Midori Francis Partner Jeanne-Mare Raubenheimer Is Her Favorite Makeup Artist

Jeanne-Mare (L) and Midori (R) are dating since 2021
Jeanne-Mare (L) and Midori (R) are dating since 2021( Source : instagram )

Midori Francis partner Jeanne-Mare Raubenheimer is a makeup artist by profession. Midori Francis has been dating Jeanne-Mare Raubenheimer since 2021.

She is a Daytime Emmy nominated actress who got her name from her grandma. At the age of 20, Midori debuted on stage as a theatre artist. 

Her breakthrough role was in the 2020 series 'Dash & Lily' where she played the main role of Lily. Besides, her characters in the film 'Good Boys' and the Mindy Kaling show 'The Sex Lives of College Girls' were highly appreciated. 

Francis has been playing the role of Dr. Mika Yasuda in the longest-running ABC show 'Grey's Anatomy'. Her upcoming movie is 'My Only Friend Is a Robot Named Beans'.

The stunning actress has 179000 followers on her Instagram handle. She often posts her poetries there.

Jeanne-Mare Raubenheimer Is An Artist

Midori Francis partner Jeanne-Mare Raubenheimer has been working as the head of the makeup department in showbiz. Raubenheimer is originally from Cape Town South Africa.

Jeanne-Mare Raubenheimer, age 30, grew up in a family where everyone was equally passionate about art. Her parents are also fine artists by profession and her brother makes music.

Because her mom and dad were into fine art, there was no way there would not be paints, airbrushes, clay, or anything related to painting around her periphery. Eventually, she started loving them.

So, to hone her craft, Raubenheimer enrolled in City Varsity to pursue production design and motion picture make-up. Meanwhile, when she was in her college, she got the opportunity to work for ETV, a television network.

She is also proficient in hair styling, body painting, and special effects makeup. From music videos, commercials, and films to TV shows, Raubenheimer has beautifully showcased her art everywhere. 

Well, this art is not only her job, or a means to make a living, but that is her passion. She is one of the lucky humans who have turned their passion into a career.

Jeanne-Mare is happily painting the belly of a pregnant woman at  AfrikaBurn in December, 2020
Jeanne-Mare is happily painting the belly of a pregnant woman at AfrikaBurn in December, 2020( Source : instagram )

In the 2016 TV series 'Of Kings and Prophets', she was the assistant makeup artist. Jeanne-Mare worked on other projects in Hollywood like 'Blood Drive' and the third film of the trilogy 'Maze Runner: The DeathCure'.

In 2020, she was hired as the hair and makeup supervisor for the teen movie 'The Kissing Booth 2'.  She gained huge recognition for her art through movies like 'Escape Room: Tournament of Champions', 'Bloodshot', and 'Resident Evil'. 

Not only that, Jeanne-Mare, also known as Jim is equally talented as a stage manager. She used to work as the Event Manager at Zula Sound Bar around 2012.

Jeanne-Mare Raubenheimer as a Bodypaint Artist

Jeanne-Mare is one of the most sought-after body painters in South Africa, who is now making it big in the U.S. Through body painting, she brings her creativity to life, and humans are her living canvas.

She believes that to create a wholesome artwork, a proper combination of color palette, accessories, painting style, and the model is required.

The creative body painter participated in the World Bodypainting Competition and bagged the fifth position in the UV and Special Effects bodypaint categories.

Midori And Jeanne-Mare Relationship

Midori Francis has been romantically involved with Jeanne-Mare for almost 3 years. Jeanne-mare Raubenheimer age is around 40 as of 2023.

It appears that they have an age difference of around 12 years because as we know, Midori is 28, and as per the article published by news24 in 2013, Jim was 30 at that time.

In their images, their age gap is quite visible. Despite that, they are in a mature and understanding relationship. 

Raubenheimer created a replica of  famous Piet Mondrian dress by painting on her sweetheart Midori in 2021
Raubenheimer created a replica of famous Piet Mondrian dress by painting on her sweetheart Midori in 2021( Source : instagram )

Jeanne-Mare Posted Midori on her Instagram in 2021

The couple met probably met at the filming location of Afterlife of the Party. It is because, in this fantasy film, Francis plays one of the key roles as Lisa, whereas Jeanne is the hair and makeup supervisor.

