Gwen Field, Ayda Field's Mother Is A Film Producer - Her Photos Now

Robbie Williams holding Gwen Field's hand
Robbie Williams holding Gwen Field's hand ( Source : gala )

Film producer Gwen Field is Ayda Field's mother. What is she doing now? See her age and family details here.

Gwen Field is a highly recognized film producer known for Patti Rocks (1988), Mortal Passions (1989), and Young Blades (2001).

According to IMDb, Gwen has worked as a producer and assistant director on many Hollywood projects and documentaries. Her first project was an independent film released in 1983 titled Sweet Water. Since 1983, Gwen served as a producer in 13 films till 2016.

Also, Gwen is the mother of Turkish-American actress and model Ayda Field. She turned 43 years in May 2022. The gorgeous model Ayda has been romantically linked to her husband Robbie Williams since 2010. They had four kids together.

Quick Facts About Gwen Field

Age73 years
ProfessionFilm Proucer
ChildDaughter, Ayda Field
RelativesRobbie Williams- son in law

Gwen Field Is Ayda Field's Mother

Gwen Field is the mother of Ayda Field, a renowned and accomplished American-Turkish actress and model. 

Ayda Field with her husband Robbie Williams
Ayda Field with her husband Robbie Williams ( Source : hellomagazine )

According to Ayda's Wikipedia page, she is better known as a regular panelist on the British television show Loose Women.

Also, she was a British The X Factor judge alongside her husband, singer Robbie Williams. Also, she acted in Fresh Meat and Days of Our Lives.

Ayda Field's Mum was Diagnosed With Stage 2 Cervical Cancer In January 2020

Per Hello Magazine, Ayda opened up about her mum's cervical cancer in 2020. Her mum, then 70, has Parkinson's and Lupus as well.

Gwen Field with her deceased mum
Gwen Field with her deceased mum ( Source : instagram )

In January 2022, Gwen has diagnosed with Stage 2 Cervical Cancer. Her cancer had spread outside the cervix and was a very aggressive tumor. She immediately required surgery and chemotherapy, and radiation daily, Ayda explained.

See Gwen Field's Partner Photos On Instagram

Film producer Gwen Field is active on Instagram under the handle @go2gwen. She has amassed nearly six thousand followers as of 2022.

On July 4, 2021, Gwen shared a photo with her partner, and they were having a great time together. Both of them were smiling and seems like they were out for a meal together. 

She captioned the post, "Celebrating a return to good health and the end of lockdown. Grateful for our good fortune." 

The talented producer Gwen tied the knot with Haldun Evecan years ago. Her Husband is of Turkish descent.

Gwen Field's Age Difference With Her Husband

Gwen Field was born in 1949, making her 73 years of age at the end of this year. She is seven years junior to her husband.

Meanwhile, her partner, Haldun Evecan, was born on September 1942, according to Fame Chain.

Gwen Field is ready to get vaccinated
Gwen Field is ready to get vaccinated ( Source : instagram )

We don't know much about when and how the duo met. By looking at the IG feeds, the dup is still together.

5 Facts About Gwen Field

  1. Gwen Field has another child named Dylan Trussell.
  2. Gwen Field was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2020. 
  3. Gwen Field follows the Jewish religion.
  4. Gwen Field's mother-in-law is Sabahat.
  5. Gwen Field's current age is 73 years as of 2022.

Some FAQs

How old is Gwen Field?

Gwen Field's age is 77 years as of 2022.

What is Gwen Field's religion?

Gwen's religion is Jewish.

How many kids does Gwen Field have?

Gwen Field has a daughter named Ayda Field. She has four grand children.

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