The Netflix Chef's Table cast Franco Pepe is not an ordinary chef but has an ancestorial lineage on the cooking line. 

Tracing back the history of chef Franco Pepe, nobody could have predicted that the bakery Ciccio founded by his grandfather in the small town of Caiazzo in 1931, would grow to become the most renowned pizzeria in the entire world.

Pizza is traditionally made in the nearby city of Naples. Meanwhile, he learned everything about cooking from his father, Stefano, who used to cook the dishes from scratch. 

He transformed this rural region into a popular dining destination for people worldwide with all of his locally collected ingredients.

Who Is Chef Franco Pepe?

Netflix Chef's table cast Franco Pepe is one of Italy's top pizzaiolos. He is a contemporary artist with a long-standing love of pizza.

He exhibits this lifelong passion at his eatery Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo, a town about an hour northeast of Naples. He comes from a line of expert bakers. He has spent many hours observing and learning from his grandparents, father, brothers Antonio and Massimiliano, and other family members.

He left a family pizza dynasty for a solo venture innovating pies, handmade dough, and local ingredients have made him a star all his own.

Netflix has dedicated an episode on Franco Pepe's recipie
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He officially first opened his restaurant Pepe in Grani in 2005. His restaurant was just round the corner from his grandfather’s bakery.

At the time, Caiazzo was not mainly known for its food. However, with the series of food ventures from the Pepe family, the town's popularity was raised among travelers.

Who Is Franco Pepe's Wife?

Franco Pepe has a wife, and many online media have claimed her to be Filomena. However, the research shows that she is Frank Pepe's wife, an Italian chef.

He has kept his personal life away from the steadily growing social media. There are numerous travel photos on his Instagram but not of his family. Franco's family may not be in public, but his pizzas are world popular. He did not use a recipe when carrying out his father's job.

Chef Franco in Dubai
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He alters the amounts and ingredients daily to consider the humidity level, the wheat gluten content, and the kitchen temperature.

Franco can do all this with his hands, kneading enough dough for 400 pizzas while adding a little extra flour or water.

The intense wood-fired oven produces a light, fluffy texture and just the right amount of chewy, and he can cook each pizza in under two minutes.

Franco Pepe Net Worth In 2022

Franco Pepe's net worth is estimated at $1 million as of 2022.

He is not a new name in the cookery business; he has been in the field since 2005, after he owned the restaurant. Franco has a huge fan following on Instagram, 134K. His endorsements with other restaurants and ventures have collectively amassed a million dollars. 

The Netflix documentary will raise his fame and help in his financial success.