15 Best 90s Makeup Looks That Are Trending Right Now

90s was a time when bold choices and experimentation were the name of the game. The makeup scene in the decade was all about breaking the mold and embracing individuality. From grunge-inspired looks that rocked dark lips and smudged eyeliner to the ...

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10 Best 60s Makeup Trend That Is Still Classy

Welcome to a world where makeup wasn't just applied but was an anthem, a celebration, and an unapologetic declaration of self. The swinging sixties were a kaleidoscope of bold colors, daring styles, and a spirit of liberation that echoed through ever...

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The Ultimate Guide To Best Gel Nail Polishes

Gel nail polish has completely changed the world of manicures. It adds volume, smoothness, structure, and a gorgeous shine to your nails that will last for weeks. But with so many products and options, finding the best gel nail polish can be difficul...

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