Ben Phillips Net Worth

Ben Phillips has millions of views on his prank videos
Ben Phillips has millions of views on his prank videos( Source : youtube )

Ben Phillips is an English YouTuber who has a net worth of around $3.5 million dollars. Ben Phillips was listed among the 500 most influential people in Britain after he started gaining popularity.

Ben has been able to earn a good amount of money from his YouTube career. He is also one of the most famous YouTubers from the UK. 

He is a UK influencer who led the Safemoon pump and dump scheme and the crypto team in marketing.

Publicly Ben was bullish, saying that he had "diamond hands" and that people should "buy the dip." However, privately he was dumping for millions of dollars, which we found out after a whistleblower tipped us off. 

Ben Phillips Net Worth In 2022

Ben Phillips has an estimated net worth of around $3.5 million dollars. 

It is estimated that most of his earnings come from his videos and other endorsements. 

Ben Phillips with his brother Elliot.
Ben Phillips with his brother Elliot. ( Source : livenation )

Before YouTube, he was active in the Vine community. There he had his series called Dr. Harley Series, where he used to dress up his ex-girlfriend's son as a doctor.  In the Vine app, he had more than 1.3 million subscribers before the app closed down.

Before the couple broke up, their account was named Ben and Elliot, but later, he changed it to his solo vines only. 

Ben started his YouTube career around 2014. Most of his videos are about him making pranks on his brother, Elliot. His brother is known for being short-tempered, and he hates being filmed and someone playing pranks on him. 

Before getting into the social media platform, he used to work at his mom's shoe shop. 

Now, Ben has 4.59 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His video content contains not only pranks but also different challenges, vlogs, life updates, and much more.

Due to his famous achievements around the YouTube community, he went on a tour around the UK, Europe, and other parts of the world in 2016 and 2017. Unfortunately, his tour in 2019 was canceled due to certain circumstances. 

He has 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 2.2 million followers on TikTok. It seems that Ben has a huge fanbase. He knows his target audiences and makes different content based on that. 

Ben Phillips is also a published author. He has released two books to date. He released Sorry, Bro in 2016, a worldwide success, and another book named School of Pranks in 2018. 

Just like other influencers, Ben Phillip has endorsed many brands as well. He does different paid sponsorships. Back then, he made an endorsement video for Ford Europe, which starred Harley. 

He also launched his games called Wire and Joltz. In 2017, he had his TV show, Ben Phillips, aired on Comedy Central. He also had his channel where he used to create different cartoons called the Ben and Elliot Show. 

He and his brother, started a new show called Ben and Elliot on the road. 

Ben Phillips Career Earnings

Ben Phillips is a famous media personality based in the UK for his hilarious prank videos and beautiful acting sketches. 

Ben was born on October 10, 1992, in Bridgend, Wales. He is a local citizen there, and while growing up, he also used to work at his mom's shoe shop. 

Ben's prank videos with his brother crosses millions of views
Ben's prank videos with his brother crosses millions of views ( Source : youtube )

He had a pet rabbit named Cookie which passed away on November 24, 2017, and his other pet cat, named Vuitton, passed away in 2018.

In the YouTube community, Ben has collaborated with many YouTubers like Arson Carscall, Joe Charman, and Nicholas Megalis for the collaborated video named "Gummy Money Doesn't Work In London".

Ben Phillips was a part of the Safemoon Crypto Scams. In his multiple deleted tweets, he tells his fans not to sell the coins even though their value increases. He also made the mistake of posting the crypto wallet used for the Safemoon scheme. 

The investigators noticed on the blockchain that while Ben was telling his fans to hold the coins, he was dumping them. In the end, his fans lost all the money, but Ben earned $12,000,000. 

The information regarding him was posted in the Coffeezilla video. Later on, he tried to copyright strike Coffeezilla, but YouTube did not accept his claim. 

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