Get Somebody Else To Do It is a popular trend on TikTok that is creating a meme on social media. Till now, Get Somebody Else To Do It videos are created by 173,000 users with 14.5 million views on the original sound.

@d.iavion simply recorded a humorous incident with her grandmother in a mall, with no idea that it would garner such a large amount of attention on social media.

You may or may not be familiar with this new trend. But if you're interested in learning more, we've covered it in great detail here.

What Is 'Get Somebody Else To Do It TikTok Meme' All About?

"Get Somebody Else To Do It" is a popular trend on TikTok which has evolved to be a meme. @d.iavion originally uploaded the video while having a real-life conversation with her grandmother in a shopping mall. 

TikToker d.iavion requests a quick video from her grandmother in a viral video with 41 million views.

"Excuse me, could you please record me quickly?" She requested, to which her grandmother solemnly replies, "Uh uh, get somebody else to do it."

She then tells her that it's "for an audition," and her grandmother gestures to another person in the mall, requesting that they film her instead.

A compilation video for Get Somebody Else To Do It Meme on YouTube
Source : youtube

Though it started a new trend, netizens love the grandma vibes, with no-nonsense and only a polite response. Someone commented, "Honestly, those are good boundaries."

Another person was impressed by how quickly she chose two substitutes. He stated, "I've never seen a faster referral out."

The sound quickly went viral, as TikTokers used it in their videos to share situations in which they didn't want to do something they were asked to do.


Y’all see how my own granny do me 🥺😂

♬ original sound - ItsDeDe Tv

Even the American actress Skai Jackson hopped on to the trend and uploaded a video with 8.4 million views. "When your mother asks you for a favor after showing attitude all day," her caption read.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the trend; you can use your imagination to add overlay captions and create a story. 

'Get Somebody Else To Do It' TikTok Meme And Compilation Videos

'Get Somebody Else To Do It' has taken over the internet, spawning numerous compilation videos and memes on social media.

The most recent trend involves the next person denying one's request. The following are some of the most popular TikTok trends for this sound:

  • When the teacher tries to put the misbehaving child next to you because you are well-behaved,
  • When he says, "Let's have another child,
  • When your sibling summons you to open the door at three in the morning,
  • When my mother can't access the wifi after yelling at me,
  • Whenever someone tries to ask me to kill a bug for them,
  • When your spouse wakes you up at seven in the morning because your one-year-old daughter is messing up the house,
  • When someone asks you to unbraid their tightly braided hair,
  • When someone asks you to join your trio and many more. 

How To Participate In 'Get Somebody Else To Do It' Meme?

You can create your own, Get Somebody Else To Do It meme on TikTok and be the trendsetter. You can either use the above-mentioned situation or create your own version. 

By typing Get Someone Else to Do It into the search bar on TikTok, you can use the sound to start recording. 

You can use the situation trending on TikTok or add your own flair. Any scenario you would never want or be unwilling to do should be the basis for a story.

For instance, you can create a scenario in which your partner or friend wants to go trekking with you even though you don't want to. There are an infinite number of ideas you can come up with once you start thinking.