Who Is Football Coach Joseph Kennedy? Supreme Court Rules For Public School Prayer Case

Bremerton High School football coach Joseph Kennedy praying ( Source : Firstliberty )

Joseph Kennedy is the coach of the public school, Bremerton High School. 

The football coach became the talk of the town after the school officials fired him at Bremerton High School for being in charge of praying after the football game. This case was related to the First Amendment to the American Constitution in the United States Supreme Court.

Who Is Football Coach Joseph Kennedy? 

According to Wikipedia, Joseph Kennedy is the assistant coach at Bremerton High School. This public institution is in Bremerton, Washington. 

The football coach started to work at the high school in 2008. He has been part of this institution for a long time. 

Coach Kennedy owns a degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. According to his official Facebook account, he has also studied quality management at The National Graduate School of Quality Management.

The football coach is currently a resident of Bremerton. He is originally from Tracyton, Washington. He finished high school at Olympic High School and attended Naches Valley School.

Before working as the full-time football coach at Bremerton High School, he used to work as the quality manager at PSNS & IMF on the Waterfront. He was also the senior enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

Supreme Court Rules For Public School Prayer

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a school district in Washington state had fired a high school football coach for praying at the 50-yard line after games, violating his First Amendment rights.

The coach was eventually joined by his teammates and coaches, and players from the other squad. Kennedy carried on the practice for seven years, but the school board wasn't aware of it until an opposition team made a supportive remark about how the district would permit the practice. 

The board became concerned that by allowing Kennedy to continue his prayers, they would be seen as complicit in violating the separation of church and state, as well as the implied coercion that players may feel to participate in the prayer.

The board worked with Kennedy to decrease the time the prayer was publicly shown. 

Kennedy received a warning from the sports director to ensure that any such event was student-led. A few games later, Kennedy proceeded to pray after the game, with additional journalists and local politicians providing coverage. 

The football coach had previously posted on his Facebook page that he believed he was probably being fired. Because of the attention, there were more safety risks with other organizations, such as the marching band, as people rushed to join the prayer. 

Ideologically, conservatives and liberals split the vote 6-3. In the majority opinion, Justice Neil Gorsuch argued that both religious and non-religious viewpoints should be treated with respect and tolerance, not repression and suppression.

At the Supreme Court, First Liberty client Coach Kennedy thanks volunteer attorney Paul Clement.
At the Supreme Court, First Liberty client Coach Kennedy thanks volunteer attorney Paul Clement. ( Source : Facebook )

According to the court, coach Joe Kennedy's prayers constituted private speech protected by the First Amendment and could not be curtailed by the school district.

The First Liberty Institute sued the school system on the grounds that it was unconstitutional to forbid coaches from privately praying just because the general public could observe them. The school district won support from the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. First, Liberty appealed the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Joseph Kennedy Age: How Old Is She?  

Joseph Kennedy seems to be in his 40s, judging from his photos on social media. He has not revealed his exact age.

Yes, Joseph Kennedy is a Christian. The football coach practices Christianity. He is not afraid to pray publicly and is very proud of his religion. 

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