns most of her fortune from her career as an actress and works as an interior designer, writer, and producer as side kicks.

Rukiya was born on 20th January 1983 to her parents Nyakiringa Magugu and Gilbert Bernard. She was born and brought up in Ontario, Canada.

The actress has been actively involved in art and sports since middle school. It was her parents who encouraged her to indulge in ballet, piano, karate, and athleticism. Bernard played basketball in her school and ran track as well.

The actress has been in the acting industry since 1999 and has worked on numerous projects. She is quite famous for her portrayal of Doc in Van Helsing.

Likewise, her affiliation with projects like This is Wonderful, The L Word, Supernatural, Nancy Drew, and Yellowjackets cannit go unnoticed. The actress has also starred in over 30 movies.

In 2000, the actress held her matrimony with Peter John "P.J." Prinsloo, a fellow actor from Soth Africa. The couple is the parents of two children.

Rukiya Bernard Net Worth

Rukiya Bernard net worth is approximately $5 million. Rukiya has done numerous projects throughout her career.

The talented actress has amassed a great fortune through her acting craft. She has been part of television shows since 1999.

Bernard has starred in numerous ventures like

  • Killer Instinct
  • Supernatural
  • Primeval: New World
  • Van Helsing
  • Nancy Drew
  • Yellowjackets

All these television series are a great success, and the actress has been a prominent part of them. Especially, Bernard has a great stint in Van Helsing and won numerous accolades, including the Leo Award for her performance of Doc in the series.

Rukiya net worth is approximately $5 million in 2023.
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Likewise, the Canadian actress has worked in numerous short films, TV movies, and other big productions. Stuck, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Cabin in the Woods, and That Burning Feeling are backed by significant production houses where Rukiya has bagged great numbers in her bank.

Apart from that, the actress is also an Interior Designer and owns Bernard Design. It also helps her add a decent amount to her wealth.

With more big-budget movies and shows, the total amount will see an upsurge in the future.

Ways Rukiya Bernard Makes Her Money

1. Acting

Rukiya has been in the acting industry since 1999 and has been in numerous ventures.
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Rukiya's wealth comes from her craft in movies and television series. Rukiya can make any given character her own and deliver brilliantly.

The talented individual's first role was as Talia in Undressed. After that, there was no stopping back as roles kept coming, and the actress excelled in all her roles.

In 2001, she made her acting debut in films through Get Over It. The role was not big, but she moved forward, and her dedication and hard work were fruitful. She has been actively working on the small and big screens and was impactful in all her gigs.

From 2017 to 2021, Bernard worked in Hallmark Channel TV movies every year. She has worked in Christmas in Evergreen, One Winter Weekend, One Winter Proposal, Hearts of Winter, and One Winter Wedding. Her continuous appearances and work ethic help her add to her riches.

2. Writer and Producer

Rukiya's 'The Blactor' piled up four awards on 2022 Leo Awards.
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Apart from acting, Rukiya has done her fair share of work as a writer and producer. The actress is a multitalented personality.

She worked as an executive producer in the 2013's The BFF Club and 2021's The Blactor. Bernard also wrote both these short films along with El Color Negro, which was released in 2020.

Her release in 2021 was critically acclaimed and was accepted into the Vancouver Film Festival. Additionally, the short film was a marvel as it bagged four Leo Awards in 2022:

  • Best Performance by a Female in Short Drama
  • Best Screenwriting in a Short Drama
  • Best Direction in a Short Drama
  • Best Short Drama

3. Interior Design and Decorations

Rukiya is also an interior designer. Rukiya starred in The Stagers as an interior designer.

The reality TV show aired in Canada and the United States and was produced by Paperny Films.

Rukiya appeared in 'The Stagers' as an interior designer, showcasing her hidden talent to the world.
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The HGTV show helped the actress show her hidden talent to the audience and make her craft known to all. She appeared in two seasons in 2008 and 2009 as a Sateger-in Training.

Rukiya also owns Bernard Design, an interior designing firm in Vancouver, Canada. The company is focused on helping clients remodel their houses into more stylish and comfortable places for a better and more lively experience.

The firm has handled a decent number of projects and is open to educating people on different ideas and helping them implement them in an orderly fashion.

4. Parental Property

Rukiya shares her parents with her sister. The Bernard household has only two daughters.

With no son to take over the family ownership, the daughters will undoubtedly be entitled to some share of parental property. After their parents, the two siblings will handle their belongings and affairs.

Rukiya and her sister are the only children of her parents.
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Gilbert and Nyakiringa have worked hard in their respective fields and provided education for their children. As a result, they are successful and have made enough riches for themselves.

Apart from the antiques and other family heirloom items, the sisters might not need ownership. Rukiya is a charitable person who is involved in numerous charity works. Therefore, the siblings might find it suitable to help others with the family inheritance.

Rukiya Bernard Lifestyle and Luxury Goods

Rukiya Bernard is an outspoken and outgoing person. Rukiya likes traveling and attending different events.

The 40-year-old is fashionable and loves trying new outfits. She is seen rocking anything she puts on, from a gown and a dress to jeans and a t-shirt. The actress knows how to carry herself and can be seen as comfortable in her clothes.

In 2018, the actress went on a vacation to Mexico. She went to Zihuatanejo and Mexico City and enjoyed her time sunbathing on the beach.

Rukiya is a stylistic person who also believes in giving back to the community.
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Likewise, the actress is a strong advocate for justice. She has raised her voice in support of students demanding better arms legislation. 

Bernard actively engaged in social themes on Instagram. She posted about History Month of colored people and paid homage to Kobe Bryant. The Canadian responded to the BLM movement and informed her audience about the history of Pride Day.

Besides that, the actress is often spotted in public in cool and designer attires. However, the actress does not believe in keeping many expensive and luxury items and is very down to Earth.

With both the wife and husband working in the industry, a few snippets have been spotted in Rukiya's Instagram photos, where her house is considered luxurious and well-built. The furnishing and interior of the house look stunning, and the couple tends to be enjoying a good life with children in Vancouver.