Most followed person on Tik Tok in 2023 are 1. Khabane Lame 2. Charli D' Amelio 3. Bella Poarch 4. Addison Rae and 21 others. TikTok has emerged as the mainstream social platform with its engaging content.

It remains the most downloaded social application as of January 2023. It has continued its tremendous growth, becoming the dominant force. With the promptly increasing pervasiveness of the platform, various trends circulate on the web.

Thousands of users across the globe routinely make extraordinary and engaging content on the mainstream social stage.

Top 25 Most Followed Person On TikTok

Riyaz Aly45.5 million followers
Brent Rivera46.1 million followers
Billie Eilish46.9 million followers
Alina Kim47.2 million followers
Kris Collins47.8 million followers
Younes Zarou49.7 million followers
Kylie Jenner51.5 million followers
Won Jeong51.9 million followers
Michael Le52.2 million followers
Loren Gray54.4 million followers
Spencer Polanco Knightt55.4 million followers
BTS56.3 million followers
Jason Derulo56.9 million followers
Dixie D'Amelio57.5 million followers
Dominik Lipa62.7 million followers
The Rock65.1 million followers
Burak Özdemir66.9 million followers
MrBeast69.8 million followers
Kimberly Loaiza71.6 million followers
Zach King72.5 million followers
Will Smith73 million followers
Addison Rae88.9 million followers
Bella Poarch92.7 million followers
Charli D'Amelio149.5 million followers
Khabane Lame154 million followers

25. Riyaz Aly - 45.5 million followers

Riyaz sported a whiite sherwani on the auspicious ocassion of Diwali in October 2022.
Source : instagram

Riyaz Aly is an Indian social media influencer. He is the twenty-fifth most followed personality on TikTok.

He has assembled a sizable social following, currently at 45.5 million on TikTok, although geo-block restricts anyone in India from using the platform. His last video dates back to June 30, 2020.

Aly was born in Jaigoan, India. Besides TikTok, he has managed to maintain his notability across various social platforms, including Instagram, with 27.2 million followers as of January 12, 2023.

He possesses a Mercedez Benz C class, a Royal Enfield bike, and Range Rover, which speaks volumes about his net value. Likewise, Riyaz has appeared in various films, including Pahadan, Yaari Hai, and Daily Daily.

24. Brent Rivera - 46.1 million followers

Brent celebrating on reaching the milestone of 40 million on TikTok in August 2021.
Source : instagram

Brent Rivera is a social media personality. He made it to the list of the most followed TikTok personality in the twenty-fourth position.

He has 1208 uploads, 46.1 million followers, and 1.5 billion likes on his TikTok account as of January 12, 2022.

Initially, he rose to stardom with his comedy videos on the now-discontinued platform Vine. Eventually, Brent started his YouTube channel, drawing great attention to his content.

Rivera is not the only one in his family belonging to the industry. Brent's sister, Lexi, also belongs to the fraternity of the social media personality. She is a YouTuber with 11.3 million subscribers.

His day-to-day life-relatable content is one of the prime reasons behind his growing popularity. He shared a video of how sleepovers in middle school look like in his latest TikTok video.

He has secured the 56th position in terms of the highest number of likes on TikTok. Rivera possesses 22.3 million followers on his Instagram handle.

23. Billie Eilish - 46.9 million followers

Billie flaunts 46.9 million followers on her TikTok account, making her the 24th most followed person on the platform
Source : instagram

Billie Eilish is the 23rd most followed personality on the mainstream social platform TikTok.

She drew significant attention with her single 'Ocean Eyes' in her teenage years. Over the years, she has forged a name for herself in the music industry.

She is always grateful to have Finneas O'Connell, producer, and her brother, by her side. Lately, she has made significant rounds on the web after disclosing her relationship with her current boyfriend, Jesse Rutherford.

She shared a cover of a reprised version of the song 'Still' by Ben Folds on January 4, 2023. The video shows the lyrics and her silhouette while she sings and plays piano.

She is religiously active on TikTok, making her fans wonder if the account is legitimate. Her TikTok handle flaunts 295.2 million likes and 46.9 million followers as of January 12, 2023.

She showed up like a Human Gucci at the 11th Annual LACMA Art and Film Gala in Los Angeles. She and Jesse sported Gucci pajamas and an eye mask with a Gucci duvet covering them.

