Jack Begley net worth as a businessman is $5 million. Jack Begley earns a good amount of money from his TV show 'The Curse of Oak Island'.

Jack is one of the stars of the popular reality television show 'The Curse of Oak Island'. He is hugely appreciated by fans for his simplicity in the show.

Whenever there is a need for digging work or anything related to getting in contact with dirt, Jack is remembered by fellow members Marty and Rick.

The green shirt he usually donned during the show has a huge fan base. Interestingly, the iconic shirt has a Twitter and Instagram account, run by ardent followers of the show. 

He is related to the co-owner of Oak Island Tours Inc., Craig Tester. His mother Beck married Craig. Then, Tester became his new father.

His place of residence is Michigan, U.S.A. Currently, he is in his mid-forties.

Jack Begley Net Worth

Jack Begley has a net worth of $5 million. Jack has multiple sources of income as a reality series, fame, and businessman.

Jack is an inevitable part of this reality-based series. His bald hair and bearded look have stolen the hearts of many viewers. He is not only a television star but also works as a producer.

In 'The Curse of Oak Island', the Lagina brothers embark on a journey to the cursed Oak Island with the objective of treasure hunting. 

The monochrome picture of Begley shared by him on March 14, 2017 on his Facebook account
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A few centuries ago, it was said that precious treasures had been buried on the Island. The goal of Jack and the team is to find those riches. This show has played a major role in uplifting the quality of his life.

Other projects of Begley are Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down.

In 2018, he commenced a new path in his life as a businessman by co-founding Remote Energy Solutions company. The idea for this company was generated in an effort to promote sustainable and environment-friendly energy solutions in far-fetched locations. 

Today, Remote Energy Solutions is one of the most celebrated energy firms that assist in industries and mining operations.

He is a professional drone operator. He probably has completed his training and possesses a Remote Pilot certificate from Federal Aviation Administration.

Jack wearing his usual green T-shirt, loved by fans
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Apart from these achievements, he is a trained Scuba diver. He shared that he learned Scuba from John Chatterton, Alec Hutchinson, and Howard Ehrenberg on his Facebook account.

How Much Money Does Jack Begley Have?

Jack Begley has accumulated total revenue of $5000000.

Jack is a talented and skilled treasure hunter, entrepreneur, and reality TV star. According to Zip Recruiter, the average salary of a TV Personality is $49,551 in a year. The hourly income is $24.

Begley with the cast of 'Curse Of Oak Island' in 2018
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As it is known that Begley is a drone pilot, he makes an average of $79,753 annually in this field. As per Glassdoor, the base pay is $59,095, and the additional pay is estimated as $20,658 on a yearly basis.

His business venture Remote Energy Solutions is doing an outstanding job. So, this company makes him a huge sum of money.

Jack Begley Is A Producer On The Curse of Oak Island

Jack Begley has been working as a producer on The Curse of Oak Island since 2015. Jack portrays a role of himself in this show airing on History Channel.

Since the inception of this TV series in 2014, Begley has been a regular cast member. As per IMDB, he has been performing the role of the associate producer since 2015. 

Jack looks happy after doing the dirty work in Oak Island
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Until now, he has assisted as a producer in 70 episodes. This show hasn't ended yet. And fans are hopeful that it will renew for the next season.

In November 2022, the 10th season of the popular TV program premiered. There are speculations that there will be more seasons in the future. The first episode of the first season hit the screen on January 5, 2014. There were only 5 episodes in that season. Gradually, the episodes have been increasing with every new season.

The first episode was titled 'What Lies Below'. It was a 44-minute-long show. There, Rick and Marty, the main characters investigated 10-X. 

It is shot in Canada, and the executive producer is Kevin Burns. After the passing of Jack's half-brother Drake Tester in 2017, Craig Tester stopped appearing on the show. 

Drake was only 16 years old at that time. He had also been a part of the treasure-hunting show. As per reports, since his birth, he has been suffering from seizures.

Except for his half-brother Drake, Jake has a sister Madeline Begley. Not much has been known about her. 

Although everyone is eager to know about his genetic father, there is not much information about him. On the other hand, he shares a great bond with his stepdad Craig.