Trial: Amber Heard's 'Dr Evil Outfit' Meme Material For Netizens, Roasted On Twitter So Badly

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The Aquaman actress Amber Heard Dr Evil outfit in the court has become a major Meme material for people. She has been under major scrutiny since the start of her defamation case trial charged by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Monday's trial marks the third day of the Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard defamation case after it had gone on a hiatus for a week.

Heard is being sued by her former husband Depp for $50 million, citing the wrongful accusations that he abused her, as seen in a 2018 Washington Post written by the actress.

Since the start of the legal battle, the actress has become meme material on the internet, from her outfits and facial expressions to her testimonies.

Amber Heard's 'Dr. Evil Outfit' Meme Material For Netizens

Amber Heard appeared in a dark grey bottomless Nehru suit on Monday's trial. However, the netizens have compared her outfit with Dr. Evil's outfit from the "Austin Powers" movie series.

Dr. Evil mostly made his appearances in a similar outfit throughout the movies. 

Thus, as usual, Heard has become a meme material on the web, while the recent outfit meme has spread quickly around the globe.

Though some differences between the two's outfits are clearly seen, the similarities between the two outfits have become the highlight on social media.

Therefore, netizens have called out Heard for opting for a Dr. Evil costume at the court in funny ways.

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Amber Heard Has Been Roasted On Twitter

Amber Heard has undeniably become a meme material and has been roasted on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

The networking site is filled with Amber Heard memes every day as new updates on the trial reach the public.

This time, it is her grey outfit that has received the 'roasts' while her facial expressions and testimony were re-enacted by netizens, becoming a viral meme trend in the past few days.

On top of her outfit memes, the actress's facial gesture memes have once again topped off the list of memes.

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Is Amber Heard Lying? 

'Amber Heard is lying in court' is what has become one of the most-talked matters on the internet. Netizens are convinced that the actress has been lying to the court from the first.

They believe that the actress was abusive in the failed marriage with Depp and later came out as the victim.

Moreover, Depp's legal team has recently put forward the evidence of Heard not paying the divorce alimony to charities as promised, making matters worse for the actress. She had received $7 million as a divorce settlement but only donated half of it.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million for indicating him as an abuser, falsely making him lose his career. 

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