She is the proud recipient of a long list of awards and accolades, including Best Original song for 'No Time To Die' at the 2022 Academy Awards, Top Female Artist at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, and more.

22. Alina Kim - 47.2 million followers

Alina holding a Samsung Z flip 4 while standing infront of a LED Christmas tree.
Source : instagram

Alina Kim is the twenty-second most followed personality on TikTok as of January 12, 2023.

She rose to stardom with the use of her TikTok account. Kim was born in Kazakhstan in 2003 to a South Korean father and a Kazakhstani mother. Soon, she will praise her 20th birthday on January 30, 2023. 

One can easily recognize Alina in the crowd, for she has colorful hair. The young social influencer with beautiful eyes and dimples has 1565 uploads on her TikTok account. 

She joined the trend of dancing to a South Korean singer BIBI's latest song, Vengeance, on January 11, 2023. Correspondingly, Alina also shared a video of dancing to six popular dance trends on TikTok.

Alina also maintains a decent number of followers on her Instagram account. Occasionally, she features her family on her social platforms.

21. Kris Collins - 47.9 million followers

Kris stated that she feels like a sunshine in the yellow Tshirt.
Source : instagram

Kris Collins secured the twenty-first position on the list of the most followed personality on TikTok.

She boasts a verified TikTok account with 47.9 followers and 2.1 billion likes as of January 12, 2023. She started using the platform after the insistence of her brother. She rose to the limelight in nearly no time with her relatable and engaging comedy skits and content.

She has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Some of her income sources include brand partnerships, sponsorships, pay-per-click marketing, and more. She has landed collaborations with various brands, including Pantene, Hershey, Amazon, and Lionsgate.

Her latest video showing 'how women would react if they were honest' has already amassed almost 8 million views in less than 24 hours. Collins also has a good presence on Instagram, with 2.4 million followers.

She served as a hairdresser for the Riverdale series until the breakout of COVID in 2020. She started using TikTok after leaving her job, making her the most followed TikTok star from Canada.

20. Younes Zarou - 49.7 million followers

Younes has the paid partnership collaboration with BOSS which he is flaunting in the photo.
Source : instagram

Younes Zarou is in the 20th position of the most-followed personality on TikTok as of January 12, 2023.

He is a German social media influencer recognized for making innovative videos using sophisticated technology and editing tools.

Besides the final product, he also shares the behind the scene footage that shows what it takes to create a masterpiece.

Zarou is a Gen Z born on January 26, 1998, in Frankfurt, German. He attends the Provadis School of International Management and Technology AG, where he studies his undergraduate degree in business.

He has 1586 uploads, 1 billion likes, and 49.7 million followers on TikTok. Likewise, the content creator has also stockpiled gigantic followers on Instagram, currently at 6.2 million. He is famous among various personalities, including Jason Derulo, Pamela Reif, Kristina Kim, and more. 

19. Kylie Jenner - 51.5 million followers

Kylie wore a beautiful 1999 Thierry Mugler dress at the CFDA Fashion Awards in November 2022.
Source : instagram

Kylie Jenner needs no introduction considering her notability as a media personality.

She has emerged as a successful businesswoman with her skincare and beauty line, Kylie cosmetics. She has expanded her business into baby care with products including bubble baths, gentle conditioners, and more.

She is in the 19th rank on the list of most followed influencers on TikTok. Jenner also comes under the 100th rank in terms of likes. 

Kylie showed up in her no make a look with only tinted sunscreen, lip liner, and no mascara for her latest TikTok video on December 7, 2023. She presented her everyday staple look using Kylie Cosmetics' Pink Me Up Lip & Cheek Glow Balm.

In the video, she supported her friend Hailey Bieber's skincare line, Rhode's lip gloss. The web personality has shared several videos with her daughter Stormy. She has 1 billion likes and 51.5 million followers on her TikTok handle. Likewise, she flaunts 377 million followers on her Instagram.

18. Won Jeong - 51.9 million followers

South Korean content creator Won has 1.5 billion likes on TikTok.
Source : instagram

On the 18th comes Won Jeong, a South Korean content creator with 51.9 million followers as of January 12, 2023.

He was not among the social influencers who always wanted to be in the industry. Jeong majored in audio engineering, so he had plans to join an entertainment company as a sound engineer.

