TikTok has been a place where various memes are going viral in an Instant.

At present, Whimsical Little Creature Puppet Meme aka That's You as a Baby is taking the platform by storm.

People are seen reacting to the Whimsical Little Creature Puppet Meme videos on TikTok, which is hilarious.

While some people are even seen dressed as the Whimsical Little Creature Puppet and acting like the puppet.

What Is 'Whimsical Little Creature Puppet Meme' All About?  

The Whimsical Little Creature Puppet Meme is going viral on Tiktok.

In the meme video, a puppet wearing a gown and pointy green hat is seen going to various places and has a unique movement.

You might wonder how this meme was generated, this meme came from Brazil around 2020. 

The meme was seen from a TikTok account called, MestreEnsinador1, which means Master Professor in the Portuguese language.

Whimsical Creature Puppet became viral through the TikTok account iz.khalifa1when she did duet with it.
Source : tiktok

The first video posted on the account showed the digging up of a cloth bag buried on the ground. The cloth bag contained buried treasure, and on revealing it, 

There was a puppet with a cloak and green hat. After that, the puppet became featured on the tiktok account frequently.

The puppet was seen flying around the forest, doing his little dance, or sometimes even performing mysterious rituals.

This way, the Whimsical Little Creature Puppet Meme gets originated on Tiktok. The puppet was given various names like Forest Being, Tiburcio, Master Teacher, or Professor.

The puppet is believed to have wisdom and strength, but the puppet is being viral for another reason.

After so many years of being released, the Whimsical Little Creature Puppet became viral on October 27 and November 22 this year when a tiktok account, iz.khalifa 1, posted a duet video of the puppet along with her brother.

She is seen asking him if he remembers being the puppet when he was a baby. She tried to joke about it, but her brother bought it and said he remembered it.

User Reaction To Whimsical Creature Puppet Meme

Whimsical Creature Puppet Meme has been attracting a lot of TikTok users, and they are seen either reacting to it or making duets with it.

After this viral video, many people made TikTok videos due to the Whimwsical Creature Puppet, in which they were seen asking the children if they remember being the puppet.

Most of the kids believed they were the puppet when they were small, while some were not buying it that they are the puppet and denied it.

Similarly, some tiktok users were seen dressed as the Whimsical Creature Puppet with the gown and hat. They also copied the puppet's little dancing too.

Whimsical Creature Puppet has been loved by the people too.
Source : tiktok

One of the TikToker loved the puppet and said that she would give anything to be like the Whimsical Creature. She expressed how much she loves it.

She also described that the way the puppet walks is the same as she walks in her mind's eye. People were dressing their pets as the Whimsical Creature Puppet on the tiktok.

The puppet is so famous that people are seen making videos of it every day on the platform. While some are seen describing that they are seeing these videos all over the place and telling how it has gone so viral.