Ulisses Jr. is one of the most attractive athletes and natural bodybuilding icons of all time.

The New York native is a globally recognized fitness industry leader. Fitness is a way of life for Ulisses Jr, so he keeps his promotable and photogenic physique all year. He takes his training seriously and has years of experience as a celebrity personal trainer, specializing in those known in their industry as "hot bodies."

His dedication to fitness, combined with his extensive knowledge of nutritional excellence, has earned him the title of having one of the most perfectly sculpted physiques in the world.

Ulisses Jr. has won the Musclemania World Pro and SuperBody Pro titles. He is a recognized international bodybuilding superstar with a classic aesthetic.

He appears in a variety of US and European fitness magazines, including Men's Health, Musclemag, Men's Fitness, REP's, and FLEX Magazine.

Quick Facts About Ulisses

Real NameUlisses Williams Jr.
Popular AsUlisses Jr.
BornMarch 5, 1976
Relationship statusMarried
SpouseSarah Ulisses
OccupationFitness Model, trainer

Ulissesworld Height - How Tall Is The Fitness Influencer?

Ulissesworld stands tall with an amazing height of 5 feet 10 inches.

He may have been drawn to sports as a child because of his height. He did, however, never aspire to be a bodybuilder.

Though he played soccer, American football, and track and field in High School he was the skinny kid. Thus, he just wanted to gain some weight and size to improve his performance on the field. His coach encouraged him to lift and the rest is history. He is now a bodybuilder, fitness model, trainer, entrepreneur, and industry all-star. He's well-known for his insanely good looks and iconic 8-pack.

Ulisses with his wife, Sharah Ulisses.
Source : instagram

We'll talk about his health and wellness club in the next section, but for now, let's focus on his workout session. He works five days a week and the list of days along with types of exercises are listed below.

Monday: Back Day

  • Barbell Deadlift
  • Weighted Pull-ups 
  • One Arm DB Row
  • Lat Pulldowns
  • Back Hyper Extension 
  • Finisher
  • DB Pullover

Tuesday: Chest Day

  • Barbell Incline Press 
  • Barbell Bench Press 
  • DB Flys
  • DB Decline Press
  • DB Close Press 
  • Finisher
  • Cable Crossover

Wednesday: Leg Day

  • Barbell Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Press Calf Raise
  • Leg Extension EXTENSION
  • Lying Leg Curl  
  • Bar Stiff leg Deadlift 
  • Seated Calf Raise 
  • Finisher 
  • Barbell Lunges

Thursday: Shoulder Day

  • Military Shoulder Press
  • DB Lateral Raise
  • Arnold DB Press 
  • DB Front Raise
  • DB Posterior Raise 
  • Finisher 
  • DB Shrugs

Friday: Arm Day

  • Barbell Curl
  • Close Grip Barbell Bench Press GRIP BARBELL BENCH PRESS
  • DB Hammer Curls
  • Cable tricep ext TRICEP EXT
  • Preacher EZ Bar Curl  
  • Bodyweight Dips 
  • Finisher
  • Lying Supernated DB Curls 

Saturday: Wild Card Day

On this day, he picks a lagging body part and works on it. 

Sunday: Off Day

How Much Ulissesworld Weighs?

Ulissesworld weighs roughly around 205-215lbs (88.5 – 93 kilograms).

He was previously known as "the skinny kid," which inspired him to begin training in order to become stronger and more competitive in sports.

Seeing his body, his coach suggested he lift weights. The gym quickly became my passion, and he decided to enter a local bodybuilding competition with a new group of friends just for fun to keep us motivated, to train harder, and to diet more.

Ulisses went on to win the show, his first which made him feel wonderful, especially considering he was a novice and a teenager at the time.

Ulissesworld is a bodybuilder who was previously a weight lifting a champion
Source : instagram

Competing quickly became his motivation to keep training and improving, so he set a goal of performing on stage every year.

Over his 13 years of competing, he traveled all over the world, winning countless shows and over 24 trophies. He was named two times as MuscleMania Pro World Champion and twice as MuscleMania SuperBody Champion.

During this time, he received a lot of exposure in major fitness magazines, photoshoots, and seminar speaking. He trained many celebrities while mentoring other elite trainers in the industry. 

This led him to develop another passion for educating the mass. He enjoys assisting others and sharing the knowledge he's gained throughout his career, whether it's in the gym, at a seminar, or at an expo.

As of now, he runs a fitness club that provides, customized workout plans, diet and supplement tips, and many other fitness ideas. 

Ulissesworld Net Worth As A Fitness Model

Ulissesworld is a fitness model who has a net worth of $20 million. 

He is a bodybuilder and fitness instructor who has won several Musclemania competitions, including MuscleMania Universe. He has worked with Shredz and modeled for prestigious fitness publications such as Mens Health and FLEX.

He previously made a fortune as a weightlifting champion, and he is now making millions as a personal trainer and owner of a fitness club.

Furthermore, Ulissesworld bought an amazing home in September 2020 which was nominated for The International Design & Architecture Award in 2022. 

Ulissesworld is grateful for the opportunity to provide a new home for his family.
Source : instagram

His property and design were nominated for awards in two categories: residential property and interior design. He shared an Instagram post about his excitement and how honored he felt about it.

He thanked Rosenarmani Interiors for all of their hard work putting the designs together, as well as Builder Dannyzfb, realtor Jenkins property, and Mr p Jenkins.

Ulissesworld's Source Of Income

Fitness club 'I Am Dedicated': He is the founder of the fitness club, "I am Dedicated", which provides custom workout and meal plans. His website claims to have changed 40,000 lives until now, some of whose pictures are available there. 

There is an exclusive package available on his website for his clients. 

Some of his packages along with their cost are:

Types of PackageCharge
Personalized Workouts$149
Defined ABS Programme$99
Personalized Meals$149
Exclusive Monthly Blog$49

Merchandise: Ulissesworld runs a merch, 'U Apparel World' where we can find fitness-related items and other clothes such as Arm Blaster, Lifting Straps, weightlifting belts, t-shirts, hoodies, supplements, and joggers. 

Those items can cost you from £28 and above. You can shop the collection by going to his website here

Ulissesworld also has a challenge Instagram account where he provides different offers in the name of challenges. One of his recent challenges is the End of Summer Challenge for $59 for 8 Weeks.

Ulissesworld wearing U Apparel World's Arm Blaster Pump during his workout.
Source : instagram

Following the completion of the challenge, eight winners will be chosen based on their commitment to the process and participation in their weekly mini challenges, contribution to their private community, and overall body transformation.

The winner will get the chance to receive  £10,000 cash, and the second and third will receive 30 Minute Coaching Call, 1 Year Membership, Biotech Supplements Pack, U Apparel voucher.

Sponsorship and Endorsement Deals: Ulissesworld is the partner of BiotechUSA which is a manufacturer of food supplements in Europe.

Some FAQs

What is Ulisses?

Ulisses is a given name in Portuguese. It is the Portuguese version of the English name Ulysses, which comes from a Latin form of Odysseus (a legendary Greek king).

What does Ulissesworld weigh?

He weighs 205 - 215lbs (88.5 - 93.0kg) as of now.

How much does Ulisses Jr earn?

Williams Jr earns an estimated $20 million per year