The top 20 most viewed TikTok memes of 2023 are presented here. So that you can use the list as inspiration when creating content in the upcoming year.

Vogue reported in the midst of the election cycle, Elon Musk taking over Twitter, the demise of The Queen, and the ever-present threat of climate change, the TikTok meme has always brought comfort to the afflicted.

Nothing makes us happier than a good meme when you are in a natural fall-of-late-capitalism spiral. And the crazy events of 2023 have brought with them a whole host of accompanying online jokes.

Each of us has unique TikTok and meme preferences; for instance, my FYP (for you page) is filled with fashion and a Couple of TikTok influencers.

Top 20 Most Viewed TikTok Memes of 2023

Due to the immense popularity of memes and TikTok, it is not surprising that TikTok memes have also gained popularity.

TikTok memes are typically TikTok videos rather than images about TikTok. They are not just any TikToks; to qualify as funny TikTok memes that people want to share repeatedly and recreate.

Here’s a list of the top 20 most-viewed TikTok memes of 2023:

Gas Price2.3B Views
Usher “Watch This” Meme2.2M Views
When I send/text you3.3M Views
Kamala Harris Laugh6.2M Views
Pete Davidson's Dating History30 M Views
Green M$Ms31.1M Views
Euphoria memes34.3M Views
Chugging down sparkling water without burping35.2M views
I Actually Did It Myself...Yeah55.9M Views
Stranger Things Meme56.8M Views
Adam Lavine's Sexts61.1M views
Karma Is ABitch390.3M Views
James Webb423.2M Views
Will Smith Slap432.6M Views
Gummybears Concert438.2M views
She's A 10 But682.6M Views
Baby Calm Down869M Views
Wednesday Addams Dance1B Views
Dame Tu Cosita1.4B Views
TikTok MemesViews
Julia Fox said, “Un-cuh Gems”316.5M Views

Usher “Watch This” Meme (2.2 million views)

Usher's Tiny Desk performance clip, 'Watch This,' inspired one of the year's most universally applicable memes.

The singer's catchphrase "watch this" was cleverly adapted by social media users as a response to just about anything.

Even though Tiny Desk Concert's performance was unquestionably one of the best, it is different from the R&B legend singing that has gained popularity.

The video for Usher 'Watch This' from his NPR Tiny Desk performance went viral on TikTok
Source : today

Instead, Usher "watch this" remark at the start of "Confessions Part II" was the performance's most meme-worthy moment.

In the trend, Usher moves his open fingers over his eyes while bouncing to the music and whispering, "Watch this."

The video has been making the rounds on social media over the past few months after becoming one of the funniest memes in recent memory.

If I send/text you (3.3 million views)

If I send/text you, the most recent TikTok meme combines two of the most popular things: wordplay and emoji.

The phrase "when I text you [insert emoji] know it means..." is frequently followed by a clever or bizarre interpretation of the emoji.

The 'If I text you' meme is based on the belief that there are over 2000 emojis available online, and their meaning can vary depending on the situation and context.

Emoji have developed their language as different social groups and generations have given them different interpretations. For instance, Gen Z and Millenials use different emojis to express themselves. 

The best
Source : cheezburger

Despite this, small images can only partially take the place of words in communication. Due to this, TiKtok users have chosen to add explanations to all of their occasionally cryptic emojis.

They serve as an excellent shorthand for some amusing cultural allusions. If only we could get them without someone having to explain the joke.

Kamala Harris Laugh (6.2 million views)

Over a million people have watched the video of Kamala Harris laughing at questions about socialism on 60 Minutes on Twitter
Source : newsweek

Kamala Harris Laughing meme qualifies as one of the most genuine and harmless political memes.

Even though it can be challenging to find genuine humor in political memes, netizens enjoy Vice President Kamala Harris' contagious laughter.

She is frequently criticized for laughing and giggling uncontrollably in inappropriate situations. 

She was recently criticized for laughing when a reporter questioned her about what happened to Ukrainian refugees.

Many people criticized Harris for laughing while discussing a serious humanitarian issue, as Ukraine is currently experiencing a crisis brought on by Russia after the video surfaced online.

Harris was showing US support for NATO's eastern allies during a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw when the incident occurred.