This movie was released in September 2021. Before the film premiered on Netflix on the 16th of August, Raubenheimer shared the trailer and tagged Francis and other cast members.

Four months later, she posted a picture of her girlfriend for the first time. In the photograph, Francis looked gorgeous as Jeanne painted her by taking inspiration from one of the dresses created by Yves Saint Laurent. Raubenheimer captioned, "Such fun painting this talented human, Midori Francis."

Midori Celebrated her 28th Birthday with Raubenheimer

Midori's birthday falls on the 16th of April every year. On her 28th birthday in 2022, she went to Mozambique, Africa with her lover. 

She took to Instagram and shared fun pictures from the trip while writing, "Another year older grateful for my love and animals and water."

Francis shared a collage of her travel to Mozambique featuring Jeanne-Mare
Francis shared a collage of her travel to Mozambique featuring Jeanne-Mare( Source : instagram )

On the other hand, even Jeanne-Mare made a Happy Birthday post for her favorite human and penned, "What a joy to have you in my life! This planet is brighter with you on it!"

Francis replied with a comment: 'My Darling / my love' with heart emoticons. 

Raubenheimer Did Makeup on Midori

For a Christmas gift unveiling event organized by Neiman Marcus, Midori's darling did her makeup and hair in 2022.

Also, even for Halloween, Jeanne-Mare did three costume looks on her. Because her work was fantastic and Midori looked spectacular, Entertainment Weekly featured her as one of the best celebrity Halloween customers of 2022.

Moreover, Raubenheimer had readied her for any event before. From film premieres to parties and awards shows, Jim does not miss a chance to adorn her love with makeup.

The Couple Shares a Furry Baby

Midori is not married, but she and Jim are mammas to a kitten named Azlan Junious Iwama-Raub. On the 29th of January, 2023, they adopted her.

Azlan was born on October 8, 2022, and when she was almost four months old, Francis and Jeanne-Mare brought her home.

Midori penned, "Dearest Azlan, No matter what the future holds, I promise always to consider you my firstborn son". Furthermore, she mentioned that both her mommies love her very much while sharing photos and videos with the kitten.

Before dating Jim, Midori was engaged to her former boyfriend, Macaulee Cassaday. Nevertheless, Francis has not been married until now.

Midori Francis Family

Midori Francis parents are her father Ken Iwama and her mother Joanne Iwama. Her family welcomed her in 1994, in Lakewood, New Jersey.

The birth name of the actress is Midori Iwama. She comes from a mixed heritage, with Japanese roots from the paternal side and Italian roots from the maternal side.

She was raised along with her two siblings by parents Ken Iwama and Joanne Iwama. Midori parents currently reside in Ogden Dunes, Indiana.

Joanne, the mother of Midori looks gorgeous in a gown while attending a wedding in 2018
Joanne, the mother of Midori looks gorgeous in a gown while attending a wedding in 2018( Source : facebook )

Dad Ken Iwama

Midori Francis father Ken Imawa is the seventh Chancellor of Indiana University Northwest. He was selected for this position on the 1st of August, 2020.

Imawa has a lot of experience with educational institutions because he worked with the College of Staten Island for a long time. At the same time, he is serving as the Executive Committee member for the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. 

Recently, he has collaborated with Millennium Leadership Initiative (MLI) to create diversity in higher education leadership. 

Academically, Ken studied at the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a BA in English. Then, he joined the Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations to pursue a Master's degree.

He also holds a Juris Doctor (JD) from Seton Hall Law School, one of the best law schools.

The whole family of Midori Francis with Midori at the center, her brothers at left and right end
The whole family of Midori Francis with Midori at the center, her brothers at left and right end( Source : facebook )

Mom Joanne Iwama

Midori Francis mother Joanne Iwama works as a psychotherapist in private practice. She mainly deals with young clients who are in their teens and adulthood. 

She has been described as a kind, detail-oriented and smart woman who served at Jewish Family Services around 2016. 

Talking about her education, Joanne did her schooling at Paramus High School. Then, she completed her Bachelor's in Social Work at Rutgers University in 2013. Subsequently, she joined

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