What Happened To Nikocado Avocado? His Broken Ribs Issue

Nikocado Avocado's fans are concerned after his fetish tweet. ( Source : Itsjustwaterweight )

Nikocado Avocado is an American Internet star who was born in Ukraine. He is most known for his mukbang videos.

He stated that he was adopted soon after and grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The vlogger told YouTuber Trisha Paytas that he found out about his adoption when he was young and struggled to understand his birth parents' decision.

As a result, he claims he behaved out as a youngster and got mental health therapies.

Following the viral popularity of multiple videos, he has amassed a sizable following on YouTube. He had more than 3.18 million subscribers and roughly 1.39 billion lifetime views across six YouTube channels as of March 2022.

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What Happened To Nikocado Avocado?

Nicholas Perry, alias Nikocado Avocado, is a Mukbang Youtuber who has created a reputation for himself by filming turbulent videos. People on Twitter are sharing Nikocado's feederism fetish content on social media.

Though the video appears to be taken down, people are still talking about him and his disgrace. According to them, he uploaded 18+ videos on his only fan account and shared them on Twitter with abusive language and pictures.

While some see him as a stain on Ukrainian blood, others are concerned about his mental health. Similarly, others claim he is doing all of this for publicity.

First, he exploited his melodrama to attract notoriety, and then he used his fractured ribs as a disability to gain sympathy. Now he's flashing his body to get more attention.

One of them wrote, "Can we simply quit worrying about the nikocado avocado? Not that we should disregard his weight, on the contrary. Commenting on how obese he is, attracts additional attention, which encourages him to acquire weight."

Another person noted that the same concerns can be found in many individuals nowadays.

"Just like nikocado avocado on YouTube was damaging his own body. Some of the women didn't even realize what they were doing to their own bodies. And on top of that, they were advertising this as body-positive nonsense on social media."

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Nikocado Avocado Broken Ribs Issue With Other YouTubers

Nikocado Avocado claimed in a September 2021 video that he had fractured three ribs while recording a video and was bedridden. It sparked subsequent feuds with other YouTubers who objected to his usage of the term "disabled" after the allegation.

Perry released a video titled "I visited the hospital. I'm terrified "where he claimed to be in excruciating agony on his side In a subsequent video titled "My diagnosis has arrived."

He stated that he had broken three ribs on his left side and was on steroids and other meds.

Perry said in an email to Insider that he shattered his ribs after months of "excessive, powerful coughing." Perry then released six mukbang videos showing himself eating in bed over the next week, each with the identical title: "My New Diet As a Disabled Person."

On September 29, YouTuber Charles White Jr, who has 10.5 million subscribers, posted a video titled "This YouTuber is Slowly Killing Himself for Views."

Perry is "fully aware that he is sacrificing his health, wellness, and happiness for the sake of some YouTube views because his audience continues to gobble it up," he mentioned.

The video attracted 4 million views in a single day, according to Dexerto. Many people expressed worry about Perry in the comments section of the video.

Perry argued that White's concerns about his health were baseless and that he is "super healthy" since he takes vitamins on a daily basis.

White responded to Perry's statements in a subsequent video, saying Perry was "capitalizing on drama for hits."

What Is Nikocado Avocado Doing Now?

Nikocado Avocado recently revisited the hospital in April 2022, raising new concerns about his health. 

Perry made a mukbang video titled "I could have cancer" on April 4 in which he discussed having pain in his testicular region. Commenters on the video advised that Perry cease recording mukbangs.

Perry posted another video titled "I'm in the hospital" on April 6, in which he stated that he was going to see a doctor about the discomfort and that he was experiencing hazy vision and pain in his lower belly.

Perry stated at the end of the film that the physicians were unable to provide him with clear answers regarding what was causing his discomfort and that they needed to do further tests.

Perry has not provided any more updates on his health since the video was posted.

Perry and his husband Orlin Home released a mukbang video titled "We split up" on May 10. Several respondents appeared to indicate that they did not believe the alleged break-up would be permanent.

Perry and Orlin have produced many videos indicating they've broken up but have continued to make stuff together throughout the years.

He hasn't posted any videos in over a month.

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