Does Dave Portnoy own High Noon? No, Dave Portnoy does not own High Noon.

People may have misunderstood that Portnoy is the owner of the above-mentioned drink because he is constantly advertising it.

Dave is a business tycoon who invented Barstool Sports and holds large shares of Penn Stock. Not only that, he is the proprietor of DDTG Global, so, his opinion matters.

However, on the 14th of December 2022, he tagged @highnoonsunsips and denied all the rumors as he tweeted, "I don’t own any of it."

Portnoy has claimed that he is a totally unbiased observer and wrote, "People deserve to know what the best seltzer on the market is" implying that High Noon is the best and he roots for them. 

The main ingredients of the alcoholic drink are real vodka and real juice, where added sugars are absent, making it one of the healthiest choices.

Dave Portnoy Top 10 Pizza Scores

Dave Portnoy highest pizza review includes 1. Monte's Restaurant, 2. Di Fara Pizza, 3. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana and 4. DeLucia's Brick Oven Pizza among a few others. 

1. Monte's Restaurant (10)

  • Established year: Around 1945
  • Famous For: Small-sized bar pizza, and healthy sauce
  • Location: 141 Eastern Ave, Lynn
  • Menu: Italian, pizza, seafood
  • Cost: $11.35 (Monte's special)

The American blogger found pizza from Monte's Restaurant the best and scored it 10 out of 10.

As he stood in the scorching sun with a greyish T-shirt and a blue Nike cap, he asked people to believe him as he said he reviews for a living. Until today, it stands as the only place that has got 10/10.

A square pie garnished with herbs from Di Fara Pizza photographed by @mikenyc10
Source : instagram

2. Di Fara Pizza (9.4)

  • Established year: 1965
  • Famous For: Hand-crafted pizza by Chef Domenico De Marco
  • Location: 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn
  • Menu: Regular Cheese Pizza
  • Cost: $30

3. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana (9.4)

  • Established year: 1925
  • Famous For: New Haven-style thin-crust pizza
  • Location: 199 Boylston St, Chestnut Hill
  • Menu: Pizza, Vegetarian-friendly, Vegan options
  • Cost: $12.50 (for medium-sized)

Dave got confused with the slices at first and mentioned that he likes to have things simple. But soon after tasting it, he could not stop eating it. The reviewer stood for 1 hour in the queue to experience it.

4. DeLucia's Brick Oven Pizza (9.4)

  • Established year: 1917
  • Famous For: Brick oven pies that are 'very well seasoned'
  • Location: 3 1st Ave, Raritan, New Jersey
  • Menu: 'White' Pizza
  • Cost: $15.50 for large

5. Luigi's Pizza (9.3)

  • Established year: 1953
  • Famous For: low-priced yet, extremely delicious pies
  • Location: 686 5th Ave, Brooklyn
  • Menu: Pizza, Italian
  • Cost: $8.99 for specialty pizza

Dave found the place to be friendly, he also heard the stories of the chef's father. Taste and the story altogether made him give such a high ranking.

6. Lucali (9.3)

  • Established year: 2006
  • Famous For: Incorporating farm-fresh, locally sourced ingredients for their dishes
  • Location: 575 Henry Street, Brooklyn
  • Menu: Large pie with basil
  • Cost: $32

The super light, well-decorated, floppy, and crispy Italian pie was a good combo and scored 9.3.

7. John's of Bleecker Street (9.3)

  • Established year: 1929
  • Famous For: slightly charred and coal-fired brick oven pizza
  • Location: 278 Bleecker St, New York
  • Menu: John's Classics 
  • Cost: $20 to $24

The cheesy sausage dish from John's Pizzeria of Bleecker St looks flavorsome
Source : instagram

8. Oath Pizza - Nantucket (9.3)

  • Established year: 2015
  • Famous For: house-made sauces, seared in avocado oil, filled with organic proteins
  • Location: 44 Straight Wharf. Nantucket
  • Menu: craft pizzas of large thick crust, and thin-crust
  • Cost: $11 to $30

9. Angelo's Coal Oven Pizzeria (9.3)

  • Established year: 1930's
  • Famous For: authentic coal-oven pizza
  • Location: 117 W 57th St. New York
  • Menu: Old-school round pies
  • Cost: $ 30 and under

10. Lazzara's Pizza (9.3)

  • Established year: 1985
  • Famous for: rectangular shaped best thin-crust pizza
  • Location: 221 W 38th St. New York,
  • Menu: Lazzara's special pizza
  • Cost: $14 to $27

Dave Portnoy Pizza Review List By State

Barstool Pizza rankings list includes 1. Sally's Apizza, 2. John's of Bleecker Street, 3. Regina Pizzeria and a few others. Antico Pizza is also on the list.

Portnoy, the owner of Barstool Pizza published a new list of his favorite places on 10 February 2022 in honor of National Pizza Day.

1. Sally's Apizza (Connecticut)

Located in New Haven of The Constitution State, Sally's Apizza tops the list. As Dave braced himself to cram down the flatbread in December 2018, he got an old-school vibe.

After taking a few bites, he said, "They are awesome, really good, spectacular".

2. John's of Bleecker Street (New York)

Portnoy had a few appetizers before starting the main course in November 2016. He found it to be great and declared it to be one of the best one in Manhattan.

It was so yummy that he ended his review by saying, "What a time to be alive."

3. Regina Pizzeria (Massachusetts)

More than 5 years ago, Dave went to the original Regina Pizzeria to do the review. He gulped down the dish and said that he loves Regina. 

"They don't make it like this anymore", he commented excitedly.

Barstool At DeLucia to taste some dishes ( Source : youtube )

4. Delucia's Brick Oven Pizza (New Jersey)

Review: He claimed through a YouTube video that it was not only the best in Jersey but the whole world as he tasted the century-old dish. Further, Dave said that the place is irreplaceable with zero flaws.

5. Angelo's Pizzeria (Pennsylvania)

The foodie had to wait until he got his hands on Angelo's special around 3 years ago. His hopes were high for the Pizzeria, to be honest. 

"Best in Philadelphia", declared the blogger. He also met a few of his audience and they took a selfie with him.

6. Mister O1- South Beach (Florida)

Dave went to the hidden gem of Miami Pizza in 2018 with a special guest @TheNaughtyFork. After eating the cuisine, he said wow. He loved it so much and found it to be extraordinary.

7. Fredi The PizzaMan (Michigan)

Portnoy said that hands down it was the best pie as he started to eat the pie. "Awesome" he said.  

8. Giordano's (Illinois)

The Pizza King went to Chicago, Illinois for a slice of the cuisine. It was cheesy and mouth-watering. Meanwhile, Dave also shared it with locals.

9. 'Black' Sheep Pizza - Minneapolis (Minnesota)

Portnoy went at the dusk to try the pie and said that the cheese was dripping like a glacier as he devoured it. He gave a big thumbs up and also praised the people of Minnesota.

10. Antico Pizza (Georgia)

In 2019, the culinary expert went to Georgia to devour their food. He had trouble separating the slices, but after putting the first slice in his mouth, he loved it.

It was fresh, and he also liked the ingredients.