Ujwal Bhattarai

Ujwal Bhattarai is currently pursuing a BSc (Hons) in Computer Networking and IT Security at Islington College, Kathmandu. A Film and Anime freak, he likes to present his thoughts through his writings. He wants to explore the world and present his findings in the form of a story.

15 Most Tattooed Celebrities - Images and Meaning Explored

Everyone has expressed interest in tattoos, from ordinary people to the biggest superstars. Inking one's body has become fashionable for most people, but for some, it has a more profound significance that they choose to express for the moment and wil...

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Has Hakos Baelz Done A Face Reveal?

Has Hakos Baelz Done A Face Reveal? No, Hakos Baelz has not revealed her face reveal. Hakos is an English VTuber associated with Hololive. She has not announced that she would reveal her face or her voice. She is wonderfully known because of her virt...

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