He penned down that he wanted to be a master engineer in the Korean language in an Instagram post on April 3, 2022. Unlike many content creators, he found his niche by keeping his content simple and casual. It's his simplicity and heart-warming personality that drew a lot of attention.

He started using TikTok as an extracurricular activity during his college days. Jeong did not have any intention of making it big. He just wanted to have fun, the TikToker told in an interview with Jessi, an American rapper and singer with South Korean roots.

He cleared the confusion that it isn't his colossal views count that earns him a sizable sum. The content creator revealed that he procures fortune from YouTube ads and sponsorships.

One can easily fall for his outgoing and charming personality, which is evident in his content and the way Jeong and Jessi vibed in the Showterview with Jessi. He has collaborated with various TikTok stars, including Alina Kim, a TikTok sensation with South Korean roots.

17. Michael Le - 52.2 million followers

Michael reached the milestone of 1 billion likes on TikTok on August 30, 2020.
Source : instagram

Michael Le is the co-founder of Joystick, a gaming ecosystem. He is also a social media influencer.

He is well-known for his dance moves and choreography. Let alone Michael, but his family, including his sister Tiffany, brother Jonathan, and mother Tina, have become fans' favorites. 

He religiously shares dance covers across various platforms, including YouTube and TikTok. Even his sister is a remarkable dancer.

The dancer and his younger brother dressed as anime characters Itachi and Sasuke, respectively, for TikTok content dancing to the song 'Dance Now' by JID and Kenny Mason on October 12, 2022.

His genuine fans showered him with unwavering support on various social platforms. He has amassed 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 348k subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel.

16. Loren Gray - 54.4 million followers

Loren dressed as Pixie Dust for Halloween 2022.
Source : instagram

Loren Gray is the 16th most followed personality on TikTok, leaving behind Kylie Jenner and Billie Eilish.

Loren emerged as a content creator via, now known as TikTok. Gray was just thirteen when she was already making rounds. She moved to Los Angeles after getting bullied at school.

She has a lucrative career in the industry. She has stockpiled 3 billion likes and 54.4 million followers on her TikTok account thus far. 

Not to forget, she is also a singer. She released her new song 'Guilty' on various streaming platforms. Some of Knight's songs include Piece of Work, Can't Do It, Cake, Alone, and more.

After signing with Virgin Records, she released her debut single 'My Story' in 2018. Later, Gray descended another song titled 'Kicked You Out.' She prepared her debut single based on a friend who kept falling for the wrong person.

She shared exclusive information about her past bizarre experience on TikTok on the sound of Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now' on January 12, 2023.

She unveiled that a girl stole her dog and dropped him at a kill shelter out of pure jealousy as she was interested in her boyfriend.

15. Spencer Polanco Knight - 55.4 million followers

Beatboxer Spencer Polanco flaunts 55.4 million followers on TikTok.
Source : instagram

Spencer X, aka Spencer Polanco Knight, is the only beatboxer who ranked under the top 25 most followed TikTok sensations list.

Knight's video titled 'One beatboxer, 14 genres' was a mega-hit. It spread like wildfire in nearly no time, drawing global attention. The beatboxer's follow-up video titled 'One beatboxer, 20 sound effects' also made colossal rounds in the public domain.

Knight was born on April 20, 1992. He reportedly started beatboxing in high school. The beatboxer participated and performed throughout his high school days. 

Spencer was featured in 'The Village' and 'U.S.A Today' and has bagged various recognitions. He shared a beatboxing challenge with Jason Derulo on his TikTok on November 3, 2022.

As of January 12, 2023, Knight has 1. 3 billion likes, 55.4 million followers, and 1323 uploads on TikTok. The beatboxer also boasts 1 million followers on his verified Instagram handle.

Knight addresses himself as 'A human sound board' via his Instagram bio. He is also interested in games and has another account with the username 'spencerxgames' on TikTok.

14. BTS - 56.3 million followers

From left to right: Jin, RM, V, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook posing for the concept photo for their album 'Proof'.
Source : instagram

On the 14th number comes BTS, a seven-member South Korean boy band under Hybe Label.

Most likely, you must be familiar with the group or, if not, must've heard the name. The K-pop group boasts a colossal fan base across the globe.

