How Old Is Chessie King? Her Age Height And Net Worth -In Details

Chessie King is the author of the book,
Chessie King is the author of the book, " Be Your Own Best Friend.'( Source : hipandhealthy )

Chessie King is 28 years old. She is a social media influencer known for "breaking up your perfect feed" with positivity and body confidence and making social media more "real." 

She is also the author of Be Your Own Best Friend, which will be released on June 11, 2020.

She is a social media powerhouse and a hugely successful Instagram influencer. Chessie uses the photo-sharing platform to keep fans up to date on her hectic lifestyle, frequently taking fans along for the ride.

She is honest and a breath of fresh air who shares detailed insights into her health issues, raising awareness of them.

Quick Facts About Chessie King

NameChessie King
BornJune 23, 1993
Spouse(s)Mathew Lewis Carter (m.2022)
ChildrenAuraelia Coco King Carter aka Rae (Daughter)

How Old Is Chessie King?

Chessie King is currently 28 years old. The Instagram star has shared the story of how she has evolved to love her body over time.

She was not always comfortable with her skin. She believed that although she looked like a 6-foot-tall tower and her friend's mother, it never bothered her. 

She was so active, constantly dancing, horseback riding, and swimming. 

However, when she turned 16, everything changed, and she became hyper-aware of her body. She decided to try out for the modeling industry but was repeatedly turned down by castings and agencies.

Chessie King is currently 28 years old.
Chessie King is currently 28 years old. ( Source : instagram )

Chessie mentioned in an interview with The Sun that one said they'd only take her if she lost 2st and grew out her brows. It was acceptable to say that to someone back then.

This destroyed her confidence. Despite that, she kept going to castings where she was given size zero trousers to try on in front of everyone.

Chessie obviously couldn't fit in it. Following such events, she became obsessed with her roles and all the things she despised about herself. She was a size 8-10, limiting my eating and over-exercising.

Fortunately, at the age of 18, she got her confidence back. She recalled the event when she was in another mind-numbingly long line for casting based when she met a girl. 

Chessie found out that the girl had purposefully left a chicken breast on her windowsill for three days before eating it so she would be sick all night before they came in.

She then took her hand in her and walked out of there. After that, she stopped casting and enrolled in a drama school in Clapham.

Then she resolved that 2016 would be the year I felt confident because it was eroding her happiness. She then gathered the courage and posted a photo of herself sitting down with her tummy protruding.

She gradually emerged from the social media noise, negativity, and the need to be perfect.

Chessie King Height - How Tall Is She?

Chessie King is a model with a height of over six feet tall. She's always been the tallest in her group, with the 'biggest build.'

She told in one of her posts that no matter how many bikinis she tried on, she would always choose to wear a swimming costume and wrap herself in a towel while walking around.

The model, Chessie King is over six feet tall.
The model, Chessie King is over six feet tall. ( Source : instagram )

She tells Yahoo Style that when she was younger and out with friends, people would always joke that she was the "mom" of the group because she was so much taller than her peers.

She never felt secure being that taller friend and would always try to sit down on a chair or something while everyone else was standing up, so she didn't tower over them.

 It wasn't until I was probably 20 or 21, five or six years ago, that she started thinking, actually, "it's so nice to be tall."

Chessie King's Net Worth - How Does The Author Makes Money?

Chessie King has an estimated net worth of over $1 million. 

She is a British social media influencer with a sizable fan base across multiple platforms. She is best known for her fashion and beauty content, but she also posts frequently about body positivity and mental health.

King began her career as a model, but she quickly rose to prominence as an influencer. She has collaborated with a variety of brands, including TopShop, Nike, Benefit Cosmetics, CGbabyclub, mamas and papas, Very UK, and many more.  

Her work has earned her a sizable sum of money, which has contributed to her impressive net worth.

Chessie on paid collaboration with Innocent which is a Juice company.
Chessie on paid collaboration with Innocent which is a Juice company. ( Source : instagram )

King also makes money from her merchandise line, which offers a variety of clothing and accessories that are popular with her fans. Her worth is likely to increase over time as her popularity grows.

Apparently, she is well-known for documenting her pregnancy and babyhood journey on her profile.

She has also launched a website called Babyhood which provides online video courses for new parents. You can choose one of the plans whether it is vaginal delivery or cesarian. 

You will receive one of the best experts in the fields of sleep, feeding, brain, and body 80+ easily digestible videos (3-5 minutes each) which will cost you £39.99 for 100 days.

Chessie has also authored a book, 'Be your Own Bestfriend: The Glorious Truth of Being Female'. The book will cost you £10.06  on Amazon.

Chessie King Is Married To Mathew Lewis-Carter

Chessie King finally got married to her fiancee, Mathew Lewis-Carter on June 2022. The bride looked stunning in her wedding gown.

Carter is a digital creator and the co-founder of Gingernuts Creative. Gingernuts Creative is a Soho-based creative agency that creates video content for social and television campaigns.

The couple is the parents of their wonderful daughter, Auraelia, or Rae. She has invited her 773,000 followers to share the ups and downs of pregnancy and new parenthood.

Their daughter, Rae comes after a difficult pregnancy in which Chessie detailed her severe hyperemesis gravidarum issues on her Instagram page.

Chessie with her husband, Mather Lewis Carter.
Chessie with her husband, Mather Lewis Carter. ( Source : instagram )

The body confidence advocate has shared an honest and inspiring post about breastfeeding as she prepares to stop 'milkshake making' after nearly ten months.

She shared a series of photos of herself and her baby daughter Auraelia on Instagram, explaining that while many people's breastfeeding journeys begin well, hers did not.

Chessie explained that it took her baby eight weeks to latch after overcoming obstacles like painful nipples and mastitis.  She estimates she has fed baby Rae 3,000 times since then.

'After nearly 10 months of milkshake making, I have provided their final bevy and wow I underestimated the magnitude of emotion that came with discontinuing breastfeeding,' she wrote.

"There has been a flood of tears, but also a massive amount of joy."

Chessie then generously shared some of her top breastfeeding tips with other moms nearing the end of their journey.

Some FAQs

Why is Chessie King famous?

Chessie is an English influencer and blogger who is well-known for her body positivity and self-confidence.

What is Chessie Kings job?

Chessie King is a social media manager/influencer.

Who is Chessie King?

Chessie King is a body confidence advocate and a social media star.

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