How to do the Mirror Reflection Trick on TikTok? A user holds an object with paper underneath it against a mirror and it just reflects incoming lights. 

Many new filters are introduced on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok daily. One of them is the Mirror hack reflection, which created another trend in the later one. 

To try the trick, a user needs an object, a piece of paper, and a looking glass. He sticks the paper against the glass and keeps that object on the paper. Eventually, the glass reflects it on another side.

Some people may not be familiar with the effect and are looking for a tutorial on how it works. Here are the detailed steps with an explanation of how it works.

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The Egg Mirror Trick

The egg mirror trick can be done using the scientific law of light reflection. The optical illusion can be seen on the reflector.

The viral TikTok trend can blow your mind for a while. It is spreading like wildfire on TikTok these days. The videos showing the effect have been viewed over a million times as people try to understand the video.

Those who find it a head-scratching topic make reels seeking answers through their followers. If you want to try the trick following are the things you need to have with you.

  • A piece of paper
  • An Egg
  • A Stickum
  • A Reflector

Here are a few steps to enjoy the trend on TikTok:

Step 1: Prepare The Required Items

The initial step to try the scheme starts with glue, paper, and the looking glass. You need to stick that piece of paper against the glass using strong glue. Make sure they are properly stuck and won't fall.

Step 2: Hold An Egg Against The Reflector

An egg is an object to try this 'magic.' You need to hold the one against the reflector. It should be laid on paper so that the looking glass can't see the object directly.

After all, the whole practice is to find out how the glass sees any object behind the paper.

 Step 3: Open TikTok and Click on the 'Plus Icon'

Now you can open your TikTok app and click the 'plus icon' to start recording. You will see the option to choose whether to make a video of one minute or 15 seconds.

Press the start button and can record the reel of the ploy. First, capture the object from the front and change the angle by right to record the reflection.

The alternative way to make a TikTok post of the trend is to record the film from the camera. Open the app and add the recorded tape from the gallery.

Trend Described

TikTok mirror trend explained with 90 degree reflection theory. Users claimed the image seen in the mirror isn't actually the object but an optical illusion.

The trend inclined to the hype astonishingly. The platform is full of videos with people's shocked reactions to something that many have learned in high school. Surprisingly, those kind of videos on TikTok has over million views with people commenting it is a magic!

Repeating the theory from high school science, here is the explaimation about how the trend works. Actually, the image that people see in the looking glass isn't an another object, its just an optical illusion created by the reflection. 

  • When a ray of light reflects off a surface, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. 
  • Therefore, both incident ray and reflected ray are at 0 degrees.

Reflection of Light explains when a ray of light appraoches a smooth polished surface and the light ray bounces back. 

Reason Behind The Object Behind Mirror Mystery

The object behind the paper in a mirror can be seen because of the law of reflection. The paper acts as a background for the image and has zero impact on the reflection.

A simple yet puzzling mirror experiment went viral on social platforms like TikTok, recently. The essential factor to understand the issue is a diffuse reflection which makes our vision possible.

@matt.math Replying to @shannon_said Does adding a laser help? Let me know! This mirror reflection stuff can be tricky until it “clicks.” #mattmath #boredengineer #furby #mirror #physics #stem ♬ original sound - Matt
TikTok Paper and Mirror Trick ( Source : tiktok )

Our eyes collect every single ray that reflects toward its position. That is how we see objects. The assumed magic of seeing an object behind the glass is also possible due to diffuse reflection. Likewise, we see ourselves in the mirror with the same logic. 

Furthermore, with the 90-degree reflection law, when you hold any particular thing to the mirror, you can see that thing reflecting in the other direction at the same angle as your grip angle, most likely the paper to have no impact on that reflection. 

In other words, by changing the position of our head( moving close to the mirror), we can see the light reflected from the mirror toward any position. 

How Does A Mirror See Behind Paper?

The mirror sees behind the paper because of the reflection light. It is not a mystery but basic physics.

The answer to this question is understanding what mirrors are all about. Youtuber Danny Nicholson made a minute and 19-second-long video on his channel to explain the trending matter even better.

Since light bounces off mirrors when you put them at a certain angle, they bounce off the mirror and land at the object. That’s what the mirror shows. 

Where did the question come from? Bailey Caviness first uploaded a reel saying, "Can someone please tell me how this works?" on TikTok a few days earlier. 

Mirror Paper Trick Explained ( Source : youtube )

In the video, she has a piece of paper against the reflector and holding a gum box. She asked her followers to teach her how the mirror shows the reflection of the same thing that was behind the paper.

Few people commented the actual science behind it, while others commented using their humorous skills. One of the replies read, "The same way your eyeball knows it's there is the same way your camera knows it's there" while another wrote, "You didn't learn about how lights work in science class?"

So how was the reaction of TikTokers and viewers to the trend?

People find the trend funny and confusing at the same time. One of the reactors and social media influencer, Today Years Old, wrote," This trend is funny cause half of my brain thinks it makes sense but half my brain is confused.