William Sheehan, also known as Billy Sheehan, is an American bassist who has worked with many popular rock bands like Talas, Mr. Big, Steve Vai, Niacin, David Lee Roth, and The Winery Dogs. 

Sheehan is most known for his "lead bass" playing style, which goes beyond normal bass playing by using techniques like chording, two-handed tapping, "three-finger picking" technique, and especially controlled feedback. 

The guitarist has been voted "Best Rock Bass Player" five times in Guitar Player readers' polls.

Sheehan's first electric bass was one called a Hagström FB, soon joined by a Precision bass. 

Once he acquired the Precision bass, Sheehan removed the frets from the Hagström. 

Over the years, the guitarist has heavily modified the Precision bass. The guitarist has scalloped the five highest frets and added a neck pickup and additional support for the bolt-on neck.

Sheehan added the neck pickup for what he referred to as "super deep low end" modeled after such guitarists as Mel Schacher of Grand Funk Railroad and Paul Samwell-Smith of the Yardbirds. 

Sheehan has since retired from the Precision bass, but the guitarist still affectionately refers to it as "The Wife."

Sheehan's current signature guitar, Yamaha Attitude bass, is patterned after the Precision bass.

Sheehan also uses two amps to achieve his signature tone, one with full distortion and high pass filtering to sound more guitar-like and one super-clean for the low end of the neck pickup.

Here Are Some Facts About Billy Sheehan

Net Worth:$2 million
Profession:Musician, Songwriter
Spouse:Elisabetta Sheehan
Instruments:Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Genres:Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock
Member of:The Winery Dogs, Sons of Apollo
Years Active:1970 - Present

Is Billy Sheehan In A Relationship With Savannah?

No, Billy Sheehan is not currently in a relationship with Savannah because she is dead.

Shannon Michelle Wilsey, better known and remembered by her stage name Savannah, was an American model and pornographic film actress.

Savannah starred in over 100 videos during her brief and short-lived career. 

Savannah was one of the most prominent adult industry models of her time.

The model achieved notoriety within her short career, which only lasted four years, due to her onscreen presence and personal life. 

Billy Sheehan briefly dated model Savannah in the early 90s. Sadly, she died by suicide.
Source : youtube

In January 2002, Adult Video News ranked her at number 19 on their list of the top 50 porn stars.

Savannah reportedly took her stage name from the 1982 movie Savannah Smiles

After a car crash that broke her nose, the model attempted suicide by firearm and later died at the hospital after her father chose to remove her from life support.

Sheehan once had a relationship with Savannah, but the relationship was brief. Savannah had many relationships with rock stars in the late 80s and early 90s.

Who Is Billy Sheehan Married To?

Guitarist and rock star Billy Sheehan is married to realtor Elisabetta Sheehan and has been for 15 years.

Elisabetta was born in Milan, Italy, and growing up in a city filled with rich architecture developed her love for real estate at an early age.

The realtor has stated that as a little girl, she would drive her father crazy by asking him about buildings, wanting to see them, and touring buildings. 

Billy Sheehan is currently married to realtor Elisabetta Sheehan
Source : homeiswheretheheartisnashville

Elisabetta was lucky enough to travel extensively with her family all over Europe, which only increased her love for architecture and real estate.

The realtor attended Bocconi University and received a Ph.D. in Business and Economics after receiving a master's in Marketing. 

Initially, Elisabetta worked with Yamaha Music in Italy for several years and was even the head of Italy's Guitars & Drums department. This position is how she met Billy Sheehan.

Still, as Real Estate was her true passion, Elisabetta relocated to Nashville and has been working there for the last couple of years. The realtor has helped many people relocate to the Nashville area.

How Much Is Billy Sheehan's Net Worth?

Rock Star and guitarist Billy Sheehan has a net worth of $2 million as of 2022.

Sheehan has a long and storied career and has worked with many acclaimed and popular bands.

The first band that the guitarist played was called Talas. Unfortunately, the band never took off due to poor management and only released two albums in 1979 and 1982. 

Then, after briefly being involved with the proto-thrash metal band Thrasher and auditioning for different bands, Sheehan became a part of the David Lee Roth band.

Billy Sheehan with Mr Big, his most famous band
Source : ultimateclassicrock

David Lee Roth had recently left his position as lead singer in the legendary band Van Halen and had decided to make his band. Unfortunately, because of the singer's explosive attitude, Sheehan only stayed in the band from 1985 to 1988.

After leaving the David Lee Roth band, Sheehan wanted to make his band and began piecing together a new band and recruited Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, and Pat Torpey to create the legendary band, Mr. Big.

Although seen as a one-hit wonder now, Mr. Big had a lot of success in Japan and the world.

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