Martha Raddatz net worth is 20 million dollars in 2023. Raddatz earns a fairly high amount of money each year from her successful career. 

Raddatz is known as a senior worldwide issues reporter for ABC News and the co-host of This Week alongside George Stephanopolous. Apart from that, She is a writer working for ABC News as a reporter, host and senior foreign relations reporter. 

Martha served in television and radio stations as well. She covered the news regarding the Pentagon as a correspondent for NPR and the US State Department for ABC News, and currently, she is the central columnist.

Martha was born in Idaho, USA on 14th February 1953. She is 70 years old now. She graduated in 1971 after schooling at East Lake High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. She started working at the neighboring station when she joined the University of Utah. 

Martha Raddatz Net Worth

Martha Raddatz has a net worth of 20 million dollars. ABC News pays legendary correspondent Martha around 2-3 million dollars each year.

Raddatz was primarily paid by ABC News for working as Chief Global Affairs Correspondent. She is a prominent figure in news reports in the States due to her noteworthy accolades.  

Marth on Long Beach, California during ABC News Reporting
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Martha Raddatz Is A Correspondent For ABC News

Raddatz started her career as a war journalist covering the Bosnian crisis in the 1990s. She had spent a significant amount of time reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan.

She is a powerful reporter who has flown for around 10 hours on two combat missions in Afghanistan. And the credit goes to her perseverance and experience. 

Martha with her colleagues on standby
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She was already the chief correspondent at ABC News Boston affiliate WCVB-TV in 1993. Then she covered the Pentagon for NPR from 1993-1998. She began her term as ABC News’s State Department correspondent in 1999 and senior national security correspondent, exclusively reporting from Iraq in 2003. 

She was honored with the Daniel Pearl Award in 2005. On top of that she is a member of the Chicago Press Corps. 

Martha is the bestselling author of The Long Road Home of the New York Times, a book regarding the siege of Sadr City, Iraq. She became the Chief WhiteHouse correspondent for the last term of the George W. Bush administration.  

Raddatz was appointed as ABC’s Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent on November 20. She worked as the moderator of the Vice-Presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden on 11th October 2012.

The very first inauguration covered by Marth in 1985
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In 2014, Martha was famous for having well-cultivated sources inside the defense department. Besides, she worked parallel to Anderson Cooper as a co-moderator for the second presidential debate in 2016, amid Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at Washington University. 

She appeared as a journalist interviewing the President-elect of the United States in 2017 in the episode “Imminent Risk” of the Showtime series Homeland.

Is Martha Raddatz Married?

Martha tied the knot with Ben Bradlee Jr. who is a reporter. Ben is a biographer and the Boston Globes investigative team editor in 1979. 

Unfortunately, they parted ways in 1991. Ben worked at the Globe for 25 years as a columnist and editor. Apart from that he is the author of Ted Williams.

He was born to Benjamin Bradlee and Jean Saltonstall on 7th August 1948 in Manchester, USA. Junior Ben graduated from Colby College. He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial manager for The Boston Globe. 

President Barack Obama Attended Marth and Julius Wedding 

Then Martha got married to an attorney and the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission named Julius Genachowski. He was working during Barack Obama’s presidency, and President Obama was present during their wedding. At that time, President Obama and Julius were students at Harvard Law School. He works for the Carlyle Group now.

Martha and Julius Wedding ( Source : youtu )

 According to his biography, he was named by President Obama “to lead the United States delegation to Poland for the commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.” Once again, the marriage could not survive long, and they split up in 1997. 

Raddatz then married her current spouse Tom Gjelten, a religion and belief journalist for NPR in 1997. The couple met when Martha started working at NPR in 1993.

She initiated a friendship with him when he reported the conflict in Bosnia, and at that time Raddatz was assigned her first project to go into Sarajevo, Bosnia.

As per Gjelten, he arranged his bus ride to Raddatz albeit travel could have gone better and she passed by the front line of the war area. Although she made her way to the city and he got lashed out by Martha, badly! As time passed, they sorted things out and eventually got married. It's been two decades already. 

Martha's family in Jake's Wedding
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Martha Raddatz Children

Martha is a proud mother of two children from her previous marriage. She had a daughter named Greta Bradlee Williams and Jake Genachowski. 

Martha saying happy birthday to my best girl, Greta
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Greta is a famous name in the United States, and the credit for her being in the spotlight also goes to Martha. Greta is already married and blessed with two children.

Jake is a director of Officiating, a video marketer, and a coach at the Maret School. He served as a football and softball coach there and along with a tour guide. He had already done a series of distinguished media internships comprising Vox, ESPN, WJLA-TV in Washington D.C., and 106.7 The Fan.

Martha sharing a picture on Jake's Birthday
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Jake graduated with an economics degree from Kenyon College in 2015. He is also settled in his life. Raddatz shared a picture of her kids on Instagram during her birthday.