What Does 'BM son' Mean On TikTok? Meme Goes Viral On Twitter

BM Kid and BM son is a Tiktok trend. ( Source : Tiktok )

What do BM son and BM kids mean? Is there any meaning hidden behind the recent surging viral trend in TikTok? In this article, we look at the meaning and the origin of the phrase.

Nowadays, the internet world is filled with hilarious viral content, and people are very quick to follow the trend and post their takes on trending topics.                      

'BM son' And 'BM Kids' Meaning On TikTok Explained

'BM son' and 'BM Kids' are recent trends on TikTok that have gone viral in just a few days. BM is an acronym for "baby mother" and "bad-mannered," which is extensively used in recent funny videos on social media platforms.

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The phrase BM, son, is used to represent the reaction of the bad-mannered one when the father gives the other kid some good stuff. In one of the videos, a father brings PS5 to his other son while the furious reaction of the BM son is heard in the background.

The videos of BM kids and BM son are trending on Tiktok and Twitter.
The videos of BM kids and BM son are trending on Tiktok and Twitter. ( Source : Tiktok )

Likewise, in another video, a father mentions that he brings McDonald's to his son while the BM kid cries in the background. There are already thousands of videos on TikTok where people post their comedy rendition of the BM kids trend.

BM Kids Meme Goes Viral On Twitter

Recently, the meme of BM Kids and BM son has gone viral, not only on TikTok but also on Twitter. Many funny posts are made by people all over the world.

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Twitter users post short situations where they mention some sort of favoritism they have over the real child, and the BM other kids respond to the posts.

A post read, "When I'm nice enough to bring my BM's other Son a 99-cent hamburger, while my children eat Number 1's super-sized in front of him, " shows a photo of a laughing man."

BM Urban Dictionary Meaning Explored

There are a couple of references for BM on Urban Dictionary. The term has several meanings, which are given below.

According to Urban Dictionary, one meaning of BM from December 2007 is an acronym for bad-mannered, used by Korean computer players. Another meaning from March 2011 also describes BM as bad-mannered and popular in the Starcraft community.

Perhaps the most famous meaning of BM is given in an October 2011 definition, which describes BM as Baby Mother. The acronym is usually used in writing rather than using while speaking.

Another meaning of BM in Urban Dictionary is Bruh Moment, written in February 2020. Also, the two-lettered word is the acronym for Bowel Movement.

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