Nesrine Dally is a Muay Thai practitioner and fitness influencer known for fighting and training in a hijab.

Dally has been seen as one of the foremost figures in modern female fitness not only because she wears a hijab while she trains but because Dally is no less effective although she wears a hijab.

She is not only a Muay Thai athlete and a fitness influencer but also a coach, a mother, and a wife.

Dally's form of feminism has taken the London media by storm, and not only is she known as London's best trainer but also an accomplished athlete in her own right.

With over 42.4K followers on Instagram and many articles written about her, Dally is surely a name that will continue to be known and spread in British fitness.

However, there are many facts about this multifaceted fitness influencer, as she is far more than most other fitness influencers. 

Here Are Some Facts About Nesrine Dally:

Net Worth:NA
Profession:Trainer, Fighter, Fitness Influencer
Spouse:Salah Khalifa
Years Active:2015 - Present

How Did Nesrine Dally Get Into Muay Thai?

Nesrine Dally was always into fitness and sports and had played the latter competitively all her life.

However, during her second year of University, she got into Muay Thai, as she was completely underwhelmed by all the sports that had been available to her at the University.

An example of Nesrine Dally's Instagram fitness posts
Source : instagram

Dally had always been into boxing, but she wanted to participate in a martial art that involved her entire body.

As she was desperately searching for something new, as soon as she discovered a Muay Thai gym randomly while walking around, she decided to try it.

According to the fitness influencer, it was love at first punch, and she has been practicing Muay Thai ever since.

What Was Nesrine Dally's Major In College?

Nesrine Dally studied Sports Science while in college, which is no surprise given her love of sports and competing. 

According to Dally, she grew up with a burning passion for sports. 

In her younger years, she would swim for her borough to see how far she could push herself physically.

Nesrine Dally's partnership post with Optimum Nutrition UK
Source : instagram

Being physically fit gave her confidence in her younger teenage years and was also an outlet for her. 

Dally has stated that she started personal training while at college, concurrently with her sports science degree.

These two decisions were largely informed by her wanting to continue her passion for exercise and pushing her physical and mental limits.

Wanting to push her physical and mental limits, Dally has continued to strive upwards and onwards in the sport she loves and fitness in general.

How Old Is Nesrine Dally?

Nesrine Dally's exact age is unknown, but she is suspected to be in her early to mid-thirties.

As stated above, the woman has been practicing fitness since college and has exercised since a younger age.

As she has gotten older, her penchant for working out, fitness, and competing has not diminished.

Nesrine Dally outside of her fitness and gym clothes
Source : instagram

A cursory glance at her Instagram will show that the woman still works out intensely.

She has to, as she is a professional fitness influencer now, but the amount that Dally works out is unfathomable for most Muslim women.

Dally sees herself as a beacon of light and an inspiration for Muslim women to be represented in fitness and to aspire to be fit.

Regardless of how old she is, Dally is an inspiration and continues to be so.

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Is Nesrine Dally Married?

Nesrine Dally is married to Salah Khalifa, a professional fighter, combat specialist, and gym owner.

Khalifa has dubbed his wife his first student and seems very involved in her training, especially regarding her fighting.

Like his wife, he is a fitness influencer in Muay Thai fighting.

He. is a three-time Muay Thai world champion, and his skills are readily displayed on his Instagram page.

Nesrine Dally and her husband Salah Khalifa with his brother
Source : instagram

The man has amassed more than 14.7k followers on his Instagram and regularly posts about fighting and fitness.

He also often posts about his wife, especially when it comes to her fighting, and it is clear from his posts that he is very proud of his wife.

The man is also a proud father and has said so on his Instagram bio.

How Many Children Does Nesrine Dally Have?

Nesrine Dally has two children, and her status as a mother of two has made her very popular in the fitness world.

It's amazing to think that despite being a mother of two, she has achieved all she has.

Still, it's a fact that she has stated she is a mother first. Dally and her husband have tried their best to keep their children out of the spotlight.

Nesrine Dally with her husband Salah Khalifa on vacation
Source : instagram

Not many photos of them exist on the internet, but Dally has always mentioned them.

One can assume that the two children unless they are too young, are very proud of their mother and also their father, as their parents are two people who are pushing Muslim representation forward.

Especially Dally with her wearing a hijab while working out.

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Why Does Nesrine Dally Wear A Hijab While Working Out?

Nesrine Dally has stated that she wears a Hijab while working out because it is her culture.

Her culture must be respected, and there needs to be a space for women to work out regardless of where and what they wear.

It was only in 2017 that Nike first made a sports hijab for Muslim women, and for many Muslim women, regardless of it being because of their culture or the systems outside of it, it's still hard to be in a fitness place. 

Nesrine Dally has become something of an icon when it comes to her fellow Muslim fitness people
Source : instagram

Dally is seen as something of a pioneer when it comes to Muslim women in fitness, and her constant advocating for such has made her something of a hero.

One of the ways she has advocated for women wearing hijab while in fitness is by giving tops on training in warmer climates. 

Here are Dally's tips:

  • Train during cooler times
  • Bring a cool towel
  • Hydrate
  • Walk more
  • Focus on at-home workouts

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Some FAQs

Why Did Nesrine Dally Start Doing Muay Thai?

She wanted a fitness routine that impacted her whole body

Is Nesrine Dally Married?

Yes, she is married to Salah Khalifa

How Many Children Does Nesrine Dally Have?

She has two children