Jin, the eldest member of the seven-member boyband, started his mandatory 18 months of military service on December 13, 2022. While Jin completes military service, other members remain occupied with solo projects. Lately, the group leader, RM released his debut solo album titled 'Indigo.'

Another member J-Hope also released his first solo album 'Jack In The Box' on July 15, 2022. Not to mention, Jungkook, the youngest member, sang the World Cup 2022 song 'Dreamers.'

With its exponentially growing notability, the band has amassed a massive social following across various social platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and more.

Several South Korean idols and bands are creating videos under their latest song, ' Run', after J-Hope and Suga shared a dance video on TikTok.

Their in-house Hybe Label groups, including TXT, Le Sserafim, New Jeans, Enhyphen, and fromis_9, also have grooved to the catchy song.

13. Jason Derulo - 56.9 million followers

Jason with his one year old son Jason King Derulo co-ordinated in a suit and bow tie.
Source : instagram

Jason Derulo ranks in the 13th position among the most followed personality on TikTok.

He has reportedly sold over 30 million singles since the inception of his career in the music industry. Derulo has bagged various coveted awards and recognitions for his remarkable works.

One can easily say that Derulo is so into the mainstream platform. He has joined various famous TikTok trends. He shared a video where a homeless trades his painting with the mystery box, winning him a brand new car. The homeless man's painting is kept for auction.

He started bidding on the painting at $1500 for the auction. They have already taken care of the money for the gas, revealed Jason in the comment. He shared a cake-preparation video celebrating reaching the milestone of 53 million on TikTok. He wrote, 'Thanks for 53 million,' in the caption.

12. Dixie D'Amelio - 57.5 million followers

Dixie flaunted a whiite deep V neck Maison Valentino gown with a stone-encrusted collar and her jet pixie cut hair at the British Fashion Awards in December 2022.
Source : instagram

Dixie D'Amelio is a social media personality. Many of us already know that she is Charli D'Amelio's elder sister.

The D'Amelio sisters hit the headlines on the web with their escalating prominence on TikTok in 2020. As of January 12, 2023, Dixie has collected 3.3 billion likes and 57.5 million followers on the platform.

Dixie showed up with her fresh elfin pixie cut hairstyle in September 2022. Hairstylist Laura Polko shared the moment of the process on her IG

She is also a singer who released her debut single 'Be Happy' on June 1, 2020, on various streaming platforms. The song has over 113 million views and 5.3 million likes as of January 12, 2023.

D'Amelio signed the contract with HitCo Entertainment in August 2022. She has collaborated with various artists following the release of her debut single.

The singer collaborated with rapper Wiz Khalifa for 'One Whole Day', which was released on December 4, 2020. The song on YouTube has amassed over 34 million views and 1.3 million likes.

11. Dominik Lipa - 62.7 million followers

Domini Lip secures 11th position on the lost of most followed person on TikTok.
Source : instagram

Domelipa, aka Dominik Lipa, is a Mexican social media personality with 3.8 billion likes on TikTok.

She marks her name as the twelfth most followed person on TikTok. Lipa has 861 uploads on the social platform. Similarly, the social influencer is 7th on the list of most liked accounts.

She resides in Monterrey, Mexico, according to her TikTok bio. Let alone Tiktok, Dominik has assembled 20.8 million followers on her verified Instagram handle.

Remember, she has also established herself as a YouTuber currently with 4.62 million subscribers. The influencer has inked multiple tattoos on her body, including a constellation on her leg.

10. Dwayne Johnson - 65.1 million followers

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, during his training session with a pre-workout drink 'ZOA Energy' on his hand.
Source : instagram

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, aka The Rock, is the 10th most followed personality on TikTok, leaving behind Kylie Jenner and Dixie D'Amelio. 

One of his latest videos on the platform consists of his daughters giving him a 'Dwanta Claus' makeover. They want him to wear a 'Tutu' to complete the look of a Ballerina.

He amassed many followers on the stage in nearly no time. As of January 12, 2023, he possesses 419.1 million likes and 65.1 million followers on his TikTok handle.

He usually posts his workout videos. He has emerged as the perfect epitome for anyone contemplating starting their fitness journey.

9. Burak Özdemir - 66.9 million followers

Two of the most followed person on TikTok, Burak (left) and Khaby(right), cooking together.
Source : instagram

Burak Özdemir is a chef and restaurateur who owns the Hatay Civilizations Table.

