Ann Kim is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based chef and restaurateur who has won a James Beard Award.

She is one of the six chefs featured in the most recent Netflix docuseries, "Chef's Table: Pizza," which tells the tales of culinary greats and their trade through a lyrical lens.

Kim is described as a chef in the August trailer who refused to stay in her lane and served Minnesotans strong and spicy food without apology.

Who Is Ann Kim?

Ann Kim is a Chef from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who has appeared on Netflix's new docuseries, 'Chef’s Table: Pizza.' She is a chef of Korean descent who moved to America with her family when she was only four years old.

They made their home in a suburb of Apple Valley, Minnesota, where Ann grew up most of her life.

Ann Kim moved to America when she was seven years old
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Ann was involved in the kitchen from quite a young age as she regularly helped her mother and grandmother cook traditional Korean dishes. She not only fell in love with Korea and its culture due to this practice but also discovered her love of cooking and food in general.

People would be surprised to know Ann was also quite interested in the film industry. Hence, after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in English from New York City’s Columbia University, she began working as a professional actress.

She spent roughly eight years working in movies and TV shows before realizing that the culinary sector was her true passion.

In 2010, she finally followed her dream and went on to open her first Pizzeria, Pizzeria Lola, in Minneapolis.

As Ann served excellent cuisine, her popularity expanded by leaps and bounds, and Ann soon found herself opening her second business, Hello Pizza, which specialized in Pizzas, salads, and meatballs.

She refused to draw a boundary despite having two restaurants working for her because she was confident in her company's growing ability. As a result, in 2016, she opened her third restaurant, Young Joni, which featured beautiful wood-fired dishes in addition to all of her famous pizzas.

She always utilizes fresh ingredients and homemade dough, but her pizzas are best renowned for their unconventional toppings, including one that involves kimchi. She did this successfully, fusing eastern and western foods, and was even praised for her work.

She relocated to America in 1977 when she was four years old.

Who Is Ann Kim's Husband?

Chef Ann Kim is married to her husband, Conrad Leifur.

She has posted several pictures of her husband on her Instagram handle. The couple seems to enjoy their married life as they have been together for a long time.

A number of the Twin Cities' most inventive restaurants are owned by Ann Kim and her husband/business partner Conrad Leifur, starting with Pizzeria Lola in south Minneapolis and, more recently, the ground-breaking and highly praised Young Joni in Northeast, where there is still a long line almost every night of the week.

A Mexican-themed restaurant called Sooki & Mimi will soon operate in the former Lucia's location in Uptown.

Kim, the James Beard Best Chef Midwest winner for 2019, was just the focus of a particular New York Times piece about her unique background and Korean-influenced culinary vision, which will probably continue to set the standard for creativity in the Twin Cities.

In Minneapolis, Kim and her business partner, Conrad Leifur, founded Pizzeria Lola in 2011. Andrew Zimmern stated in his review of the establishment for Food & Wine that Minnesota indeed does have the best pizza in the nation.

For the 2012 episode of the Food Network program Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Guy Fieri went to Pizzeria Lola. 

In Edina, Minnesota, Kim and Leifur launched Hello Pizza, a more compact pizzeria that serves pies and slices from a counter. Even though there is not much information available about Conrad, the couple lives luxurious and are happy with each other.

Ann Kim's Net Worth In 2022

Netflix docuseries star and chef Ann Kim’s net worth is approximately $3 million to $5 million.

Ann Kim has appeared on the Netflix's series
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She is renowned for her amazing pizzas, and frequent customers try her delectable dish at her restaurants. She has won numerous accolades for her work, and Young Joni, her restaurant, has frequently appeared on lists of the "best restaurants."

She has been highlighted in several vital journals over the years. Her most significant honor came in 2019, though, when she became the first Asian woman from Minnesota to win the James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Midwest.

She is the owner of multiple restaurants and starred in the Netflix series "Chef's table: Pizza"; thus, she must be pretty wealthy based on her profession as a chef.