Matthew Marsden Children, Married Life And Family As He Welcomed Seventh Child

Matthew and his partner Nadine are blessed with seven children together.
Matthew and his partner Nadine are blessed with seven children together.( Source : facebook )

Matthew Marsden children are Finn, Connor, Alice, Grace, Darcie, Sawyer, and two other kids. Matthew Marsden married Nadine Marsden in 2005.

Born on March 3, 1973, Marsden is an English-American actor, producer, singer, and former model. He began his professional acting career with the 1993 movie The Young Americans. His television debut, Emmerdale, aired two years later on ITV.

Before entering the showbiz industry, the Reacher actor first tried his luck in modeling in London, Paris, and Milan. He has modeled for commercials for products like Jacobs Coffee, Punica, and others.

After a while, he found it boring and decided to try acting instead. In 1997, he joined the television series Coronation Street and portrayed Chris Collins.

The series made him win the National Television Award for Most Popular Newcomer the same year. Moreover, he won the Best Actor Award for Doorpost Film Projects Awards in 2010 for the short movie Eyes to See.

As a singer, he released his debut single, The Hearts Lone Desire," in 1998. The song stood at the 13th position on the U.K. Singles Chart in 1998.

Keeping his professional life aside, John Beckett from "I Am That Man" is married with eight kids. He recently welcomed his eighth baby boy into the family. 

Matthew Marsden Has Eighth Children

Matthew Marsden children include Connor Marsden, Finn Marsden, Grace Marsden and five others. Matthew recently welcomed his seventh child with Nadine Marsden.

Matthew has a son from a past relationship. Even though that relationship didn't work out, he is close to his son.

A few days ago, Matthew and Nadine welcomed their seventh child, a baby boy, into the family. That makes them parents to four sons and four daughters in total. Matthew teaches his kids about the sacrifices the military made.

Matthew Son Connor Is A Model

Matthew Marsden son Connor Marsden is the eldest son in the family. Connor is a model by profession. 

Marsden had his first child from his past relationship with a girl named Rachel John, an insurance clerk. The former girlfriend and boyfriend ended their relationship in the late 1990s.

Nadine posted her kids (Grace and Darcie on sides and Finn holding Sawyer) portrait on December 30, 2013
Nadine posted her kids (Grace and Darcie on sides and Finn holding Sawyer) portrait on December 30, 2013( Source : facebook )

Connor was born on October 16, 1998. By profession, he is a model. He works for modeling agencies like Banana Models and Management and Industry Model Management.

He has traveled to countries and cities like Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, and Ibiza for modeling projects.

Regarding his educational qualifications, he joined Solihull College and University Center in September 2015.

Connor seems to be a fitness enthusiast by browsing his social media handles. His Instagram wall is covered with portraits flaunting his decent physique.

The rising model has 3303 followers on his Instagram account. Similarly, he has over two thousand friends on his Facebook account.

Matthew Marsden son Connor often appears on his parents' social media posts. The father-son duo spends time together whenever possible. Also, he shares a great bond with her stepmother.

Matthew And Nadine Welcomed Their Seventh Baby

Matthew Marsden wife Nadine recently gave birth to their seventh child together. The baby boy was born on March 24, 2023.

Matthew tweeted the good news on his Twitter account, announcing he had welcomed a new boy into the family. 

Along with that, the 50-year-old made an Instagram post with the first snap of the newborn baby picture and wrote, "Blessed." He was wrapped up in a hospital blanket.

Matthew Has Six More Children

The first daughter of the family, Grace, was born in January 2009. She has the skill to decorate flowers. Darcie is two years younger than her older sister.

Darcie is keen on playing volleyball. On May 14, 2022, she participated in the volleyball championship at 11.

Finn Marsden is the first Matthew Marsden son with Nadine. He celebrates his birthday on April 23 each year. Finn is a huge fan of Gary L. O'Neal after he saw him in "I Am That Man" movie.

