Bold 80s Makeup Ideas is characterized by the use of vibrant colors, dramatic eyeshadows, and striking lip shades. The standout feature of this trend is the fearless experiment with makeup.

These exaggerated 80s fashion ideas are making a triumphant return today in the contemporary fashion world. If you want to stand out and showcase your bold sense of personality and style, here are the vintage ideas you should try.

1. Neon Eyeshadow

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Eyeshadow is one of the most significant elements of a makeup routine that adds grace to the overall appearance. Neon eyeshadows were the most trending 80s makeup ideas which is characterized by intensely bright and fluorescent colors.

The neon eyeshadow still holds relevance in modern times and you can use it to get yourself a classic look that will stand out in the crowd. Embrace vibrant shades such as electric blue, hot pink, and neon green which will add an electrifying fair to your personality.

2. Smokey Eyes

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Smokey Eyes is a classic 80s goth makeup that remains influential even to this day today due to its seductive and mysterious allure. If you are up to getting yourself a sultry and dramatic look then this is a must-do makeup.

Deep matte shades such as charcoal or dark brown are applied on the eyelids often extending up to the crease to get the desired look. This process is followed by using dark eyeliner and several coats of mascara which can be paired up with false eyelashes.

3. Glitter Everywhere

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Glitter Everywhere is the 80s prom makeup trend that is distinguished by the heavy use of shimmering and sparkling cosmetics to create an iconic look. To get your desired look, you need to go all out with the glitters and get yourself an extravagant look.

The relevance of this trend at present times lies in its ability to provide a playful escape from the daily routine and go the extra length to express yourself and your creativity through makeup. The vibrant colors radiate the spirit of empowerment and individuality that took center stage in the 80s.

4. Bright Blush

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Bright Blush is particularly used to enhance a woman's appearance by imparting a sense of vitality and radiance by adding a rosy glow to the face. This bold makeup resurged in recent years because of its ability to infuse a pop of color and playfulness into makeup routines.

Go heavy on the pigmented blush with the use of bright and bold shades like coral, fuchsia, or neon hues extending from the apples of the cheeks up towards the temples. You can wear this makeup to impart a sense of vitality and radiance to your personality.

5. Graphic Liner

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You can experiment with Graphic Eyeliner shapes such as thick wings, bold geometric designs, or double-winged liners to create a bold avatar for yourself. The heavy hue colors and sharp lines add a sense of drama and self-expression to a person.

This 80s eye makeup was heavily done to emphasize the eyes of a woman so thick liners on both upper and lower lash lines were used to make the eyes appear larger and more dramatic. You can get creative with its use and create double lines, or abstract designs around the eyes.

6. Over-the-Top Brows

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As the name suggests, Over-the-Top Brows is a makeup style that emphasizes your eyebrows with the use of a strong, defined arch using a dark eyebrow pencil. It tends to enhance a woman's appearance by framing the eyes in a dramatic and captivating manner.

Are you ready to be a standout in any event? If yes, then makeup that is a little over the top will help you achieve the desired outcome. When it comes to the 80s style, there is no such thing as too much, and this is true in the case of thick and bushy brows and dramatic arches.

7. Metallic Lips

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A Metallic Lips makeup, done by using vibrant colors such as gold, silver, or bronze, adds a futuristic twist to your bold outlook. The shimmering and reflective finish of these colors instantly draws attention no matter where you go.

This daring 80s grunge makeup trend puts the focus of the onlooker on the lips of the person wearing it and gives them a captivating experience of your personality. The metallic finish adds drama and depth which makes your appearance fuller and more alluring.

8. Lip Liner Overload

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Lip liner overload is an extensive makeup trend where lips take center stage by creating the illusion of plumper and more defined lips. The trick to achieve this is by using darker lip liners and filling them with a lighter lipstick shade for a dramatic pout.

This style is still relevant at present times in the world of fashion and beauty because of its versatility and ability to adapt to contemporary references. This vintage syle allows you to experiment with it to express yourself through makeup.

9. Colored Mascara

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Colored Mascara is a nostalgic nod to the glimmering 80s when beauty was a means of self-expression and a sense of style. Just swap the traditional mascara that you have been using for so long for bold colors like blue, purple, or green to rock the vintage look.

These bold colors are an expression of the unconventional ideals that you hold and the statement of your freedom to express them. Furthermore, this style adds a playful and fun element to makeup while also encouraging women to experiment with their looks.

10. Contoured Cheeks

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The Contoured Cheeks is a popular makeup trend from the 80s that has distinctive traits such as bold and defined cheekbones. Women applied bronzer below the cheekbones to create shadows and depth and blush swept on the apples of the cheek.

