Never Seen Chaya Raichik's Photo As Libs Of TikTok Exposes 'Fake Identity'

Chaya Raichik is the creator of the Libs of TikTok account, which is popular with the handle @libsoftiktok.

The account is known for reposting liberal, left-wing, and LGBT TikTok account in a derogatory manner. It has a total of 1.2 million followers. It has also expanded itself to other platforms like YouTube, Rumble, Gab, and Gettr.

The Libs of TikTok was the original profile of Raichik. She remained anonymous until her identity was revealed by journalist Taylor Lorenz.

On April 19, 2022, Lorenz published an article in The Washington Times naming Raichik as the creator. It was then disabled on the web.

Subsequently, the Libs of TikTok accused Twitter of leaking personal and internal information. 

Never Seen Chaya Raichik Photo As Libs Of TikTok Exposes 'Fake Identity'

Chaya Raichik, as addressed by Taylor Lorenz, is still anonymous. Her real pictures have not been identified by any source.

A different person named "Chaya Raichik" was mistaken for the person behind Libs of TikTok. She was a mom of two originally from Los Angeles and is now based in London. People mistook her for the person behind Libs of TikTok, and she received hundreds of critical messages. Her photos had gone viral on the web following the article of Lorenz.

However, the misunderstood woman and Lorenz have already made it clear that the owner of Libs of TikTok is a different person. 

In her Instagram Stories, the mistaken Chaya Raichek also claimed that people with the name Chaya Raichek were receiving angry DMs and online attacks. As a result, she asked Taylor Lorenz to clear things up.

Who Is Chaya Raichik aka Libs Of TikTok?

Chaya Raichik, as referenced in Taylor Lorenz's article, is a real estate salesperson in Brooklyn, New York. A person in his/her forties to early sixties have been known to indulge in such behavior.

She had created an account in early November 2020, which eventually became popular as Libs of TikTok. Her first handle appeared with the name @shaya69830552. The early posts of Chaya were on the minimized covid, cast doubt on the election results, child sex trafficking ring, and many social issues.

On November 23, 2020, her handle was changed to @shaya_ray and she had identified herself as a realtor. In early December, she also talked about launching a cloth line titled “voter fraud is real.” Eventually, she began promoting conservatism and anti-LGBT rhetoric.

Slowly, the account was criticized for spreading some hoaxes. It once claimed that schools were putting litter boxes in the bathroom for students that identified as cats. Some of the posts from the account also endorsed police brutality and have denied systemic racism.

The most popular video from the Libs of TikTok account has received 5.7 million views. The clip was taken by a girl at the Arizona State University, where she asks a while male student to leave the center due to "Police Lives Matter".

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