He flaunts 66.9 million followers and 1.3 billion likes on the lip-synchronizing social platform. Burak has 2177 uploads as of January 12, 2023, on TikTok.

He is religiously active on TikTok. Thus far, Özdemir has made videos with various notable personalities, including Messi, Ronaldo, and more. 

His TikTok video with Lionel Messi, uploaded on December 18, 2022, has already stockpiled colossal views, currently at 13.5 million. Likewise, he also flaunts massive subscribers on YouTube.

8. MrBeast - 69.8 million followers

MrBeast all smiles announcing Christmas Giveaway of $50,000 in December 2019.
Source : instagram

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is a YouTuber globally known for organizing crazy expensive games and challenges on his YouTube.

MrBeast not only marks his name as the 8th most followed TikTok star but boasts his rank as the most subscribed YouTube channel, with 127 million subscribers as of January 12, 2023.

He organized a real-life 'Squid Game' game by recreating all setups, matching the renowned South Korean series. The YouTube video titled '$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!' has amassed over 338 million views.

Some of his most popular videos include 'Last To Leave Circle Wins $500,000', 'I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive', 'Press This Button To Win $100,000!', and more.

He has accumulated a colossal number of 670.3 million likes and 69.6 million followers with just 275 uploads, comparatively less than other personalities, on his TikTok handle.

7. Kimberly Loaiza - 71.6 million followers

Kimberly flaunting her collection in the campaign of SHEINxKIMBERLY 2022.
Source : instagram

Kimberly Loaiza is the 7th most-followed individual on TikTok.

The artistically gifted personality also marks her position as the 6th most liked TikTok account. She has a gigantic number of likes, currently 4.4 billion, which continues to grow every other day.

She shared an underwater dancing video to the sound of her song 'Devoto' on TikTok. Loaiza wrote, 'I loved it doing underwater,' in Spanish in the caption.

Her content revolved around makeup, beauty, and hair tutorials. However, it changed into a vlogging channel with many challenges and tags over time.

She boasts a YouTube channel with 14.4 million subscribers at the moment. She is available across various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple music, and more.

Given her lifestyle and age-defying looks, Loaiza doesn't appear like a mother of two whom she shares with her husband, Juan de Dios Pantoja. She maintains a sophisticated lifestyle.

6. Zach King - 72.5 million followers

Zach with his wife, Rachel Holm and their two children in 2020.
Source : instagram

Zach King is a Los Angeles-based social personality broadly recognized for his 'magic vines'

His addictive vines made him a well-known star, amassing massive followers across various social platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

He is the deserving 6th most followed TikTok person with 936.8 million likes and 72.5 million followers as of January 12, 2023. 

His latest magic vine of testing the world's brightest light on TikTok has accumulated over 1 million views and 132K likes.

He starts with a flashlight pointing at the sky, which suddenly turns into day. His top-notch concept and editing skills deserve more than this.

Zach continues to surprise everyone with his praise-worthy content.

5. Will Smith - 73 million followers

Will looks sophisticated in the trench coat photographed by Renell Medrano.
Source : instagram

Not every prominent TikTok sensation belongs to the Gen Z generation, Will Smith is the only Generation X to make it to the list.

He is the 5th most followed personality on TikTok as of January 2023. Smith is a veteran American actor. He is the recipient of various accolades and awards, including four Grammy Awards and an Academy Award.

The actor hit the headlines globally after slapping comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, 2022. Smith received tons of backlash from the netizens following the event.

Smith has 160 posts, 73 million followers, and 507.2 million likes on his TikTok account as of January 12, 2023. His latest content revolves around the promotion of his new movie Emancipation.

He shared a video of the exquisite filming location in Louisiana used in his new movie. Likewise, He shared a snippet of the movie on November 16, 2022. 

On his YouTube channel, he released a video of behind-the-scenes moments of 'Emancipation' on December 12, 2022.

4. Addison Rae - 88.9 million followers

Addison flaunted Mônot's dress and Christian Louboutin heels on Vanity Fair event in March 2022.
Source : instagram

Addison Rae is the social media personality to make it to 4th rank on the list of the most followed personalities on TikTok.

