How To Do The Long Hair Filter On TikTok? To use the hair filter you have to open FaceApp and go to hairstyles by clicking 'Long 2'.

TikTok is a short video streaming platform that has several trends and challenges which go viral now and again. Currently, one of the viral trends is changing the desired length.

Previously, the old age effect and hair color change by CapCut were popular on TikTok. The trend helps users especially men to see themselves in full-length hair.

However, the platform is not only adequate for trying this trend. You will also have to use the face enhancing and editing application called FaceApp.

How To Get Long Hair Filter

To get a long hair filter, you will need three applications TikTok, Capcut, and FaceApp. You can replace FaceApp with similar apps as well.

If you want to change the length, then you are in the perfect spot. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting full-length hairlook.

1. Download and Install All The Required Apps

The initial step is to download all the aforementioned apps and install them. Make sure that you have signed in or logged into the accounts.

2. Select Your Picture

Open the face-enhancing app that you just installed. We prefer FaceApp since not all editing apps have a filter. Select the picture in which you want to extend or shorten.

3. Choose the Preferred Length

The most essential part is to choose the desired length. Although lengthy hair is getting viral online, you can also choose a short one under the hair section of FaceApp.

Do not forget to save the photo in your local gallery.

4. Open TikTok

Open TikTok and search for 'long hair filter'. Tap on one of the videos and click on 'Capcut- Try This Template' located just above the username of the creator.

It will redirect you to the template in the TikTok-embedded application named CapCut.

5. Select the Before And After Images


How To Get Long Hair Effect On TikTok!

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When Capcut opens, tap 'Use Template On Capcut' followed by 'Use Template'. Then, select the before and after pictures you want to post on TikTok.

6. Export The Video

Finally, click on the export icon located at the top of CapCut. You can save the video to a device with CapCut's watermark or directly upload it on TikTok without any watermark.

Filter For Male

Long hair filter for guys is spreading like an inferno on TikTok. The users on the platform are loving the awesome trend.

The length-changing effect is worth the try for both males and females. It is best if you want to change your tyle but can not decide which one.

The decision to grow or cut it short is hard to make. People are always uncertain if the style will suit their face and if they feel confident in their new look.

Especially it creates a dilemma for men since they do not have many ways to style. So, they can test for themselves to either grow it or keep it as it is.

Filter Reaction By Users

Tiktok Viral Hair Length Changing Tutorial 2023 By GuideyTuts ( Source : youtu )

The filter has received an amazing reaction from users. The #longhairfilter has gained 32.9 million views and hundreds of people have tried it.

One of the users @denniscelik earned fame for using the effect. The video with the same was loved by 93.4K people and it is watched by 8.9 million people.

It is the only video on his channel which has crossed a million views. Dennis joined the platform in March of 2021 and in less than a year, he has received over 6K followers. 

Another user who benefitted from this trend is @saafiir_. The AI effect looked fabulous on him as well and he received over 211.3 hearts and 4.8 million views on the video.

Saafir was already famous on the video site and the trendy video added more followers to the list. Many other users have tried the same effect and earned massive likes and subscribers. 

Online Hairstyle Changer For Man

Virtual hairstyle online free is provided by The Hairstyler and Perfect Corps. HairFinder and Easy Hair Styler also make up the list.

The Hairstyler

Logo Of The Digital Platform
Source : thehairstyler

The website application can be used to try virtual hairstyles. The service is free but you have to sign up to be able to use the service.

To get a lengthy style virtually in the app, follow the given steps.

  1. Visit the site of The Hairstyler and sign up/log in to your account.
  2. Select the virtual styler from the menu (close the ad if one pops up).
  3. Either upload your photo or take a new live picture.
  4. Click on the three lines and choose the length, style, and elasticity that you prefer.
  5. The results from celebrities will be displayed below after you click the search button.
  6. Click on the picture of the celebrity and the processing will begin.

Perfect Corp

Perfect Corp AI And AR Features By Havascommerce Instagram Page
Source : instagram

It is rather easy to try on a digital hairdo changer by Perfect Corp. For using their service, proceed with the given steps.

  1. Go to the official site of Perfect Corp.
  2. Click on Demo Store located at the top right corner.
  3. From the scroll bar click on the right arrow to navigate to Hairstyle.
  4. After clicking it, you will be redirected to a new webpage.
  5. Select Try On and then click 'I'm ready'.
  6. Either take a picture or select a model.
  7. You can then choose the desired style and color of your desire.


Logo Of  The Digital Transforming Platform
Source : hairfinder

The UI navigation of the application is a bit different than most web platforms. Although it is free, you have to sign in to the account to use it.

Follow the given steps to style with the app.

  1. Visit HairFinder's site and created an account if you have not created one.
  2. Click on any hairstyle that you prefer.
  3. From the menu, select try hairstyles.
  4. On the new page, click on 'Model' followed by 'Your Face'.
  5. Upload your photo and play with the features like style, length, and texture until you are satisfied with the look.