Who Is Benjamin Rich? British Youtuber Arrested For Linked To The Organisation Of Illegal Actions

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Benjamin Rich, aka Bald and Bankrupt, has been arrested from a Russia-controlled space center in Kazakhstan.

Bald and Bankrupt YouTube channel is widely popular among netizens for its informative travel videos.

Not only in the U.K., but the channel also enjoys viewers worldwide, and the man in the videos, Benjamin Rich, has a notable amount of followers on social media.

Ongoing through his travel diaries, Rich was detained near a launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, per the latest reports.

The agency has termed Rich's activities "illegal acts," while the news has caught the attention of many.

Benjamin Rich On Bald and Bankrupt Is A British Youtuber

Benjamin Rich, aka the man behind the success of the Bald and Bankrupt YouTube channel, is a British citizen.

His YouTube channel specializes in travel vlogging. He had first started vlogging in India after facing bankruptcy in the UK due to a failed business. Hence, he had shaved his head, indicating his channel's name.

Rich mainly focuses on the post-Soviet states, garnering attention from the world, even the mainstream media.

As of 2022, Bald and Bankrupt have a total of 3.53 million subscribers and nearly 500 million views.

Aside from the YouTube fame, Rich also published his book "The Burning Edge: Travelling Through Irradiated Belarus" in 2018 under the pen name Arthur Chichester.

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Benjamin Rich Is Arrested For Illegal Actions

Benjamin Rich and a woman named Alina Tseliupa have been arrested at the Russian spaceport Roscomos of Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

Roscosmos launches all the Russian rockets in its Baikonur Cosmodrome. The space station is also available for tourists to visit after taking permission.

The space center's chief Dmitry Rogozin released an official statement regarding the arrest and named the two's actions 'linked to the organization of illegal actions.'

He did not give further insights about the arrest and only said that further investigations are ongoing.

After the arrest news hit the media, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office replied that it was investigating the reports.

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Is Benjamin Rich Locked Up In Jail? Mugshot

Benjamin Rich was detained, but further details into his lock up in jail and mugshots have not reached the public as of yet.

The involved Russian authority has not given any update on Rich and Alena's current situation. Likewise, they have yet to explain the further consequences of the case.

Meanwhile, the internet has gone into a frenzy over the news as national and international agencies have become involved in investigating the matter.

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