Forbes marked her as the highest-earning TikTok star in August 2020. Likewise, a year later, Rae made it to Forbes' list of '30 Under 30' list for social media influencers in 2021.

She also comes in the 5th rank for the most liked accounts. Addison has 1751 uploads, 5.8 billion likes, and 88.8 million followers on TikTok as of January 12, 2023.

Rae and Charli were the faces of TikTok until Khaby knocked them out of their place. They made content together while their time in 'The Hype House.'

Netizens speculated about their beef in 2021 after they noticed that Charli unfollowed her on Instagram. However, she cleared the air with a now-deleted tweet, proving the rumors wrong.

She is friends with prominent personalities in the industry. Rae shared photos of having a quality time with Olivia Rodrigo that have their fans gaga over their friendship.

She debuted as a singer with a debut single 'Obsesses' in 2021. You can listen to the song on her YouTube channel, which has 4.43 million subscribers. 

3. Bella Poarch - 92.7 million followers

Bella photographed during her attendance at Rihanna's Savage X Fenty show on November 9, 2022.
Source : instagram

Bella Poarch makes it to the 3rd position on the list of the most followed TikTok sensation. 

She has emerged as a singer. You might have recognized her from her lip-syncing video whilst making various expressions. She made her singing debut with the release of her first single titled 'Build a Bich' on May 14, 2021. The same year, she signed as an artist under Warner Records.

She is also a US Navy veteran. Poarch served in the Navy for three years as an aviation ordnanceman. 

She also joined the bandwagon of the 'AI Manga trend' prevailing on TikTok. She made a video on the filter with the sound of Chris Brown's hit song 'Under the Influence'. With a total of 549 uploads, Poarch boasts 2.2 billion likes and 92.7 million followers on her TikTok account.

She has a cute feature photo of an emoji with pigtails, imitating her signature look, on a highlight on her Instagram handle.

2. Charli D'Amelio - 149.5 million followers

Charli flaunting 100% recycled and sustainable gold from luxury brand Prada's eternal gold collection.
Source : instagram

Charli Grace D'Amelio, better known as Charli D'Amelio, is the 2nd most followed TikTok sensation as of January 12, 2023.

She promptly made grand rounds with her engaging content in 2020. Let alone Charli, her elder sister, Dixie, also comes under the list of the most prominent TikTok stars.

D'Amelio had maintained her position for over two years until Khaby surpassed her in July 2022. She still has an impressive online presence and engagement across various social platforms.

She discusses her favorite items that help her organize her messy dressing table in TikTok's latest post. The video is a paid partnership with Amazon.

Charli shows Impressions Vanity's LED mirror, acrylic hair tool organizer, small compartments for bobby pins, and hair ties. She also shows cute mini glass jars to store her baby beauty blenders and big pots to store her makeup wipes and mascara spoolies.

Not to forget, she is the youngest TikTok star to reach the milestone of 100 million followers. She is the voice behind Tinker's character in StarDog and TurboCat. 

She won the thirty-first season of Dancing with the Stars, a dance competition series, alongside Mark Ballas. Mark addressed her as a star on his Instagram post after bagging the title.

Genuine fans have showered Charli with unconditional love and support on her YouTube channel, flaunting 9.42 million subscribers as of January 12, 2023.

Any of us can learn more about her life updates from her Instagram feed and highlights.

1. Khabane Lame - 154 million followers

TikTok sensation Khaby sporting Hugo Boss hoodie.
Source : instagram

The most followed TikTok sensation is Khaby Lame, also known as Khabane Lame, as of January 12, 2023. He has 154 million followers on the platform.

He rose to the limelight with his comedy reactions to the complicated life hacks. Lame's initial content included videos of him watching video games and dancing.

Senegalese-born Italian web personality makes history as the fastest-growing content creator. He beat the notable TikTok star Charli D' Amelio to rise as the most followed personality.

He has landed in various partnerships and collaborations with brands like Hugo Boss, Amazon, and more. With his growing prominence, one can only imagine how much following he will amass soon.

Khaby's one of the most viewed TikTok videos of Wing Mirror has accumulated gigantic likes, over 36 million as of January 2023. 

His latest skit video is with boxer Tyson Fury. He acts as if he is ready to fight Fury showing his moves; however, the boxer's one punch sends him to heaven.

He is the 41st most-followed person on Instagram, with 80 million followers and 321 posts.