Something Was Wrong Season 14 Jake Gravbrot And His Wife

Jake's 2014 Image Extracted From His Youtube Channel
Jake's 2014 Image Extracted From His Youtube Channel( Source : youtube )

Something Was Wrong Season 14 Jake Gravbrot was once married to a wife named Mimi Gravbrot. However, Jake and Mimi got divorced in 2021.
Apple podcasts recently dropped its Season 14 podcast trailer, "Something Was Wrong." On October 13. The 5-episode podcast is available on Wondey+ and Amazon Music app. If you still have not gone through it, here is a link.

An award-winning docuseries and podcast have a 17.2k rating and 4 stars. The podcast has an official website

Something Was Wrong Podcast
Something Was Wrong Podcast( Source : apple )

Season 14 of the podcast highlights the true story based on Seattle-based hair stylist Jake Gravbrot.
Something Was Wrong Podcast has 50.5k followers on its Instagram handle, 39 posts, and 179 followings. Broken Cycle Media produces the popular podcast.
Something was wrong podcast logo
Something was wrong podcast logo( Source : wondery )
Broken cycle media's owner and founder, Tiffany Reese (lookieboo) too, has more than 51.5k Instagram followers.
Jake has almost 61.7 million views On TikTok and several videos made under his name.

Something Was Wrong Season 14 Jake Gravbrot Is A Photographer And Journalist

Jake Gravbrot is a coverge media producer, photographer, and photojournalist. He has an Instagram account named "Instagravbrot," with 89 followers, 19 posts, and 8 followings.

Early Life

Jake went to a private Christian elementary school and was popular among friends and teachers.

He had a lot of friends and was quite funny and a kind person.

Jake was born to a single mother and used to live with her parents. Later, Jake's mom married a man, and Jake started living with his stepdad.

Jake Gravbot was raised in a religious family, and things were not easy for Jake as he had a rift with his stepfather.

At age 18, Jake moved to Seattle.

Professional Career

According to his LinkedIn Profile, Jake Gravbrot is from Seattle, Washington, and has been the hair stylist at Zero Zero Hair since 2014.

Jake LinkedIn Account and Experience
Jake LinkedIn Account and Experience ( Source : linkedin )

Previously, he owned Mars Hair from May 2011 to April 2014.

Apart from his hair styling job, he is a concert and landscape photographer and has a label Jake Gravbrot Photography.

Jake is a big fan of baseball and follows Seattle Mariners.

Jake Gravbrot And His Wife Mimi Got Divorce In 2021

Jake Gravbrot was married to a girl named Melissa after dating for almost 5 years. The couple, too, has a son born in 2008 and a daughter in 2003.

Jake's wife was very much connected to her grandmother, who used to live with her mom. Her grandmother passed away in 2009.

Jake Gravbrot was once dating his girlfriend Kailyn and later married. The pair separated as Jake was not loyal to Kailyn. She was a very beautiful woman.

Jake and Kailyn Picuture
Jake and Kailyn Picuture ( Source : instagram )

Jake cheated with so many women while in a relationship with Kailyn.

Later, Jae and Kailyn divorced, and Kailyn married another guy.

Jake Gravbot again married his wife Mimi Gravbot, and now they are no longer together. As per reports, the couple divorced in 2021.

Jake and Mimi haven't shared their details in public. However, they have a son named Barry.

Jake Gravbot and Justin Bieber are not related. Jaked clicked a picture with Justin at one of his concerts.

However, the Reddit community says that Jake was with Justin as his hairstylist for 3 days. 

As per Season 14, Episode 5 of the Something Was the Wrong podcast, Justin fired Jake as a hairstylist.

Reddit Community Reacts Something Was Wrong Podcast Relating To Jake

Something was wrong podcast is exposing Jake in each of its episodes in season 14, and people are talking about what will happen to Jake now. 

Jake is tall, covered in tattoos, and wears glasses. 

Jake has his hand covered with tattoos
Jake has his hand covered with tattoos ( Source : flickr )

Omari Salisbury From Converge Media Has Address Jake And Something Was Wrong Podcast

In an interview with Trae Holiday, Converge media's co-founder Omari Salisbury has recently addressed Jake and his time with his media.

Omari was explaining that Jake represented on that podcast and Jake on Converge media was a different person. Once he was going with a podcast, it became hard to believe Jake's activities as reported by survivors according to the podcast.

Omari Salisbury reported that the converge media fired Jake Gravbot once anonymous people started saying that the media was protecting him.

Continue watching the youtube videos for more information.

Change.Org Top Signed Petition Include Jake Gravbot

A petition titled 'Hold Jake Gravbrot Accountable' was signed by 24,770 people and has a target to reach 25 thousand.

change org petition jake
change org petition jake ( Source : change )