Mickey Guyton's husband, Grant Savoy, is a lawyer from Hawaii. He has always been a big fan of his house.

Grant is the husband of country singer Mickey Guyton. The couple has been married for more than ten years.

Guyton regularly uploads the most heartfelt Instagrams post about her bond with Grant. Their adorable family, even though the two hardly ever appear together on red carpets.

The joyous new song from Mickey Guyton emphasizes the importance and charm of interpersonal relationships. "Somethin' Bout You," released on August 26, is an uplifting ode to life, love, and all the in-between moments.

The song was co-written with David Garcia and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line, reflecting her recently altered perspective on life.

Who Is Mickey Guyton's Husband Grant Savoy?

Mickey Guyton's husband, Grant Savoy is a lawyer from Kauai, Hawaii, but the couple hardly ever makes red carpet appearances together.

Besides being a Solouki LLP co-founder, Grant is Mickey's biggest supporter. Mickey and Grant first connected in 2010 through the singer's best friend, the singer's stepsister.

Before getting engaged and getting married four years later, Savoy and Mickey dated for three years.

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According to Mickey's Instagram post, the beginning of their relationship wasn't all fun and games. However, Grant sounds like he was incredibly understanding and patient.

Mickey was married in 2017 in Hawaii
Source : instagram

Sweetest Instagrams commemorating her relationship with Grant and their adorable growing family, she stated in the caption of an Instagram post.

They had a modest, private wedding on Kauai in June 2017 that featured lots of adorable photo opportunities and a touch of the tropics.

At the time, Mickey explained why she wanted something on the smaller side of People magazine.

What Is Mickey Guyton Husband Grant Savoy Ethnicity?

Mickey Guyton husband, Grant Savoy, is American and was born in Hawaii. He currently lives in Los Angeles. 

Mickey and Grant were lucky to have a baby boy Grayson in February 2021. 

They shared a cute snapshot of little Grayson in the hospital; Mickey posted on Social Media that giving birth was "the difficult and most beautiful thing."

Since welcoming Grayson, Mickey's has made a name for themselves in the country music world while posting adorable pictures of family outings.

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However, Guyton was born in Arlington, Texas. She is the second oldest of his parents, Michael Eugene Guyton and Phyllis Ann Roddy's four children.


Due to her father's work as an engineer, her family moved around the state when she was a child.

At first, she had been enrolled in the neighborhood public school, but after encountering racial discrimination from other people, she was transferred to a private school.

Guyton claimed in a 2020 interview with NPR that despite this improvement, her best friend's parents frequently used racist insults to refer to her.