@isaaclmaoo How come shes literally always laughing? Its contagious sometimes #kamalaharris #politics #laughing ♬ original sound - George W Bush

She was laughing at the gas crisis, she tweeted, "I'm looking up how to make gas at home." Many online users combined all of her press-generated laughter into a single clip. 

Pete Davidson's Dating History (30 million views)

The breakup of Davidson and Kardashian in early August 2022 sparked many Pete Davidson memes on the internet
Source : knowyourmeme

When it was revealed that Pete Davidson had dated a number of pretty high-profile women, his dating history quickly turned into a meme.

Some of his exes include Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Olivia O’Brien, and many more.

On TikTok, he is frequently referred to as the Boss of the City Boys while listing his former partners. Some users went far and referred to themselves as his new girlfriend.

Everyone in his circle may have dated him, given the number of women he has already dated.

In addition to his dating history, his new relationship has also gained the attention of netizens. A humorous video of him dodging the camera and escaping while he was there to pick up.

When he stopped the car for Emily and immediately drove away without her getting in, Emily was baffled. Even though they initially avoided being seen together, they were later caught red-handed.

She arrived at the location by herself, where he was waiting for her, and they were caught hugging and laughing by online users.

Green M$Ms (31.1 million views)

People are really, really angry about this redesigning
Source : creativebloq

Green M&Ms is a member of the cast of humorous M&M characters seen in the company's ads and promotions. The character, created to be "the sexy one," has historically sported go-go boots. 

She is the brand's first female spokesperson. Her original features, however, were changed to make her look less seductive. One of the popular memes is where users claimed that she had transformed from a euphoria high school model to a summer camp girl.

The green M&M no longer has her long lashes and trademark high-heeled boots.

They are documenting their hilarious and depressed response to the change on the internet.

The Green M&M's new appearance has since sparked a ton of hilarious memes and even crazier headlines, like the one from Rolling Stone.

No matter what people think of me, I always shine through at the end of the day. Someone edited a video of Selena Gomez to show her as a green m$ms.

Euphoria memes (34.3 Million views)

Most popular memes of Euphoria in 2022
Source : buzzfeed

This season, the Euphoria girls more than met the demand for social media content. Whether it was Cassie Howard serenely looking in the mirror or Maddy Perez's 'You better be joking' remark.

Its distinctive over-stylized appearance, which contrasts with the tedium of high school that most of us experienced, is the primary source of meme creation.

Fashion enthusiasts of Euphoria rushed to TikTok to share their "Euphoria High" looks after the Season 2 premiere.

Since 2019, Euphoria's extravagant outfits and statement makeup have fueled internet humor, but this season it has developed into an unavoidable TikTok trend.

Set to an audio clip from a Spongebob Squarepants episode in which Squidward asks, "And why aren't you in uniform?" The trend features TikTok users entering the frame while dressed in a typical high school outfit before leaving and coming back in party-friendly attire.

@allyrants Omggg y’all are FAST with these memes 😭 should i do more? #euphoria #memes ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Other Euphoria characters besides Maddy and Cassie have gained internet fame this season. Due to his developing relationship with Lexi, Fezco, the show's adored, soft-spoken drug dealer, was the most talked-about character this season.

The soundbite quickly became the soundtrack for people complaining about annoying situations on TikTok.

Chugging Down Sparkling Water Without Burping (35.2 million views)

A compilation of no burp challenge on TikTok
Source : youtube

Drinking Sparkling Water Without Burping eventually led to the creation of the no burping challenge. With 35.2 million views on the #noburpingchallenge it became one of the most popular memes in 2022.

The meme was about chugging sparkling drinks, sprite, or anything carbonated without burping. While many may have completed the challenge admirably, some eventually gave out an ungodly belch as the fizzy drink's gases accumulated in their stomachs.

Amanda, a Britain's Got Talent judge who followed the trend, appeared shocked and ended up spitting some of the beverage out as she burped.

The challenge has been attempted by many well-known TikTok users, including Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, who called it one of her worst actions ever.

There is also a variation of the challenge where participants add bananas to sprite because some users felt that the Sprite challenge was not crazy enough for them. 