To create a bold look for yourself, you can use sharp, angular cheek contours that have a more chiseled finish. A shimmering highlighter can be applied on top of the cheekbones to add dimension and a healthy glow.

11. Ombre Lips

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Ombre Lips makeup from the 80s was a bold makeup trend that had a lasting impact on the beauty world. To get this look two or more lipstick shades were skillfully blended to create a gradient effect on the lips.

You can create an ombre look for yourself and add that extra touch of elegance while getting 80s-inspired makeup. For these vibrant and contrasting colors with a darker hue are applied on the outer edges while gradually transitioning to a lighter shade towards the center.

12. Punk Rock Glam

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Punk Rock Glam style was the peak of 80s fashion that was extensively used to express rebellion through beauty. This iconic 80s makeup trend has elements of audacity and edginess that convey a sense of confidence, fearlessness, and nonconformity.

Try this unique style and embrace the punk aesthetic with heavy eyeliner, dark lipstick, and edgy accessories. To achieve this look, use bold and neon hues of eyeshadows, and dark eyeliners extending well beyond the outer corners of the eyes accompanied by voluminous hair.

13. Glowing Skin

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The Glowing Skin trend focuses on highlighting your skin to the max for a radiant and disco-ready complexion that elevates the natural beauty of a woman. This is attained by using specific techniques and products such as foundation, highlighter, blush, lip gloss and eye makeup.

This trend appeals to those who are fond of minimal makeup and want to celebrate a fresh-faced aesthetic. The advancement in makeup products in recent times has proven to be of great assistance in recreating this timeless look.

14. Rainbow Eyeshadow

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Color is an integral part of the 80s makeup trend and when we talk about color how can we leave out the rainbow? This iconic trend utilized the spectrum of vivid, often neon, eyeshadow colors applied in a dramatic fashion to create a bright look.

First a a base eyeshadow color of a bright pastel is used to cover the entire eyelid and then multiple shades of eyeshadow are applied in a rainbow pattern. To make this style more lively, pair it with bold eyeliner, mascara, and heavily arched brows.

15. Animal Print Accents

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Animal Print Accents is a great way to give a creative nod to the fashion sense and glamor of the 80s era since it has all the necessary elements to make it a standout. This daring style encapsulated the spirit of the era's vibrant and flamboyant fashion.

To create this daring look animal print patterns, primarily of leopard and cheetah, are applied as accents around the eyes and sometimes on the cheeks with the help of eyeshadows or liners. By adapting this style with a contemporary twist, one can make a fashion statement and show her love for adventurous makeup trends.

16. Colorful Eyeliner

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Colorful eyeliner is a distinctive style from the 80s that continues to be of great influence in modern makeup as well. This trend includes vivid and thick eyeliners accompanied by dramatic lines to create a contrasting effect.

This style focuses on enhancing a woman's appearance by adding a playful and dynamic dimension to her eyes with the use of vibrant colors. This creates a sense of drama and exudes self-confidence and individuality of the person.

17. Dramatic Lashes

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The highlighted aspect of the Dramatic Lashes fashion style is the use of voluminous and oversized eyelashes to achieve an exaggerated and spiky effect. This buzzing trend of the 80s created a sense of glamor and allure while exuding a playful sense of self-expression.

The use of false eyelashes adds length and drama to your makeup and heavily lined eyes and arched brows complete the eye makeup. Modern techniques and products such as volumizing mascaras, eyelash extensions, and precision eyeliners, allow you to adapt it to contemporary beauty standards.

18. Blue Eyebrows

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As the name suggests, a bright blue color is used to fill the eyebrows to match the blue-hued eyeshadow and create a striking contrast with the rest of the face while opting for this makeup. This trend was a symbol of self-expression and rebellion against traditional beauty norms in the 80s.

You can experiment with colored eyebrow products to achieve blue or other bold-hued brows and embrace retro beauty trends as a form of homage to the past. From runways to social media, this makeup trend has been adapted by beauticians and models today.

19. Pop Art Makeup

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Pop Art Makeup has endured the test of time and proven its relevance in the modern fashion world. This trend draws inspiration from the Pop Art movement of the 1960s and features the use of unconventional colors like blue and green.

You can get creative with pop art-inspired 80s makeup style and opt for comic book-style dots or bold lines on your face to achieve this style. The key elements are vivid eyeshadows in electric blues, exaggerated eyeliner and mascara for dramatic eyes, and colorful, highly contoured cheeks.