Alexandra Jarvis is a US-based attorney and the cast of the new show "Selling The OC," which is streaming on Netflix. She is a real estate agent and model, originally from Alabama.

The thirty-two years old actress has a degree in law from the University of California. She is presently a resident of Orange County, California. She has previously worked as an attorney at a litigation business in Newport Beach.

She worked as a litigator for several years before becoming a real estate agent with The Oppenheim Group in Newport Beach.

The young attorney transitioned from her legal profession into a real estate career by assisting clients in her law business. She is a woman who has vast legal knowledge and real estate skills.

She owes her success as a real estate agent to her background and emphasizes how much she enjoys assisting her customers in locating their dream houses.

Selling The OC: Alexandra Jarvis' Teeth - Does She Have Braces?

Social media was full of people talking about Alexandra Jarvis' teeth, suggesting she had food or lipstick stuck in her teeth.

Name Alexandra Jarvis
Age 32 Years Old
Date Of BirthMay 6, 1990
FiancéSergio Ducoulombier
Education UC Irvine School Of Law
Net Worth $10 Million
Mother Pamela Jarvis
Father Robert Jarvis

She is a young attorney from Alabama on the cast of Netflix's new show "Selling The OC." The practicing attorney is one of eleven Oppenheim Group real estate agents helping high-profile clients buy their dream houses in Orange County.

Selling The OC is the latest Selling Sunset spinoff, joining the Florida-based Selling Tampa that launched in December 2021. As its name suggests, Selling the O.C. follows the Orange County branch of the Oppenheim Group.

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Before starting a career in real estate, Alexandra was a student in law school. She has done her undergraduate degree from Auburn University Law School, where she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in International Business. Alexandra graduated from UC Irvine School of Law with distinction (UCI).

The show covers the affluent lifestyles of the reality show cast members and shows how successful a real estate agent can be in Orange County. In the show, the real estate agent has to utilize her substantial legal expertise and realtor knowledge to negotiate and assist customers in getting the best offers and selling multi-million dollar properties.

Who Is Alexandra Jarvis’s Husband?

Alexandra Jarvis is in a relationship with her long-term partner and husband-to-be, Sergio Ducoulombier. The beautiful couple are engaged on December 25, 2020.

She announced her engagement to her fiancé, Sergio, through her official Instagram account. She goes by the name @thealexandrajarvis and has nineteen thousand eight hundred sixty-six followers.

Alexandra Jarvis with her long-term partner Sergio Ducoulombier.
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According to the recent Insta story posted by Jarvis, she met with her fiancé in a restaurant in Newport Beach three years ago. She was having dinner with her best friend there. Sergio was also there with his friends. He asked her if he and his pals could join her for dinner. The adorable couple had dinner together in Newport Beach.

The pair fall in love with each other from their very first encounter. Since then, they have been together ever since. Her partner works as the CEO of a company called Slip Cash Inc.

Her fiancé is on Instagram with the name @sergioducoulombier and has six hundred seventy-eight followers. He keeps flaunting the picture of his partner on his social media handles. He keeps traveling to new places with his stunning girlfriend.

Alexandra Jarvis Net Worth In 2022

Alexandra Jarvis is a practicing attorney and relator who has a net worth of $10 million.

The majority of their income of attorney comes from the commissions she gets on her sales. Because The Oppenheim Group mostly trades inexpensive and luxury houses.

The show clearly states that roughly 3% of the entire cost is paid as commission on each transaction. This 3%, however, does not go to the real estate agent alone but is shared and utilized to pay the listing agent, the buyer's agent, and the several brokerages participating in the transaction.

Alexandra Jarvis is a realtor from “Selling The OC” which is streaming on Netflix.
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The cast of "Selling The OC" studied at Irvine School of Law, where she finished her legal studies before joining a Newport Beach-based company. She was initially interested in business and finance but did not pursue a career in real estate. She worked as a legal expert and handled commercial litigation and employment law.

Her knowledge of the legal field has helped her enhance her client management and problem-solving skills. Her talents and effervescent personality shone through when she shifted jobs and got into real estate. She has emerged as a successful realtor and a reality TV star.

Cast member of Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC’
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Does Alexandra Jarvis Have An Anorexia? Eating Disorder

Alexandra Jarvis has opened up about her struggles and battles in the past with anorexia. 

She joined 'Selling The OC' in 2022, and we have seen all the highs and lows of her life since. Alexandra opened up to fans about her past battle with an eating disorder. 

Alexandra Jarvis seemed to have a fixation with water, and, interestingly, fans wondered whether she was using it to avoid eating. 

Let’s not diagnose people with mental health disorders, shall we? Alexandra wasn’t avoiding or stopping eating; she was saying she loves water. It was an unexpected thing. That even Gio Helou found engaging and played up when Alexandra came over. 

Water retention is a thing. That’s why some big-name models (Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, etc.) stop drinking water a day or so before a big show. It makes a visible difference.

Furthermore, it is prevalent for women to feel self-conscious about eating on camera.

If models like Alexandra Jarvis eat messily and get food stuck in their tooth or something, viewers quickly capture it, and that's an easy meme material.

Fans are sure she eats food off-camera fine, and even if she doesn’t, it's not our concern that she immediately has an eating disorder.

That's between Selling The OC star Alexandra Jarvis and her doctor. 

Some FAQs

Who Is Alexandra Jarvis Fiance?

One of the new agents, Alexandra Jarvis, is engaged to a fancy CEO named Sergio Ducoulombier. 

How Tall Is Alexandra Jarvis?

Alexandra reportedly stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Where Is Alexandra Jarvis From?

'Selling The OC' star Alexandra Jarvis is from Helena, Alabama.

Where Did Alexandra Jarvis Go To Law School?

The star  Alexandra Jarvis attended UC Irvine School of Law and was an attorney litigating business matters.