In this challenge variation, you may be permitted to burp, but the bananas and Sprite interact inside your stomach, so you'll want to "evacuate" its contents as soon as possible.

I Actually Did It Myself (55.9 million views)

Julia Fox has bestowed the world with yet another "uncut gem," and TikTok users are raging with her most recent comment from yet another viral interview.

Fox was asked who applied her distinctive "strong eye makeup" that she was sporting to the event during the interview at Vanity Fair's Oscars party.

She said, trailing off, "I actually did it myself... yeah," in response. The comment was picked up by TikTok, who used it to make it popular.

Countless videos were uploaded using sound, usually to make fun of one's errors.

Fox's remark was referenced by YouTuber and makeup artist Nikki Tutorials as she demonstrated a stunning rainbow eye look and captioned the video, "The way Julia Fox is a living viral TikTok sound."

Even the musician CharliXCX made fun of the period when she "sacrificed your entire private life to make 5 albums and 4 mixtapes in like 10 years" with the sound.

There are several variations of the song on TikTok, with one receiving more than 55.9 million views as of this writing.

Stranger Things Memes (56.8 million views)

When Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in July 2016, it became an instant hit. Of course, memes will appear when a certain event draws a large enough audience.

The boredpanda meme perfectly expresses the emotions many series fans felt as the final episode's credits rolled.

These clever fan reactions, which relate memorable episodes from the show to our everyday lives, range from Joyce Byers communicating with Will through lights to Eleven learning the meaning of friendship. 

Joyce's search for his son Will and the shadow monster gave the netizens some ideas to make a meme.

One of the funniest memes for me was Joyce holding the lights, which reads, "You can't even text back, but Joyce Breyer's son manages to communicate with her through the lights."

The running scene of Detective hopper was captioned, "When you turn out the lights in the basement and sprint upstairs to avoid being caught by the demon."

Adam Lavine's Sexts (61.1 million views)

After reading all of these memes about Adam Levine, it's getting harder and harder to breathe
Source : pedestrian

Adam Levine, the married lead singer of Maroon 5, was the subject of a meme after he "crossed the line" in conversations with Instagram model Sumner Stroh.

Stroh shared screenshots of their obscene Instagram DMs on Monday via her TikTok account, claiming that she and Levine had an affair for about a year.

Soon after, two additional women provided proof of Levine's allegedly impolite advances. The internet has been in shock since this content went viral, but not so much over the possibility of Levine's adultery.

A Twitter user observed that the 43-year-old musician "sounds like he's 17 and a virgin."

The phrases "That body of yours is absurd" and, perhaps the most embarrassing of all, "I may need to see the booty," quickly became recognized as prime examples of how not to flirt.

That particular remark has since developed into a meme. People have used those DMs to address commonplace issues, such as laptop overheating and some of the spiciest foods ever created.

Julia Fox said, “Un-cuh Gems” (316.5 million views)

Julia Fox went viral on social media after she stated Un-cuh Gems in one of her podcasts. 

While dating Kanye West, Julia achieved her greatest fame, but their relationship did not make her famous.

Rather, it was when she uttered the phrase "Un Cuh Gems" on a podcast. The actor talked about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Kanye West on the podcast Call Her Daddy.

Fox said yes when asked if she was West's inspiration and added that she had previously held that position while filming the 2019 crime drama.

She revealed to the show's host Alexandra Cooper, "I was Josh Safdie's muse when he wrote Uncut Gems.

The video has gained more attention on social media, though, because of the way Fox pronounces the movie's name, "Uncuh Jahmz," and people have created their own videos to parody the sound.

The actor responded to a collection of TikTok users who were impersonating her on Thursday in an effort to address the online jokes.

She said with laughing emojis, "Omggggg I was stoned leave me alone!" In the film, Fox portrayed Julia De Fiore, the girlfriend of Adam Sandler's jeweler Howard Ratner.

Karma Is A B*tch (390.3 million views)

Karma is a Hindu and Buddhist principle that refers to the concept of "you get what you give."

It all started with a line from the CW teen soap Riverdale. 

It is a selfie video craze in which participants lip sync the phrase "karma is a b*tch" by the Riverdale character Veronica.

