TikTok is among the most popular video sharing platforms and it only takes a moment for something to go viral overnight.

The 'Me When I Was A Baby' meme is a new TikTok trend rising above any other memes and trends. Almost anything may become humorous and intriguing due to the short-form format of the videos on the app, and many things already have.

This "Me as a Baby" meme is generating news across the Tiktok universe, while other videos and memes are not receiving enough views and trends.

What Is 'Me When I Was A Baby TikTok Meme' All About?

'Me When I Was A Baby’ TikTok meme is one of the most popular trends on TikTok.

Children are led to believe that a puppet in videos their parents show them is them as infants.

According to Know Your Meme, this trend began when @iz.khalifa1 showed her younger brother one of the videos to persuade him that the odd animal in the clip was him as a baby.

She asked her little bother ‘That’s you when you were a baby, do you remember?’ in her viral TikTok video on October 28.  Her brother was tricked with another video showing him "in Sedona," and the video of his apparent uncertainty and eventual acceptance of the truth quickly went viral.

More than three thousand people have made their comments on the video and shared their own experiences. One particular TikTok user commented that her parents used to tell her she was tiny and used to live in their ears, and she believed it. Izzy gave a reply by saying ‘GOODBYE’ to that user in a comical way.

The post has many comments where the TikTok users mentioned what a funny video it was and that he resembled the puppet in the video.

There are now countless videos online that perform identical actions. When young children are asked if they remember being the puppet when they were babies, it's hilarious to see how many of them affirm it and even appear to enjoy the memory of their youthful days as cute, fanciful puppets soaring and frolicking around the woods.

Me As A Baby Meme On TikTok

There are hundreds of meme videos on TikTok about 'Me as a Baby.'

The hilarious reaction of the kids after seeing the video is the best thing that is making it go viral on the internet. One little girl confidently announced she was a ghost after watching a video. 

One particular TikTok user mentioned the only thing keeping her going these days is the ‘Me as a baby’ meme because the people in the comment section keep on saying this was me as a baby and gaslighting their toddlers, telling them it was them as a baby. She also mentioned that the toddler's reaction was the best thing about the video.

Baby meme on the Internet
Source : worldwideinterweb

There are multiple baby memes on the Internet, such as ‘Babe, I know what it looked like, but she was just changing my diaper.’ And ’12 hours of labour? I am going hear about this for the rest of my life.’ However, the video meme is all above those picture memes, as it is hilarious to look at the kid's splendid reaction.

The meme is one of the most used TikTok trends, becoming more popular as the day passes.