Myron Gaines is a real estate investor who has a net worth of $20 Million. Myron Gaines earns a good amount of money from his successful career.

Myron is a former HSI specialist from the United States who now invests in real estate and podcasts, trains people in fitness, and has a following on social media.

He became prominent after being barred from the social media platform TikTok due to some misogynist remarks he made.

Through the YouTube channel, he frequently posts videos related to topics such as women, health, and money. At the same time, his prominence also grew because many fans getting attracted to his work.

The real name of Myron Gaines is Amrou Fudl. He is a native of New Britain, Connecticut, United States of America.

He has a mixed identity. According to sources, he belongs to an African-American ethnicity. 

He received a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections from Northeastern University in 2013. Before becoming a podcaster, Myron used to work at Homeland Special Investigations. His position was a criminal investigation agent for the department.

He also has a career in the modeling sector. He is usually acclaimed for his stylish and fashionable attire. Moreover, Myron has also appeared in the podcast series called Timcast IRL and a documentary named Hoaxed.

Myron Gaines Net Worth

Myron Gaines has a net worth of $20 Million.

Myron makes $1 million dollars alone per annum from his real estate and brand endorsement. The rest of the income he earns from his career as a model and a podcaster. 

In addition to being a fashion model, he has become well-known and has more than 107k followers. He uploads pictures of himself modeling and provides pictures of his fashionable clothes on the website.

He also earns from his YouTube channel. As of now, his estimated earnings from the channel range from $38,500 to $615,300. His Fresh and Fit podcast is the world's number-one men's podcast.

He has earned a considerable fanbase and social branding because of the success of his podcast. 

Myron during his travel to London, United Kingdom
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He also owns nine properties as an investor in the real estate industry. The average salary of a real estate investor is about $1,127,676, according to salary

He also conducts fitness classes for clients from all walks of life. He has worked as a professional instructor for many successful people, from celebrities to entrepreneurs.

You can also attend online training programs and weight loss packages by the trainer. There is a website for his coaching under the name Fresh and Fit. 

How Much Money Does Myron Gaines Make?

Myron Gaines makes the approximate amount of $20 million from his career. Most of his earnings are from his YouTube channel. 

Many people began noticing Gaines after he began posting videos about ladies, health, and money. His content has a dedicated and sizeable audience, and this audience led to his popularity.

Thanks to his content which simultaneously causes him a lot of fame and controversies. He has uploaded more than 1500 videos so far, and each one has an immense number of views. 

A lot of youths are lured and tempted by his advice on dating. Myron comes to the rescue of all the males as a fitness instructor and dating advisor. Before getting into the media world, the podcaster worked as a criminal investigation agent. 

Another source of income for the social media influencer is his involvement in the real estate industry. He earns more than $1 million working as a real estate agent.

Moreover, he also has properties of his own. He invested in these properties way before, and now they bring him fortune each month.  

Myron Gaines flaunts the T-shirt of Unplugged Fitness
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Besides, Myron is a fashion model. He has usually seen advertising for different brands and endorsing various products.

The podcaster shares pictures of himself modeling with fashionable and trendy outfits that attract a lot of reputed brands. He also receives sponsorships and commercial endorsements. 

At the same time, Myron also earns from his cryptocurrency investments. He usually mentions that his favorite cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

He also gains income from the Fresh and Fit Merch website. He sells hoodies for $70 and customized t-shirts for $45-50. 

Myron Gaines Is A Podcaster

Myron Gaines is a renowned podcaster. He runs a podcast based on various issues named Fresh and Fit Podcast. 

He joined YouTube in the year 2020. As of now, he has accumulated 362,356,562 views. The Fresh and Fit podcast is considered one of the top Men's Podcasts.

The official channel of Fresh and Fit Podcast, they provide TRUTH to females, fitness, and finances. The YouTube channel has more than 1 Million subscribers. 

The podcast has made him popular across several social media platforms, including TikTok. He has been able to attract a massive number of followers. His regular content creation related to health, woman, and money is the main reason behind his success. 

He also gets involved in various controversies repeatedly because of his content. Critics have targeted him, stating that he often gives misogynistic views and ideas through his content. 

He has already gained a huge fan following. He has established himself as one of the most followed and watched podcasters.

Most of his podcasts are made for young people. He has always been interested in fitness and lifestyle. Therefore, he created the podcast to share his knowledge with other enthusiastic people. 

You can also find the official account of the Podcast on Instagram under the name @freshandfitpodcast. There are 161K followers in the profile and a total of 321 posts. Myron hosts the podcast along with his friend Fresh Prince.