The 2011 hip-hop song "Gucci Gucci" by Kreayshawn is playing in the background as the dramatic slow-motion transformation shot.

Teenagers, mostly in South Asian countries, appropriated that statement and used social media to create magic. The person in the videos who open them is dressed as simply as possible.

When the question line is spoken, they pull something across the camera to show themselves at their hottest. It's fascinating to observe.

The users are creating videos that reflect the phrase's original meaning, sharing additional examples of times when they have been betrayed, and praying for similar treatment for the perpetrator in the future.

The hashtag has currently received 390.3 million views on the internet.

James Webb (423.9 million views)

The first color image from the James Webb Space Telescope
Source : nbcnews

The first photographs of outer space taken by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope in early July 2022 are titled Webb Telescope Images Of The Universe.

The images inspired a wide range of photoshops and memes on social media in addition to admiration and praise for the accomplishment.

Never publish infrared images of the universe unless you are prepared for all of its inhabitants to instantly turn the images into a meme, as NASA learned this year.

Many people glanced at the pictures, exclaimed, "Whoah, cool," and then resumed playing Apex: Legends. Users on social media created memes. 

Some people compared the universe to a tiny, shiny bird, and others said the galaxy does resemble a melted clock from the famous picture. 

Many memes contrasted the quality of a telescope with a nearby CCTV camera. You can find a lot of such funny recreations on TikTok here.

Will Smith Slap (433.1 million views)

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, memes are going viral on social media
Source : insider

All that remains of this year's Academy Awards is Will Smith punching comedian Chris Rock on stage. Smith's response to presenter Rock's joke about his wife's hair loss was shocking.

It has essentially become the only memory of the 94th Academy Awards. That, as well as Smith's bizarre speech in accepting his award for best actor 40 minutes later, he delivered a tearful speech in which he portrayed himself as a protector and begged that "love will drive you crazy."

The slap set off a flood of offensive op-eds, memes, and tweets about masculinity. Celebrity support and criticism immediately poured in for Rock and Smith teams.

The majority of the past year was spent by Smith "working on himself" or making excuses. The slap was, however, the subject all used up by comedians.

The video that eventually went viral shows Will initially laughing at Chris' joke about his wife, Jada. But as soon as he saw his wife's face, the monkey gene that forces all males to defend their females must have been activated.

Sad Will Smith / Entanglement is a reaction image macro series that shows the screenshot of his crying went viral. In a 2020 image, he was with Jada talking about her relationship with another man.

People often ponder why Smith was so upset by Rock's joke after seeing this image, which has since become a meme. In 2015, rapper August Alsina alleged that he was dating Jada.

Jada invited her husband to discuss the topic in a later episode of her talk show, "Red Table Talk," which aired in July 2020.

The hashtag, Willsmithslap has 433.1M views online, which is constantly rising. 

Gummybears Concert (438.2 million views)

Gummybears will swell your heart when you watch this Tik Tok challenge. The challenge was sparked by a skit set to Adele's "Someone Like You."

The song's heartbreaking chorus appears to be spoken by a lone gummy bear in the video. Then, as the camera pans over to a group of gummy bears, Adele's microphone cuts out, and her audience finishes the song.

The gummy mob, made up of hundreds of colorful bears singing along with Adele, extends for what would be a gummy bear-sized eternity.

The challenge also inspired paper cranes and stuffed animal spin-offs. 

By recreating the format with different objects, other users created a parody of it. 

She's A 10 But (682.6 million views)

Ranking women based on their hotness is not appropriate, but She's a 10, but meme attempts to humorously codify red flags.

People would pose a hypothetical scenario in which someone is a "10," but they have a bizarre quality that could presumably lower their rating. This became a trend not only on TikTok but also on Twitter.

The reversed trend eventually emerged, where you initially assigned a low rating but later shows a perfect quality that raises their rating to 10 or higher.

@junior_andre Chef and a best mate all in one?👀😂 back at it again with @destini🇱🇨 🙌❤️ #shesa10 #shesa10challenge #shesa10but #messy #juniorandre ♬ Messy - Junior Andre

The hashtag, she is a 10 but has 686.3 million views.

The trend is too fun to miss. Here I will list out some popular related memes that I personally enjoyed.

