Gio Helou is one of the first agents recruited to The O Group’s Orange County office.

He is a real estate state agent and a cast member of Netflix's Selling the OC. His humorous and analytical manner has successfully displayed his abilities as a realtor

Before moving to Los Angeles, he tried his hand at acting and worked all around Scotland and England.

Who Is Tiffany Helou? Wife Of 'Selling The OC' Agent Gio Helou And Their Age Difference

Gio Helou, the real estate agent in Netflix's Selling The OC, is married to the stunning Tiffany Helou.

On August 10, 2020, Gio and Tiffany got married. Since that time, the couple has been a perfect match for one another. Gio has discovered the ideal woman who is capable of balancing his personal and professional lives.

Gio's life has significantly improved since he wed Tiffany, succeeding in every way. Gio's life is an excellent example of how the proverb "Behind every successful guy there is a woman" applies.

Tiffany Helou is the beautiful wife of Gio Helou
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Despite not working in the real estate sector, Tiffany knows her husband's occupation and busy schedule. She makes every effort to coordinate her partner's actions.

Mrs. Helou is a very busy person. According to her Linkedin page, she is the senior manager of public relations and marketing for the Behr Paint Company. She formerly worked in Los Angeles for Murphy O'Brien Public Relations.

Mrs. Helou is a fitness fanatic and frequently exercises outside of work. She attends courses at CAZ Training Club, and fitness is a huge aspect of her life, according to her social media profiles.

@tiffanyhelou is the username of her Instagram account. She currently has more than 1,000 followers on the platform and 200 posts. According to her Instagram bio, she is in New Port Beach, California.

Her social media pages are filled with gorgeous images. She gives her body a lot of attention. She also enjoys taking trips with her husband.

Gio Helou is 34 years old. However, there is no information available on Tiffany's age. She appears to be in her early 30s, based on her images. Thus, the couple's ages must not be drastically different. 

Gio Helou's Family Bio

Carl Helou and Lisa Cantagallo Helou are Gio Helou's parents, who were born in a white American family in Los Angeles, California.

The Helou family is from South Orange County's seaside community of New Port Beach. They can be seen having fun on the beach and are Balboa Peninsula Point Association members.

Carl Helou and Lisa Cantagallo Helou are the parents of Gio Helou
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Carl and Lisa have two additional children, whose identities are still being investigated, but the 34-year-old is the third.

His father, Carl, reportedly works in the construction industry, and Gio even served as his father's helper for a while. He developed the idea to invest in real estate while working for his father's company.

His mother, Lisa, on the other hand, has been a licensed real estate salesperson since 1976. Her son will learn about business from her. They currently have the most customers in the neighborhood.

Gio worked in residential development and was a producer on a documentary that won an award before entering the world of wealthy real estate.

His mother, Lisa Helou, who is also an agent at The O Group, and his wife, Tiffany Helou, make a few appearances on the Netflix show; Selling The OC.; his biography states that he has a "passion for fast automobiles and throwback motorcycles."

Gio Helou's Short Biography

The Selling The OC cast member Gio Helou turns 34 in 2022. His actual birthdate has not yet been verified.

Helou, 34, started his career as a real estate advisor in 2016 and has since worked for firms including Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and Engel & Volkers New Port Beach.

He worked for Engle & Volkers New Port Beach for five years until becoming a shareholder in the company in 2021 and joining The Oppenheim Group's team there, where his abilities as an investor and businessman have significantly advanced.

Gio was one of the first members to be recruited to The Oppenheim Group’s new Orange County office
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The Oppenheim Group's new Orange County office hired Helou as one of its first employees. His local knowledge has greatly aided the success of his business.

Gio solely sells the best of the Newport Beach lifestyle and enjoys it as well, specializing in upscale residences in illustrious seaside communities. More clients come to the business because of his dynamism.

Gio is a determined individual, and his social media posts demonstrate his passion for fast automobiles and vintage motorcycles.

He worked in residential development before transitioning to real estate sales, and he also indulged his love of film by serving as producer on a nominated documentary.

He spends most of his money on trips and travel, followed by cars. In one of the priciest neighborhoods in the city, New Port Beach, California, he owns a lavish apartment.

Additionally, in 2021, he created a documentary that won an award. After he appears in Selling The OC on Netflix, his wealth could increase more quickly.

He received a sizable inheritance from his parents in addition to his income. In his social media posts, images of vintage motorcycles are displayed.

Before entering the real estate sales industry, he worked in residential development and indulged his love of cinema by producing a good documentary.