Chef's Table: Pizza has introduced six pizzerias master this season, premiering on September 7, 2022.

Portland native Sarah Minnick is a cast of the new Netflix show Chef's Table: Pizza. As per Sports Keeda, Chef's Table: Pizza introduced six Masters of Pizza from different parts of the world. The six casts include Chris Bianco, Gabriele Bonci from Rome, Franco Pepe from Caiazzo, Yoshihiro Imai from Kyoto, Ann Kim from Minneapolis, and Sarah Minnick from Portland.

The trailer is inspiring and amazing, which shows each chef's journey with highs and lows and glimpses of their pizza-making tips. The trailer certainly emphasized how people observe pizza differently after hanging out with Biano, a renowned chef.

In this article, we'll talk about Sarah Minnick from portland.

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Who Is Sarah Minnick On Netflix Chef's Table: Pizza?

Sarah Minnick is the first Chef's Table contestant from Portland, Oregon. The most awaited show is all set to premiere on Netflix on September 7, 2022.

Sarah Minnick makes a pizza at Chef's Table
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She is a well-known chef noted globally for her incredible work in making delicious pizzas. Minnick has earned accolades worldwide and is featured in several renowned publications. 

Few people are aware of her skill in baking and cooking. Portland-based famous food critic Karen Brooks is a longtime supporter of Lovely’s Fifty Fifty. In addition, She shares all sources of ingredients and serves what is best for the customers at her restaurant.

Sarah Minnick Age - How Old Is She?

Sarah Minnick has kept her age and birth details confidential. However, by her looks, she seems to be in her mid-forties.

Getting to know more about Sarah, She has no interest in cooking and never dreamed of becoming a chef. She entered the restaurant business from nowhere when she, her sister, and her ex-boyfriend started a restaurant business together in Portland called Lovely Hula Hands.

Netflix new series premiering on Sep. 7, 2022
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Per Cinemaholic, Sarah and her sister ran the front of the house, and her former beau looked after the kitchen.

She realized her passion for cooking and began to run the business with her sister after her breakup with her ex. Sarah is the founder of Lovely’s Fifty Fifty restaurant, formed in 2000. She is an expert in making mouthwatering pizza, gelato, and icecreams.

Is Sarah Minnick Married?

Sarah Minnick is possibly a married woman since she has a daughter, according to The Cinemaholic. 

Sarah Minnick is available on Instagram
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She resides in Portland, Oregon, where she looks after her famous restaurant. Surprisingly, Lovely’s Fifty Fifty is a family-run business, with the Portland chef managing the kitchen while her beloved daughter, sister, and mom assists in other areas. Seeing the determination of Sarah is genuinely inspiring.