  • She is 10, but she has a Samsung.
  • She is 10 but cannot stand the heat, and when she becomes enraged, she snaps at everyone.
  • She is 10, but when she was younger, she had unrestricted access to the internet.
  • She is 10, but she always sheds tears on her birthday.

Baby Calm Down (869 million views)

The music video for Rema and Selena Gomez's new song, "Calm Down," was released in September.

Almost immediately after its release, the song caught the attention of its creators and became the most well-liked dance challenge of 2022.

It is not just a typical dance challenge; it also features a prank at the outset.

The initial trend was to walk on the staircase while making it look like you were slipping and falling. Eventually the song chorus "Baby Calm Down Calm Down" plays in the background when people come forward to protect you from falling. 

@asquarecrew Baby Calm Down! (Dance in public)🤣 #fyp #foryou #trend #viral (dc: @DENNISMIK💫 ) #asquarecrew #aayushandabhay #aayush #abhay #tiktoknepal ♬ Calm Down - Rema

With several mischiefs to start the video, the fad was copied and modified all over the world. Some featured them simply dancing, while others showed them stealing from others and trying to flee.

Some people use the template to demonstrate how their artistic creations came from nothing. The song perfectly matched the video's vibes, making it so popular. 

Wednesday Addams Dance (1 billion views)

Wednesday Addams Dance is the scene from the Netflix series Wednesday (portrayed by Jenna Ortega).

The video of Wednesday dancing while wearing a gothic dress inspired a TikTok dance trend in which users imitated the dance. 

The scene is from Wednesday's fourth episode, where Wednesday (played by Jenna Ortega) and Tyler go to a school dance at Nevermore. In the scene, she performs an elaborate dance to "Goo Goo Much" by The Cramps.

Wednesday performs the dance while stumbling around the dance floor and refusing to let her lack of coordination stop her from expressing herself. 

On TikTok, creators appeared more interested in performing Wednesday's dance to the tune of Lady Gaga's "Bloody Mary" than they did in the television series.

Despite the fact that "Bloody Mary" is a fantastic song, it has nothing to do with the Netflix series.

For some reason, TikTokers decided that the song fit with Wednesday's key scene to the point where it began to overshadow the original song.

People are performing their own variations of the bizarre dance, which involves throwing back your head, gazing skyward with wide, unblinking eyes, and flailing your arms up and down and side to side like an irrational robot all over TikTok.

Dame Tu Cosita (1.4 billion views)

The Dame Tu Cosita Challenge is an online social game that has been able to generate 1.4 billion views.

In the video, participants attempt to replicate the dance from a web video of a green alien dancing to the song "Dame Tu Cosita" by El Chombo.

It was quietly written when it was first published in 1998. It gained enormous popularity twenty years later, in October 2018, when French video game animator ArtNoux used it as the background music for his green animated alien.

@zach.ezzy Dame Tu Cosita Tutorial ‼️ (dc:ctto) #tutorial #dancetutorial #fyp ♬ Dame Tu Cosita - El Chombo

With 10.4 million US streams and 1,000 downloads, it not only inspired hundreds of TikTok videos of users copying the alien's dance moves, but it also peaked at No. 81 on the Hot 100.

Despite the song's questionable lyrics, kids love it and try their best to mimic the dancing green alien in the song. 

Gas Price (2.3 billion views)

Gas prices has increased over the months, but at least it provided fodder for jokes.

Many consumers turned to social media while experiencing the frequently mentioned pain at the pump brought on by rising gas prices over the past year. 

We adore references to Daddy Yankee and the Mean Girls. Gretchen Weiner's iconic line about her father being the inventor of toaster strudel gets a special edit in this meme. Gretchen's father is now rapper Daddy Yankee, known for his song "Gasolina."

Please, no receipts! We'd rather not be reminded of our guilt, so here's another truth-based real meme for you. Similarly, some of the funny ones are listed below;

  • I'm waiting for Dollar Tree to begin selling gasoline
  • Taco Bell is the only place you can still get gas for $1.29
  • Lord, please take this gas out of my stomach and put it in my car
  • After filling the vehicles, "I'm never going to be able to financially recover from this"