On his 2015 birthday, his mother shared his newborn picture on Facebook. The Journey Home director Amalia Zea Meadows wished him on his birthday.

Connor updated his IG wall posting his picture wearing a dark outfits at 14 Hills
Connor updated his IG wall posting his picture wearing a dark outfits at 14 Hills( Source : instagram )

She added, " This picture made me melt inside! Feel like I will cry because I know how much you love your babies, Nadine!"

Alice Mary Marsden was born on August 17, 2015. Nadine shared the good news about her soon arrival through her Facebook post on August 1. She updated her profile picture with the sonogram, and her friends commented when she was coming.

The couple's second son together is Sawyer Marsden. All the siblings love the cute boy with blonde hair, especially his older brother Finn.

The youngest daughter of the Marsden family, Penny, was born on July 13, 2019. She has got unique bright blue eyes. Marsden posts her picture on his social media sites, especially on Instagram

Nadine Hails From Malta

Matthew Marsden wife Nadine Marsden is a Pilates instructor. Matthew and Nadine married in 2005 after dating for two years.

Nadine Micallef Marsden is in her mid-forties and is from Qawra, Malta. 

Nadine started her professional career as a Maltese ballerina until she had an injury. She went to San Diego to join a ballet company. 

However, she was injured and returned to her home country for treatment through Pilates classes to strengthen her muscles.

That was when she left ballet and decided to become a Pilates instructor.

Nadine posted a picture holding her baby on Fb on November 4, 2019
Nadine posted a picture holding her baby on Fb on November 4, 2019( Source : facebook )

Mrs. Marsden was 21 when she met her now husband. The only good thing that happened to her because of her injury was that she met her life partner. 

Since that day, the couple has traveled the world together, from shooting sets to attending awards events. On sets, she teaches Pilates to the cast members.

The Marsden couple will be celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary this May. They are residing in Los Angeles with their loving seven kids. However, Nadine misses her homeland.

Matthew And Nadine Met In 2003

Matthew was filming for the US network mini-series Helen of Troy when he first met his now wife, Nadine.

On their first meeting, Matthew had an accident. He was thrown off a horse during the shooting of the series. Matthew got injured and needed rehabilitation through Pilates classes.

In the rehabilitation center, he met his love of life, Nadine, and fell in love instantly. Nadine was also there for treatment of her injury. Her instructor insisted she meets Matthew, thinking they would be a good match.

That is how the couple started their first conversation and started dating. The lovebirds courted for two years before finally officiating their romantic relationship on May 28, 2005.

Matthew Marsden Has A Big Family

Matthew Marsden family includes eight children and his wife Nadine Marsden.

Matthew was born in West Bromwich, England, to his father, David Marsden, and mother, Ann Marsden. He grew up in Walsall alongside his elder sister Leanne Marsden.

Ann Marsden uploaded her profile picture on April 20, 2014
Ann Marsden uploaded her profile picture on April 20, 2014( Source : facebook )

Marsden was only ten when his father walked out on the family and remarried a woman named Wendy Balty. His mother Ann raised him and his sister by herself. 

Ann hails from West Bromwich. She studied at Chrurchfields High School and later went to Churchfields Comprehensive.

Marsden's sister, Leanne Marsden, lives in Sutton Coldfield with her family. On the other hand, Nadine's sister, Tamara Micallef, is a certified dance teacher at the School of Performing Arts and Insite Motion. She lives in Malta and adores Nadine and Matthew's kids a lot.

Is Matthew Marsden Related To James Marsden?

No, Matthew Marsden isn't related to Jame Marsen. Except for the same family name, the two also share the same profession.

James Paul Marsden is also an actor, singer, and former model. He is known for his performances in movies and television shows like the X-Men film series, Superman Returns, The Notebook, The Alibi, and others.

The showbiz industry's fans mistook James and Matthew Marsden for siblings. James has two brothers, but none of them is Matthew.

On the other hand, Matthew only has a sister. Thus, Matthew and James have only been related in the same industry.

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